Modern Garden Design Ideas for Limited Space

Designing a garden can be a big job for those of you who have a small space, but with the help of modern garden design for limited space, you can have all the features of a designer garden. With a minimal amount of space in your yard, you need to find a way to make the most of that space. You might be lucky enough to be able to fit your entire garden in the space you have, but it’s unlikely. For smaller gardens, it’s hard to have an elaborate garden without having to compromise elsewhere. However, if you do, there are ways to still create a beautiful and efficient garden.

When designing your garden, think about the most important features. Those features should be things like your flower plot, simple plant, and water feature. The idea is to create the ultimate garden while using the limited space you have. Here are some ideas.

Choose the Right Material

When applying a modern garden design to your small garden, the first thing that you should consider is choosing the right material. For the modern design better for you to use concrete and composite wood material. You can use concrete to make a garden bed or bench and use composite wood to make a garden deck. With the simple and sleek design, these materials offer a modern look. Besides that, concrete and composite wood is easy maintenance and resistant to weather.


Choosing this white-painted concrete garden bed makes for neat garden decoration. You can also add this L-shaped wooden bench to create a cozy and inviting garden. choosing greenery in the form of vegetables and vines will create a fresh garden. Choosing a wooden trellis fence makes for the perfect garden decoration. Concrete garden bed with wooden bench from homebnc.


This concrete garden bed is complemented by floating wooden benches for the perfect space-limited garden design. Combined with the wooden deck flooring it also gives off a natural feel and creates a solid garden look. A few pillows will create a comfortable and inviting garden. The mini pergola was added to make a beautiful garden. Concrete garden bed from homebnc.

Think Carefully About The Plant

You don’t have to worry too much about the space factor when designing a small-scale design since most of these designs take care of the area. One can select a variety of shrubs, flowers, trees, and plants that will complement each other, thus making your garden design look beautiful and more organized. Since the design of this type of landscape requires limited space, the selected accessories should be also focused on smaller areas. These guidelines are quite helpful in making your garden design stylish, beautiful, and organized at the same time.


Choosing plants that suit the garden space must be considered. Since this type of landscape design requires limited space, the selected accessories should also be focused on a smaller area. Using a palm tree and placing it on a concrete garden bed, creates the perfect room decor. You can also add a driftwood bench with soft cushions to create a cozy garden. Palm tree on garden limited space from homebnc.


Decorating a small garden with various greenery in the form of shrubs, trees, and vines will bring a fresh impression to this garden. This wooden deck floor is equipped with lighting so that it will create a stunning garden appearance. Don’t forget to add lighting under this greenery for a stunning look. Shrubs, trees, and vines from homebnc.

Simple Furniture

Adding simple furniture to the modern garden in the small space is very important. You can place foldable chairs, a wood bench, rattan chairs, etc. The important thing is that you have to make sure that the furniture is comfortable and the material durable.


You must choose furniture that is resistant to weather in your garden. By adding some furniture in the form of wooden chairs and sofas, it presents a beautiful and inviting garden. You can add some greenery to the wooden bedding for a fresh, neat look. This wooden fence also provides privacy to your garden thus creating an ascending garden. Wooden chairs and sofas from homebnc.


Turn a small yard into a lush habitat with towering living walls. Planting a focal point with rattan furniture will create a comfortable and inviting garden. Balance the dominating walls with a trio of large pots with small fruit trees and bedding plants. On one of the garden walls, you can add vertical vines to create a fresh and natural space. Rattan furniture from idealhome.

Add Simple Water Feature

In a small garden design, one of the easiest ways to add a water feature in design is to incorporate it as a distinct element. Water features are so easy to integrate into small garden designs because they have such a versatile use. A small water feature in your design can act as a centerpiece that helps to define one focal point, or they can be incorporated as an element that brings together different other features of the garden. It’s really up to you and how you decide to incorporate water features in your design.


Turning an antique bathtub into a pool is no tedious task and adding a touch of greenery to it makes for a dashing garden makeover. Antique bathtubs are also a hot trend these days and this makes them an even better addition to any lovely city park. You can put it in the corner of the garden so that this limited space garden has a charming fountain accent. Antique water fountain from decoist.


This is a fountain that looks absolutely majestic because of the aesthetic beauty it radiates and the overall design around it. Overflowing fountains accent much of the garden and you’ll see water features bubbling from the corner of this limited space garden. Using a two-tiered ceramic pot creates an eye-catching water accent. Two-tiered ceramic pot from decoist.

Don’t Forget to Install Light

The garden would be more interesting with the lighting decoration. Especially for the small garden. The lighting can be used to make the small garden more stunning. The string light and LED light that hide behind the plant can be your lighting option. You can enjoy the night in your small garden with a romantic nuance.



Incorporating soft and warm lighting into your limited space garden will create an atmosphere and make a cool and chic outdoor living room like no other. Choosing a string light will create an attractive and inviting garden decoration. You can put it on greenery to give it a romantic feel. String light from realhomes.


Monochrome never goes out of style for gardens. Lighting up the garden with string lights is a safe choice for creating a luxurious, contemporary design scheme – and also looks amazing as a decking idea. For additional dramatic lighting, you can add lanterns and candles for a stunning garden design. String light on the limited garden from realhomes.

Remember that when you’re designing your garden, you need to be able to enjoy it. This is one of the best ways to do it. Designing your garden is fun, you get to see the results of your work and you have the satisfaction of knowing that your garden is a work of art that adds to the structure of your house. Try modern garden design for limited space and have fun!