Stylish Room Divider Ideas to Give Privacy and Style To The Home Decor

Using a room divider in decorating the home is an easy way to give your room an attractive look. A room divider can be used to add interest to a room. It can also be used to add privacy. They come in many different styles, sizes, and colors. One great advantage of a room divider is that it does not have to be permanent. You can take them down when you move to another apartment or house.

Decorating a room with a room divider is an inexpensive way to add elegance and style to a home. They are versatile. You can use a room divider in the kitchen to divide a dining area from a living room. You can use a room divider in the family room to add privacy while watching television. You can even use one in the master bathroom for a baby’s room! You can also use a room divider in an office to separate a work area from a playroom. Here are some room divider ideas that you can use in your home to add style and work properly to give privacy.

Folding Screen

A folding screen divider is really an ideal idea which will help you in organizing your room without spending too much money. Although you may think that these types of dividers are really expensive, you will find that they are cheaper than buying a complete furniture set. They also provide a lot of advantages such as privacy, convenience, and comfort. The best thing about them is that you can store them when they are not in use and when you want to use them, you just fold them and keep them in a corner. This will help you to have more space in your room.


When you want to dismantle a studio apartment but don’t want or can’t install a permanent partition, just use a folding screen. You can separate our bedroom and living room. Accentuating the vertical space in this apartment is eye-catching, with its super high bed canopy and some classic furniture. Shades of peach throughout the room will create a bright and warm space. Classic folding screen from housebeautiful.


This room divider idea is common used by people because it is known to have more benefits and functionality. The bookcase can be used as an instant room divider. Besides, you can store neatly your book collection, you will also have privacy. For example, you can place the bookcase room divider in between your living room and family room or living room and your dining room. The bookcase will give a space and privacy while you are watching television or dining.


Floor-to-ceiling bookshelves can act as room dividers and provide extra storage and display space. In this way, you can separate the living room from the bedrooms in this apartment so that you will find a spacious and airy room. Floor lamps are also unique lighting and can be the focal point of the room. Floor-to-ceiling bookshelves dividers from housebeautiful.


Simple open shelves will subtly separate the space and give you storage space. This way you will have attractive multifunctional furniture. Separating the living room from other rooms will make your apartment look spacious and not boring. Open shelves dividers from digsdigs.


For instant space partition ideas, you can take of a curtain. All you have to do is just installing a rod on the ceiling and use rings or hooks to attach the curtain. You can adjust the curtain color and pattern according to your home decoration. By using this room divider idea, you can close and open the divider easily.


Not all room dividers are folding bulkheads. Use curtain rods and blinds to make this loft office corner double as a living room and bedroom. In this way, you will have a spacious and spacious room. These white and black shades are the perfect choice for you to try. White curtain divider from housebeautiful.


Hang the curtains from the ceiling to create a canopy effect for the bed. You can even use a tieback if you want the room to stay open. This trick is perfect for drawing attention to high ceilings and is a great room decorator for creating sections in multi-purpose rooms and studio apartments. Don’t forget to add large windows to give the room a bright and airy effect. Curtains from the ceiling from housebeautiful.

Sliding Door

Room dividers with sliding doors have become more popular over the years. Some people choose these room dividers for privacy, others for additional space, while others use a room divider strictly for decoration. The sliding-door type of room divider has become very popular over the last decade or so. There are two main types of room dividers with sliding doors; the sliding glass door divider and the sliding mirror room divider. These room dividers are easy to install and add aesthetically to the room.


If you don’t mind installing sliding doors for a more effective sense of privacy in a studio apartment, this is a brilliant idea to try. Sliding doors take up space because they cannot be opened; leave it open to feel more relieved when you are not sleeping. This way it will separate the dining room from the bedroom which won’t take up much space and your apartment will look more spacious and airy. Sliding doors divider from housebeautiful.

Wooden Slats

For a perfect and elegant divider, one may have to choose wooden slats. Wooden slats are the most elegant and versatile type of divider as wood is used in this furniture for thousands of years and hence has the potential of making any home beautiful. You can choose from many different wood varieties like mahogany, rosewood, oak, elm, etc, and depending on the design and the color you want you can choose from the wide variety.


The wooden slats that separate the room into two areas offer a more open effect than a sturdy screen. In this apartment, you will have spacious and inviting rooms. You can separate the dining room and living room at the same time so as to present an inviting space. Combined with all-white nuances, it makes the home decor airy and bright. Wooden slats divider from housebeautiful.


Dark wood slats make great room dividers as they let in light and look contemporary and chic. With this type of divider, your apartment space will not look cramped. Combined with all-white nuances on the walls and floors it also gives the impression of a spacious and bright room. Providing this barrier you can divide the room between the dining room and other rooms. Dark wood slats divider from digsdigs.


This is one of the DIY room divider ideas. You can make the macrame by yourself. You can adjust the length and width of the macrame according to your room or space that will be divided. Then hang it on the ceiling with a rod then you will get an aesthetic look.


If you want to block the doorless jamb without actually having to attach the door, consider hanging macros for a boho-style room. This way you have a room divider that gets people’s attention. Combined with wooden door frames will add a unique look to the room. Hanging macrame divider from housebeautiful.


Such a gorgeous macrame look will make a nice sheer divider and accent in your boho chic space. Using a wooden border will make a neat border. You can put it in the apartment space to create an attractive appearance. Combined with exposed brick walls and wooden floors make for an inviting space. Green potted plants also give the impression of the same room. Macrame Dividers from digsdigs.

What do you think about those room divider ideas above? Which one do you like and fits in your home? Hopefully, those ideas above will give you inspiration.