Living Room Ideas

Small Living Room Design Ideas

When you are looking for small living room design ideas, there are a number of things to consider. The first thing is to consider the size of the place. You need to determine how much space you have in terms of area and how many people will be using it. The next thing to do is to assess your personality and preferences. If you love bright colors then you would want to choose vibrant and loud decors. If you love earthy and warm colors, then you can go with natural or neutral-living room designs. Here are some ideas.

Consider L-shaped Layout

The highly recommended layout for the small living room is L-shaped. This layout will not take up too much of the space and actually makes the most of the living room by spreading your furniture deep into the corner. In this case, the small L-shaped sofa can be a good choice for the furniture idea. By using this layout you will have the seating that closes together but still leaves adequate, open space.


Recommending this L-shaped sofa will look great for a small living room design. Minimalist design will maximize your living room and will create a comfortable impression in the room. Using a sofa that matches the color of your living room will provide an attractive décor with the perfect contrast. Don’t forget to add a large window to create a natural impression from the sunlight entering the room. Dark gray L-shaped sofa from homedesignlover.


An interesting idea to complement the look of this tiny living room with an L-shaped sofa will maximize space. Equipped with a few pillows and a glass coffee table will make an interesting room for you to try. By using this layout you will get seats that are close to each other but still leave enough open space. L-shaped sofa from homedesignlover.


Contemporary living room with white walls and wooden floors. A gray L-shaped sofa is a great choice as it complements the décor of this small living room. A modern coffee table and a black rug will also be an upscale room decoration for you to try. The white nuances and large windows will also add an airy and bright impression to the room. Contemporary small living room from homedesignlover.


Neutral linings, textures, and materials are used to achieve this lovely living room. The use of an L-shaped sofa which is equipped with several pillows and blankets will give the area a comfortable, light, and elegant impression. Wall decoration in the form of a round hanging mirror will also create bright lighting in this room. Don’t forget to add a round coffee table in a contemporary style to enhance your home décor. L-shaped sofa with gold round coffee table from homedesignlover.

Keep the Floor Clean

It is very important to keep your living room floor is clean and declutter it. There is nothing more depressing than seeing living with cluttered and dirty floors. You should try to keep your floors flat and clean so that they look bigger. You can use floating furniture to save your floor. Such as floating rack and floating cabinet. Too much furniture on the floor will make your small living room looks narrow.


Applying built-in storage to one of the walls of a small living room will look stunning and will be a meaningful decoration for you to try now. You can do it yourself using a wooden shelf so it will last a long time on a low budget for storing storage. Overlay the walls with geometric brown wallpaper and will create an elegant decoration for the room. Built-in storage with floating rack from hgtv.


The idea of using floating shelves in the living room is worth trying because of its simple design and will make your floor avoid clutter. You can put it in the corner of the room and it will be the center of your guests’ attention. Keep some of your book collections neatly so that you will have attractive home decor. You can combine it with a large window to give a natural impression to this small living room. Floating shelves on corner small living room from hgtv.


The storage idea in a small living room with a floating cabinet becomes the focal point of the room and will make your living room tidy and free from clutter. You can store various kinds of ornaments safely. You can also equip it with a regular TV to maximize the space on the wall so that your floor will avoid interference from other furniture. Floating cabinet storage from trendir.

Use A Bright Color

Use a bright color scheme for the small living room design is a good idea. You can use white color and pastel color for the wall paint. Strengthen the bright nuance by using a suitable lighting fixture and add a large window. The combination of bright wall paint colors with natural light from the sun entering through the window will create a spacious and spacious impression.


Using white paint throughout this small living room makes for a crazy decoration and will create a clean and airy impression. Don’t forget to add large windows to create a natural impression and make your room look bright. The wooden floor, which is completed with geometric patterned rugs, will be a warm decoration for the room. The navy sofa which is equipped with several pillows and a wooden table will also make your home decor look attractive and inviting. You can also apply green plants to bring fresh air into the room. The white wall with large window from decoist.


The white nuances and wooden floors are the right combinations for you to try in this tiny living room and you can create a spacious and spacious room. The large windows in this room will create a natural impression and make your room bright by letting sunlight into the room. Complete the decor with a yellow sofa which is the focal point of the room and a wooden coffee table. This floor carpet also adds a warm impression to the room. White nuances and wooden floors from decoist.

Add Mirrors to Make Your Room Looks Bigger

When you want to create a bigger appearance in your small living room, consider adding a mirror. The oversized mirror is highly recommended. You can hang the mirror on the wall or you can pick a large floor mirror. This mirror is able to give a magic reflection. The mirror can help the light go further then create your small living room to appear bigger than it is.


If you want to create a spacious room that looks bright you have to add a large round mirror over this small living room sofa. Combined with the nuances of the white room and the oak floor, it also gives the impression of a clean impression. Don’t forget to add large windows and potted greenery in the corner of the room to create a natural and fresh impression into the room. Large round mirror from mydomaine.

These are some of the small living room ideas that you can use to create wonderful spaces in your home. Use the different types of materials and accessories to enhance your living rooms. There is no limit to the type of things that you can put in your spaces. However, make sure that you don’t crowd it so much that it loses its unique design appeal.