Kitchen Ideas

5 Easy Ways to Add Color Into Your Cooking Space

Are you looking for some new and exciting kitchen design ideas? If so, then you are in luck. You will find a plethora of color schemes, themes, and color combinations to choose from. While the kitchen may be one of the busiest rooms in your home, it is by no means the dullest. With some creativity and a lot of imagination, you can decorate your kitchen in just about any way that you wish!

You do not need the genius to come up with colorful kitchen ideas because the choice of color is entirely up to you. When planning your kitchen renovation, whether do it yourself project or one that needs a professional touch, always remember that a small thing can add up to make a big difference. The right combination of colors can change your kitchen from being uninviting to welcoming. Here are some ideas.

Colorful Tiles

Another way to make your kitchen stand out from the rest is to use colorful tiles. Ceramic tiles are affordable, easy to maintain, and can be used in just about any color you can imagine. You can use this tile for the backsplash, walls, or floor. The best part about using tiles is that they provide a high degree of versatility.


This colorful ceramic tile backsplash is the perfect focal point of the room and will make your room look perfect. Combined with white tones and wooden cabinets, it makes for a stylish and inviting room. Colorful cutlery adds a pop of color to this room. Colorful ceramic tile backsplash from digsdigs.


Choosing a backsplash with a colorful patchwork pattern will bring color to this all-blue kitchen. You can combine it with a granite countertop to create the perfect contrast and your kitchen will look more elegant. Storage cabinets and open shelves underneath will keep your kitchen décor from getting messy. Backsplash colorful patchwork pattern from digsdigs.

Use Colorful Accessories

For an added color and charm, choose accessories with patterns, prints, and colors that compliment your cabinets, countertops, and tiles. There are so many accessories you can find with prints that it will not be hard to come up with colorful kitchen ideas of your own. You could create a patchwork quilt or use accent pillows in your kitchen. The multihued ceramic dinnerware also can add color to your kitchen. No matter what pattern or style you use, the most important thing to remember is that it works in harmony with your kitchen decor.


Often when you see an open shelf, it is filled with plain white plates. However, this is not the case in this unique kitchen. There are many types of dishes, with nearly every color of the rainbow represented. You can assign it to colorful cutlery and colorful books to complete the look. The pink patterned runner rug is also the perfect room decoration. Colorful cutlery from diys.


This kitchen is not as bold as some of the other kitchens, but the color of the kitchenware represents it all. Bright green cabinets are a unique choice for the kitchen. They allow other colors to really pop, including a copper pot and a blue pot of water. Don’t forget to add green storage racks and coat racks to store multiple cookware at low reach. Copper pot and a blue pot from diys.

Red and Yellow for The Bold Impression

Another easy kitchen design idea is to play up the bold colors of red and yellow. Try using red cabinet accents or red walls to give your kitchen a festive appearance. Add in lots of yellow flowers and a few potted plants to really push the red tones in the room. These bold colors will make your kitchen feel really cheery and happy.

Red kitchen

Cherry red lacquered cabinets create a contemporary atmosphere in a small kitchen. Reflective surfaces will reflect light around the space and work well with gray concrete counters and floors. The frosted glass and stainless steel backsplash will brighten up the back wall. Don’t forget to add a colorful runner rug to give it an eye-catching look. Cherry red lacquered cabinets from bhg.


Stylish kitchen design ideas with a touch of red on the kitchen island and backsplash will steal people’s eyes every time they walk into your kitchen. Combined with the entire wooden cabinet for the perfect contrast. The idea of using a kitchen island and a red backsplash became the perfect focal point for the room, which inspired many people. Red kitchen island and backsplash from decoist.

Make A Contrast

Another great thing about using these kitchen ideas is that they can really help to give your kitchen a unique identity. In particular, you will want to use contrasting colors so that the whole room pops and is more distinctive from neighboring rooms. For example, you might want to consider pairing a rich burgundy color with a light blue kitchen. You will be able to easily draw the eyes of people who enter the kitchen with the color scheme.


In the Gillian Hyland kitchen, color is used to create a nice effect. Some of the cabinets have been painted teal to contrast with the orange formica cabinets and castor stoves, while terracotta floor tiles in four different colors add to the pattern of the room. Hanging earrings and high chairs will complement your room decor so that it looks stunning. Teal and orange cabinet from houseandgarden.


To create this colorful 60s style scheme in a modern kitchen you should try it so that it will make the room the perfect contrast. Using teal and red creates a bright space that’s also on the budget. You can also add succulent plants in pots to provide fresh air into this room. Several ornaments also complement this kitchen decoration. Colorful 60s style kitchen from houseandgarden.

Treat Your Wall

Make your plain wall looks more interesting by installing colorful wallpaper. The wallpaper will give color to your plain kitchen and make a different hue.


When your kitchen uses lemon wallpaper it will give meaning to life in this modern kitchen. You can pair it with a glossy white cabinet and a chimney to complement this kitchen decor. The wallpaper will give color to your plain kitchen and create a distinct hue. Adding magnetic storage and hooks for cooking utensils is also worth trying as it gives a tidy kitchen. Lemon wallpaper on small kitchen from housebeautiful.


Choosing a kitchen wallpaper with a bold color with a floral pattern like the picture above will create a perfect room decoration and will make your kitchen look more attractive. Combined with the glossy red cabinets of this modern kitchen, it becomes a stylish decoration for the room. The wooden floor and red carpet patterned with flowers also create a warm and inviting decoration. Bold color with a floral pattern wallpaper from decoist.

Colorful kitchen ideas do not have to be costly, time-consuming, or complicated. Simply use your imagination and you should be able to come up with a great-looking kitchen in no time at all. Your family will love coming to your new and interesting kitchen, and you will love how your kitchen looks from the outside.