Dining Room Design

Modern Dining Room Design Ideas

You have your dream dining room design in your mind and you want to make it a reality. There are many choices to choose from when designing a dining room. The first thing you should consider when designing this space is what kind of look you would like. Would you like a traditional look, modern, cottage, or Victorian? If you like a simple, minimalist but elegant, the modern dining room design can be your choice. If this is the first time you are working on this type of room, you may not be sure where to begin. Keep reading and you will soon find the best design ideas for your dream home. A room that truly expresses who you are can only be created with the help of your imagination.

Keep it Simple and Minimalist

When you are considering applying a modern dining room design, keep it simple and minimalist. You can use a simple but modern dining set. The minimalist shape of the dining table and chairs will strengthen the modern vibe. To add dimension to the dining room, you can pick the dining room paint color that can blend well with the table and chair. Such as choose a bold color to give a statement.


Using a minimalist design in a modern dining room is worth trying because is a sleek and simple design. Using wooden chairs and a rectangular dining table will make the room comfortable and inviting. You can add greenery and large windows to create a natural feel and bright lighting into the room. Minimalist design modern dining room from home-designing.


The white nuances in this modern dining room are complemented by a minimalist dining table that attracts attention. This long square-shaped black dining table will be the perfect decoration for the room. Don’t forget to add a metal chandelier above the dining table and large windows to create a bright impression on the room. The fireplace next to the dining table will give you a warm impression when you are eating a meal with your family. Minimalist dining table from home-designing.

Open Space Dining Room Concept

The modern dining room design also can be applied in the open space concept. If you apply an open floor in your home, the modern dining room is a good idea. Because it can create a seamless look from the dining room to your living room. This concept is quite popular now. But try to choose the modern dining set that has a bold color to give visual interest and welcome.


Combining the dining room, kitchen, and living room in one room will make the apartment decoration look spacious. You can use white shades and large windows to make the room bright and spacious. This sky track light also makes perfect lighting throughout the room. Combined with wooden floors will bring a warm vibe to the room. Modern open dining room from home-designing.


This open dining room design idea creates a spacious room decor that will look spacious. You can combine the dining room and living room at the same time in one stunning design room. This concept is quite popular now, you can choose a dining table set in black and white to create an attractive focal point for the room. You can use white tones, black wood floors, and large windows to make the room spacious and bright. Open modern dining room from home-designing.

Try A Glass Dining Table

To strengthen a modern vibe, you can try a glass dining table. Not only can bring an elegant and modern vibe, but the glass dining table is easy to clean. Of course, this will be very useful for modern peoples who need practicality and simple maintenance. Complete the glass table with the dining chairs that have a touch of gold and brass. It will work well to create a modern vibe with elegance.


Strengthening the modern impression by using a glass dining table will make the room look elegant. You can complement the decor with a few white chairs and contemporary chandeliers on the dining table so that it will create a bright and luxurious-looking room. White nuances and large windows will bring a spacious impression into the room. Glass dining table from digsdigs.


Giving a touch of the glass dining table will bring a modern look to the room. Don’t forget to add wood cuttings to bring a natural impression into the room and will make the room the perfect focal point. This patterned rug under the dining table will make for warm room decor. Rectangular glass dining table from digsdigs.

Install A Modern Lighting

The dining room won’t complete without the lighting fixture. For the modern dining room design, the sputnik chandelier, pendant lights, glass chandelier, and many more. The important thing when choosing the lighting fixtures for a modern dining room is clear lines and uniqueness. Because it can give a statement and attract attention but functional to illuminate your dining room.


This modern dining room is equipped with industrial-style metal pendant chandeliers, making the room the perfect decoration and creating the impression of a bright room that will focus your food. Combined with a round glass dining table and unique chairs, this creates a luxurious space. Industrial-style metal pendant chandeliers from digsdigs.


This sputnik pendant lamp with gold accents will present a modern dining room decor that looks luxurious and inviting. You can combine it with a mid-century-style dining room to create a luxurious space. This animal skin rug under the dining table makes for warm and inviting room decor. Sputnik pendant lamp from digsdigs.

Consider Installing Wallpaper

To bring different nuance to your modern dining room, treat your wall. Install a wallpaper to fill your plain wall. There are many kinds of modern and stylish wallpaper for the modern dining room. From, floral, geometric, striped, and natural print wallpaper. The wallpaper can bring a texture to your dining room.


Installing abstract wallpaper in this modern dining room will be the perfect focal point for your room to try. Paired with a modern dining table set and a sputnik pendant lamp with gold accents, it also creates a glamorous and stylish space. don’t forget to use wooden floors that will bring a warm impression to this dining room. Abstract wallpaper in the modern dining room from thespruce.

Add Modern Art Collection

Besides wallpaper, you can add some modern art collections to your dining room. The dining room is a great place to display some wall art and bring color to your eating space.


You can apply a modern art collection in the form of paintings and you can place it on the walls of this modern dining room to make it the perfect focal point of the room. Wooden dining table set with black wishbone frames and gold accented sputnik lamps to make the room elegant and still look luxurious. Large painting on the wall from homedit.

Those are some modern dining room design ideas that you can adopt. Hopefully, it can give some inspiration to you. Have a nice to try.