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Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas To Adapt

Are you tired of going to the same old boring farmhouse kitchen every weekend? Would you like to try something new? Do you love to gather with the family around the table? If so, you should consider rustic farmhouse kitchen decor ideas to spruce up your kitchen and keep it fresh and interesting.

First and foremost, try and find a design style that you can connect with. This will allow you to not only personalize your furnishings but it will also help you to create a cozy atmosphere. Many people are now decorating their homes with country accents and rustic furnishings. Rustic farmhouse kitchens have become very popular these days. There is nothing more comforting than being able to gather around a large rustic table with nice comfortable chairs and a good roast in the kitchen. Here are some ideas rustic farmhouse kitchen ideas.

Change the Furniture

If you are looking to update your current farmhouse kitchen, it is an easy way to add in a new rustic look without spending a lot of money. You can do so by simply adding a few new pieces and change the way your current furniture is set up. For example, you can change your glass or wood cabinet doors with wire. Or fine old-fashioned kitchen island, table, chairs, or shelves. The possibilities are endless when it comes to decorating a farmhouse kitchen. There are several great ideas that can be added to this type of design. Just like any other room in the house, you want to find ways to update it while maintaining the old charm that makes this room so unique.


This kitchen cabinet and kitchen island made of reclaimed wood reinforce the rustic farmhouse decor that looks natural. Repaint it with white for a more elegant look and of course, it will help your room look wider and cleaner. Add a high stool in the kitchen island area as a functional dining area. Kitchen cabinets and kitchens island reclaimed wood from countryliving.


No need to repaint your old wooden kitchen island for a more detailed rustic style. Combine it with black stone floors which have a smooth texture and are of course very sturdy to use for a long time. When you use a lot of wooden furniture, you should put in as much sunlight as possible to avoid moldy and porous furniture. Old wooden kitchen island from countryliving.

Old-fashioned and Rustic Furnishings

Old-fashioned and rustic furnishings are a fantastic way to add this rustic style to your kitchen. Besides the old-fashioned tables, chairs, cabinetry, lighting, and more, you may want to purchase some items of accessories to complete the look. Things like old-fashioned spoons, forks, knives, and even baskets would look great on this type of decor.


This plywood furniture has a soft, economical, and environmentally friendly touch texture, this material cannot be separated from the rustic kitchen decor that seems simple. Install several open shelves in your wall area as a storage idea that you can use easily. The glass globe of the lamp is the main kitchen lighting idea that will highlight the light throughout the room, this lamp is equipped with a splash of gold which gives a more luxurious impression. Furniture plywood and globe glass lamps from countryliving.


You can use this standing cabinet that is equipped with an open shelf to showcase some ceramic tableware with a classic style and never goes out of style. In addition, the old lamp that was hung above the kitchen island emphasized the rustic style because it was coated with a wire container that looked sturdy and of course not easily porous. An old lamp lined with a sturdy wire container from countryliving.

Natural Material

Natural materials always make for a better appearance than things that have been manufactured over a period of time. When selecting rustic farmhouse kitchen decor, it is important to select wood, stone, and metal items that will work well together. For instance, you can combine a stone fireplace with wooden cupboards throughout the kitchen. You can also incorporate natural items like wooden floors and tables throughout your space. In addition, keep in mind that light-colored walls will work better than dark ones.


The natural stone fireplace that is placed in this kitchen will be an accent that warms your body when the weather starts to feel cold. The wooden furniture around it instantly presents a rustic farmhouse style, there’s nothing wrong with repainting this wooden furniture with purple and yellow as a contrasting and beautiful color combination. Lighting remains the main accent that must be used. Natural stone fireplace with wooden kitchen furniture from decoist.


The rustic white kitchen nuance will be more colorful when equipped with a square red brick fireplace. This yellow light that hangs right above the dining table is complemented by old wire accents that have a vintage feel. Re-polish your kitchen tables and chairs for a new, shiny look. Red brick fireplace with polished wood furniture from decoist.

Bright Color Scheme

Your kitchen is probably one of the most important rooms in your home. Therefore, you want it to be inviting, comfortable, and welcoming to guests as well as yourself. The color scheme should work to enhance the feel of this area. If you have darker wallpaper in this room, it would be a good idea to replace it with something lighter.


Don’t use striking colors when decorating a rustic farmhouse kitchen, when you have the feel of a white room then adding wood accents and a blue kitchen island is enough to make the kitchen look more colorful. A fireplace with a bigger size will keep your body warm to the maximum. Avoid using striking colors from dlmag.


The wood material in some of this kitchen furniture provides a touch of natural color and of course remains environmentally friendly. This wood accent color is enough to provide an ancient color that matches the rustic farmhouse style that you are currently using. Don’t forget to use the ceiling with matching and similar materials and colors as a harmonious color tone for the room. Wood accent colors on furniture from dlmag.

Install a Proper Lighting

One of the most popular types of lighting used for rustic farmhouse kitchen ideas is lamps with glass shades. These are commonly used for accent lighting as well as task lighting. The shade can be opened simply by pulling the cord that is typically wrapped around the spindle of the light bulb. This type of lighting is perfect for the kitchen since it provides a nice soft glow during the daytime.


This transparent glass lamp is one of the right lightings when applied to white rustic farmhouse kitchen decorations. Don’t just use one lamp, you can use two lamps equipped with a wall scones lamp for a brighter kitchen room idea and of course it will help your activities at night. The combination of transparent glass lamps with wall scones lamp from ablissfulnest.


Lighting is an important and main accent in a room, including your kitchen decoration. Adjust the use of this lamp to the style of your kitchen, for example, you use a rustic farmhouse style, so you can use a glass lamp that is hung by a rope that has a different size and length, this lamp gives its own artistic impression in this kitchen. Glass rope lights from ablissfulnest.

There are so many options when it comes to improving your existing kitchen. You just need to put your imagination to work. Remember, old is becoming new again, especially in this day and age of new and improved technology.