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Apartment Balcony Decoration Ideas On A Budget

Apartment balcony decor ideas can really make your apartment come to life. There are endless possibilities when you are decorating an apartment balcony. Your balcony is one of the most beautiful features of your home and can be decorated in any number of ways to suit your tastes. It doesn’t matter if you have a large balcony or a small balcony, because both can be turned into special places that you love to spend time on. The best part about decorating an apartment balcony is that it can be done on a very tight budget.

The balcony is the best way for a family to enjoy the view of the city from their home. It can add value to your home and open up your home to the outdoors. If you have an apartment balcony, you will want to consider some apartment balcony decorating ideas. Some of these ideas can be expensive, so here are some ways to save money while still enjoying the best views in town.

Use Affordable Furniture

The first thing in decorating the balcony is thinking about the furniture. If you want something that is very fancy, you might spend a lot of money on getting a new set of furniture. However, if your budget is tight, you can use cheap materials and make sure that everything blends together in the same way, you will be able to use this space for any purpose and make it look very appealing. For example, you can take advantage of some crates and turn them to become a seating area. It will save your budget. Just add a mattress or pad for a comfy surface. You can also add some floor cushions for extra seating.


The balcony decoration with used chests which is turned into a sofa and equipped with pillows and blankets creates a cozy and warm impression on this balcony. You can add antique rugs and chairs to make the perfect balcony decoration. A few greenery in a galvanized pot will make an eye-catching display. Used chests into a sofa from balconygardenweb.


These stacked chests make for the most comfortable place on your balcony by adding a few pillows and blankets for the perfect decoration. Adding a few string lights and lanterns will create a decorative and inviting balcony. This runner carpet also creates a warm impression on your balcony. The green plants hanging on the fence also create a warm impression. Stacked chests with pillows from balconygardenweb.


You can try this cheap budget balcony decoration. Using a used chest equipped with soft pads will also be a comfortable balcony for you to try. Don’t forget to add a few chairs and a coffee table to spend some free time with your friends. This wall decoration in the form of blooming flowers makes the balcony view attract many people. Cheap budget balcony decoration from balconygardenweb.

Add Simple Rugs

Complete your seating area in your apartment balcony with a simple rug. The rug is able to add a coziness without breaking your bank. There are many patterns and materials that you can pick for the rug. In order to save your budget, just make sure to choose the rug that fits your budget. Such as burlap material or handloom rug that is cheap and easy maintenance. For an attractive balcony look, you can choose the striped or chevron pattern.


Low-budget balcony decoration ideas can be used to create a stunning appearance. This round burlap rug makes for a warm look and makes the perfect balcony decoration. Don’t forget to add a wicker chair fitted with several tires to create a cozy décor. Some of this greenery will add a fresh and natural impression to the room. Round burlap rug from amazinginteriordesign.


A rug on a budget will complement this balcony decor. You can choose a cheerful tone to accent the pattern on your balcony. Complete with rattan chairs, rattan coffee table, and footrests to create a comfortable room look. Some greenery and wall decorations will make a great display for you to try. Balcony with patterned rug from amazinginteriordesign.


This low-budget balcony decoration uses a tribal patterned carpet so it will be an interesting room decoration for you to try. You can buy these rugs cheaply at the nearest store. Combined with a wooden bench equipped with tribal patterned cushions, it will create a comfortable balcony. Some greenery is added to create a balcony that is fresh and natural. Tribal patterned carpet from amazinginteriordesign.

Add Plants

Balcony decorating will never complete without plants. Place some plants here and there around your apartment balcony then you can see how the plant can freshen up your balcony. This is the easiest and cheap to make your apartment balcony feels comfortable. You can also use recycling items for planter ideas. This idea is really will save your budget efficiently.


Bringing in some greenery with a few pots of scrap gives your balcony a low budget decoration. Flowers are grown in baskets and garden boxes. Orange trees grow in metal buckets and flowers bloom in recycled wooden crates. Herbs and flowers adorn the wooden shelves and old wooden chairs with beautiful pink flowers in the corners. Small home decor touches such as tablecloths and flower vases give this balcony a café feel. You can add an outline patterned runner rug to complement your balcony decor. Recycling potted plants for balcony from homebnc.


Using artificial green grass on your balcony floor, you can create a courtyard in the city or on the balcony of your apartment. Colorful but edible kale is displayed in a wooden crate. Hanging garden boxes provide additional growing space on the balcony railing in this design. With a landscape dominated by green, the fuchsia hue of the flowers is a great addition. Even the tiny plants in tiny terracotta pots lining the sides of this balcony will look fresh and you can spend some time on this balcony. Greenery on the balcony from homebnc.

Install An Affordable Lighting Fixture

Don’t forget to install the right lighting fixture for your apartment balcony decoration. The light is not only to light up your balcony but it also will bring a romantic, cozy, and warm nuance to your outdoor space. To save your budget, you can pick a string light, candles, and lantern. These are some affordable lighting fixture ideas that can illuminate your balcony.


Battery-operated candles, string fairy lights, and round paper lamps create the atmosphere of a lovely summer balcony. Just imagine having fun with a book or your best friend in this perfect setting. Add a swing chair equipped with pillows and blankets, a carpet and some greenery will bring a room decoration that catches people’s attention. This bamboo lantern will attract the attention of your friends. Fairy lights on the balcony from countryliving.


With thatched lanterns, paper grass wall hangings, wicker cushions, and footrests, this brightly lit balcony is a Bohemian dream. Imagine streaming Netflix or getting lost in a conversation with friends here. You can also add a few candles for a dramatic glow and will create a romantic balcony. With this method of decorating the balcony will end up on a low budget. Adding a sofa complete with a pillow and blanket will bring a comfortable atmosphere to this balcony. Candles and thatched lanterns on the balcony from countryliving.

Decorating a balcony is both fun and challenging, especially if you have a tight budget. But if you have the right plan and determine your goal, even with the tight budget you can create a cozy apartment balcony decoration.