Bedroom Ideas

Scandinavian Bedroom Decoration Ideas

It’s difficult to describe the appeal of Scandinavian bedroom decor, especially when it comes to this decorating theme. By its very nature, Scandinavian design tends toward simplicity and a minimalist approach to furnishing. This can be both a boon to those who want an easy-going environment or those with a particular aesthetic who just don’t want too much clutter. So if you’re looking for an elegant look but aren’t quite ready to make a big change, this can be just what you need. Here are some ideas might be considered when decorating the bedroom in a Scandinavian style.

Use A Bright Color for The Wall

The Scandinavian style tends to use a bright color for their color scheme ideas. Then, to decorate the Scandinavian bedroom style, better for you to use a white color or other light colors. To avoid a boring look, you can hang some paintings with a simple frame for the wall decoration. Again it is motivated by the desire to make the bedroom looks lighter and airy.


If your walls are painted white, then don’t leave them plain without any decorations. This atmosphere will be more boring, wall painting frames are the right decoration and you can try. Choose a wall frame with several different shapes and sizes to make it appear more artistic and maximal. Painting frames of various shapes and sizes from homedit.


This black and white painting on a wooden frame will look more perfect when combined with a deer head. White walls are a neutralizer in this bedroom so they can be combined with any interior color around it. Reflect light on the frame of this painting so that it is clearly visible during the day or night. Wall decoration with framed paintings and deer head from homedit.

Maximize the Sunlight

Paying attention to the natural light for the Scandinavian bedroom decor is very important. A big window is needed. This window will let the sunlight come to your room easily. Related to that, installing a dark and thick curtain is a big no. Choose the curtain that is light and thin that possibly shifted away to allow the sunlight to come through the window. By maximizing the sunlight, the airy and light Scandinavian bedroom decor will happen.


To bring sunlight into the bedroom decor to the maximum, then you can try using high, transparent glass windows with wooden frames that are repainted with white. You can turn off the lights during the day to save on expenses at the end of the month. Do not forget to put ornamental plants on the windowsill as windowsill that refresh the room as a whole. High transparent glass windows from homedit.


Using more than one glass window allows more sunlight to enter the room, thus avoiding moldy wooden furniture and causing it to be porous and not durable. In this bedroom, you can also add several types of green plants that are placed on the window sill and above the cabinet. Trim these green plants when they interfere with your activities while in the room. Two glass windows from homedit.

Mostly Natural Materials

When you choose a Scandinavian bedroom style, natural material is mostly used. In this case, wood is often used for Scandinavian furniture. So, to perfect your Scandinavian bedroom decor, you can use wood material for the bed frame, nightstand, wardrobe, or flooring idea. It will bring a warm and natural nuance at the same time.


Scandinavian bedrooms usually use several wood accents without paint. Apply this wood accent on the bench, floor, bed, roof, and part of the walls of this room. Complete the Scandinavian style by using several string lights as the main lighting that you can turn on at night. Don’t forget to add some wall decorations to make it appear more cheerful and less boring. Interior with wood accent without paint from digsdigs.


A wooden stool is a natural accent that you can try in Scandinavian bedroom decor. This stool can be used as a multifunctional nightstand because it can also be used to stack some of your favorite books. You can use this minimalist wooden shelf above the bed for a canvas painting that has the same color as your wall paint. Multifunctional wooden stool nightstands from digsdigs.

Give Pop Of Color

Even though the Scandinavian style carries white, bright, and neutral colors, giving a pop of color to the interior is a good idea. You can apply a colorful pillow, plaid motif, colored chairs, or colored lampshade. But don’t too much with this. Just give a vivid accent to your Scandinavian bedroom style to highlight the decor.


An easy way to provide a focal point in Scandinavian bedroom decor is to use several striped fabrics with different colors and textures. You can use striped fabric on the pillowcase and bedding. Black, white and gray makes for a blend of colors that blends easily and never fails when decorating a room nicely. Striped pillowcases and bedding from digsdigs.


Another motif that you can try is the plaid pattern that is applied to your blankets and pillowcases. This motif is often used in any room decoration, including Scandinavian. Wooden headboard pallets are a natural and environmentally friendly touch that you can wear, other wood accents are on the bench and floor of this room. Plaid pattern bedding from digsdigs.

Keep It Simple But Functional

Keep your Scandinavian bedroom decor simple but functional. It means the furniture used should be functional to avoid clutter situations but still simple and minimalist. All you have to do is using furniture that has proper storage for your Scandinavian bedroom decor.


Choose functional furniture to keep your bedroom decor minimal so as to create a more open and more effective room. Furniture that you can try is a wooden dressing table that is equipped with a storage drawer under it. You can use this drawer to store some small items that are easy to lose so that they are easy to find in a more effective and efficient time. Dressing table equipped with storage drawers from homedit.



This minimalist wooden bed has a white color which is suitable to be placed in a Scandinavian-style room decoration. The advantage of this bed is that it has storage drawers so that it becomes smart and multifunctional furniture, you can pull this drawer outwards to do storage to make it look tidier and more organized. Wooden bed with built-in storage drawers from homedit.

The important key when decorating a Scandinavian bedroom style is you have to make sure that the decoration is simple, airy, naturalness but functional and able to bring coziness to your sanctuary space.