Dining Room Design

Dining Room Storage Ideas To Add Function and Style

The dining room is an integral part of the house, and it is the area in which you dine with your family. There are many ways to enhance your dining room and make it more functional. One of these is by enhancing its functionality through the use of dining room storage ideas. The ideal storage ideas are those that will work well with the style and design of your dining room. Here are some ideas for storage to help you get started:

China Cabinet

This is the common dining room storage idea. It comes in various sizes and designs. This storage is usually in big size and suitable for those of you who have a large dining area. Because this cabinet will take up much space in your dining area. But, the china cabinet offers much storage that can be used to store your plates and other cutlery and make your dining room neat.


Make your dining room decoration tidier and more organized by using wooden china cabinets as an open or closed storage idea to put all cutlery safely from dirt or dust. Repaint this china cabinet with white color to make it easier to combine with the dining table set around it. The built-in lights in this cabinet become lighting that can help your activities while in this room. Repaint wooden china cabinet from homebnc.


Flooring to ceiling china cabinet is an effective and efficient dining room storage idea. This cabinet will store all the cutlery well, besides that you can store more storage because this cabinet has a lot of storage space that you can use simultaneously. Flooring to ceiling china cabinet from homebnc.

Floating Shelves

For the simple dining room storage idea and suitable for those of you who like a minimalist design, the floating shelves are a great idea. Usually, this shelf is installed at the corner of the dining room. This also is a great way to fill and decorate the awkward space of your dining room corner.


Take advantage of the wall area as a vertical storage shelf idea for a dining room that saves space more effectively, with this shelf you have open storage that makes it easy for you to take or store items that will be used or needed. There is nothing wrong with putting some ornaments in this shelf area to make the room more beautiful. Vertical storage rack from hgtv.


This dining room corner will be more useful and useful when equipped with a tiered floating shelf that is made of natural wood which is polished and repainted with white. The more shelves that are installed, the more items you can store so that this dining room looks tidier, more comfortable, and organized. You can try this rack for an on-budget expense. Corner floating rack from hgtv.

Room Divider

If your dining room is merged with the living room, you can add a room divider and use it as the dining room storage idea at the same time. You can choose a low-level rack to distinguish between the dining room and living room. This divider still allows you to have interaction with your other family in the other room while you are eating. And also the rack can be used as a dining room storage idea.


There is no need to use a large divider room to save space maximally. This minimalist divider is used as a separator between the dining room and the living room, you can move it easily when needed. Choose this room divider according to the color of the nuances of this room. The red sofa becomes an elegant bold color. Melamine wood divider room from lushome.


This divider rolling cabinet is a built-in storage idea that is suitable for rooms that have narrow and limited space. This cabinet has several shelves that you can use completely, don’t forget to use the top surface of this cabinet to put a table lamp as additional lighting that has warm and ambient light. Divider rolling cabinet from lushome.


The sideboard is the often cabinet that is used for the dining room storage idea. It usually placed near the wall beside the dining table. The drawer of the sideboard is very useful to store your cutlery, plates, bowls, and other stuff. It comes in various designs, colors, and styles that can be adjusted according to your dining room theme.


Do you need storage in your dining room decoration? If you need it, you can use a wooden sideboard with glass doors filled with beautiful and elegant carved wood. You can polish and repaint it with a clean and contemporary look. This glass door makes it easy for you to know the contents of the sideboard so that it will be more effective and efficient. White sideboard with engraved frames from homebnc.


Match the color tone of the sideboard with the dining table set for a more beautiful and less damaging appearance to the room. You can use this sideboard to keep some cutlery safe from children, besides that this storage idea also frees your cutlery from dust. You can get this sideboard at the furniture store around your house. Sideboard storage from homebnc.

Built-in with Open Shelves and Drawers

If you need storage that can fulfill all of your needs in the dining room both aesthetic and privacy, the built-in storage with open shelves on top and drawers down below is a good deal. You can use the open shelves to display your ornament, photos, or collection meanwhile the drawers below can be used to store your plates, bowls, cups, cutlery, and hide clutter situations.


This built-in wall rack is equipped with a storage drawer that you usually use. This standing shelf is one of the smartest pieces of furniture that you can use in your dining room decor. This built-in shelf has a sturdy material and is not easily porous because it is made of teak wood which has been polished and repainted with white color. Use this shelf to show off some pretty ornaments. Standing cabinet with built-in shelves and drawers from hgtv.


This vertical cabinet makes for a room color tone that works well. You can install floating built-in shelves as an open storage idea that you can use as a book storage and some ornaments to save space overall. Don’t forget to use a drawer to put some small items that are easy to lose when you are going to use them. Floating rack for open storage ideas elledecor.

Those are some dining room storage ideas that are not only functional but they are also adding the style of your dining room look.  Choose one that suitable for your dining room theme and your taste.