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French Country Bedroom Decorating Ideas

French country bedrooms are simply dreamy. The style is typically steeped in charm and lush, unspoiled woods, so it’s no surprise that French country decor is one of the most popular options for creating a cozy oasis in your home. There are plenty of gorgeous French country bedroom decor ideas on the web, but we wanted to give you a head start by sharing the best of them. So here they are!

Muted Color

When it comes to the French country bedroom ideas, the muted and pale pastel colors are the color scheme that becomes the identity of French country decor. This color idea will create a cozy nuance to your private room. The color from the wood, walls, and the white bedding is a good combination to create a muted and warm nuance.


Usually, French country bedrooms use pastel colors that are neutral and inconspicuous, you can combine the nuances of a white bedroom with sweet pastel purple bedding. These two colors work best when combined in the same room. Carvings on the bed give a more artistic impression. The combination of white nuances with pastel purple bedding from shelterness.


Choose muted and pastel colors for a French country bedroom decoration as one of its characteristics. You can use a splash of beige throughout the room, which is furnished with wood accents in several interiors such as rattan wicker benches and baskets. Transparent glass windows are a source of incoming sunlight which helps natural lighting, thereby saving more money on expenses when paying for electricity at the end of the month. Beige color French country bedroom from shelterness.

Inviting Sofas and Chairs

Use warm, inviting sofas and chairs throughout the room. A great way to display country bedroom decoration ideas is to make sure there is a variety of seating choices in the room. If you only have a bed in this room, you can always decorate it with an armoire, a chaise lounge, or loveseat. However, if you have a sideboard or coffee table, you can use them to display collections or put up a display of photos or other items that will highlight your French country style.


Vintage tables and chairs are additional furniture that you can try in your bedroom decor. With this furniture you can relax all day long in the room, the tufted chairs will be more comfortable and warm when equipped with classic patterned throw pillows. Place a vase on a wooden table for decoration that refreshes the feel of the room around it. Wooden table and tufted chairs from shelterness.

Vintage Touch

The French country style can’t be separated from the vintage touch. To complete your French country bedroom decor, install vintage mirrors. The mirror will bring a new focal point and will make your bedroom decoration more complete.


Give the bedroom illustration a wider and brighter feel by using a standing mirror covered with a white frame. Place this mirror frame in the corner of the room or more precisely next to the shutter window. The mirror is an interior that must be had to check your appearance in detail when leaving the room. You can try this mirror in a French country bedroom style. Standing mirror at the corner from shelterness.


Hang two mirrors in the empty wall area as a very functional addition, when you are decorating a French country bedroom, choose a mirror with a carved frame that looks vintage and classic. Hang this mirror between the white wooden bed and more precisely above the small nightstand. This carved mirror frame will appear more artistic and of course never out of date. Two hanging mirrors with carved frames from shelterness.

Bed Crown

Create elegance in the French country bedroom by installing a bed crown. These half canopies add a touch of elegance and can make your bedroom look bigger. There are many designs and shapes of bed crowns that you can use. You can choose according to your taste. For fabrics, choose that can complement your bedding. You can choose in white color but you can’t go wrong with other muted colors such as gray or navy.


To perfect the look of a French country bed, you can add a crown bed with a neutral color that matches the feel of the room around it. This cotton cloth crown bed will appear more artistic when hung right above the classic carved bed, the ruffle bedding is a suitable combination and suits your current theme. Cotton fabric crown bed which has the same color as the bedroom nuance from homebnc.

Iconic French Country Pattern

Give a touch of French country pattern into your bedroom. The gingham checks and floral pale are the iconic patterns for the French country style. You can apply this pattern to the curtain, wallpaper, or bedding. The pattern will bring an interesting look to the French country bedroom decor and looks traditional.


Don’t just use plain and white bedding, because this will cause your French country bedroom decor to be more saturated and boring. Choose a ruffle gingham check pattern with cotton, which is softer and more comfortable to use. Choose a gingham check pattern fabric with a combination of black and white that blends perfectly when applied to this white bedroom nuance. Gingham pattern ruffle bedding check from homebnc.


Instead, use white wall paint in a French country bedroom decor with pastel and neutral floral wallpaper. The flower pattern of this wallpaper gives a more different and colorful look, it doesn’t end there, but this flower wallpaper also presents a feminine style that many girls like. Flower wallpaper with pastel colors from homebnc.

French Country Bedding Ideas

There is nothing more elegant than using a French country bedding set ideas. The soft cotton fabric and ruffle accent bring an elegant touch to your bedroom. The layered and texture of the bedding offer more coziness and relax feels.


There’s nothing wrong with using a bedding ruffle in pastel colors to emphasize your French country bedroom. Complete the appearance of this room by applying several flowers placed on benches and nightstands, the presence of these flowers gives the impression of a fresher and certainly soothing room. Ruffle bedding with pastel colors from homebnc.

Install A French Chandelier

Installing a French chandelier straight above the bed will make the French country bedroom decor more complete. You don’t need a big chandelier just use a little one it is able to change the whole look of your bedroom. Choosing a chandelier in white and clear is a great way to get that simple yet refined look.


Lighting is an interior that must be had in all rooms of the house, including your French country bedroom decor. The glass chandeliers hanging over the bed have a classic impression because they are equipped with candles that give the room a more dramatic and warm impression. Glass chandeliers with candle accents from homebnc.

French country bedroom decoration ideas, just like any other style, require lots of imagination and work. In order to achieve the look you want, you have to be willing to work hard. Your creativity will pay off when you see the finished product, which will be well worth the effort and time you invested in its creation.