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Types of Fences Based On the Material Used

Many people that decide to install a new fence will base their decision on the types of fence to build according to the material. If the fence will be for outdoor purposes, one’s preference for the material to build the fence from will be based on climate and weather conditions. These three things can greatly affect the durability of the fence. In some areas of the country, the weather can be extreme in some seasons, and therefore, the quality of the fences will suffer because of it. Therefore, one’s choice of material is extremely important. Here are some types of fences based on the material used.


The first choice, and probably, the most popular, material that most people will choose to build a fence with is wood. The reason why many people choose wood as the primary material to use when they are building a fence is that this type of material is extremely durable. It can withstand any amount of precipitation that is put onto it. Because of its durability, it is also very attractive to many people. In addition to this, it can be painted to match the color scheme of a house or even the color of the lawn.


To maintain the safety of your home, you can use a wooden fence like the picture above. With this fence, your home will have the highest privacy. You can also combine it with a stone gate to create a natural impression in the room. This fence is the best choice because it will create a charming garden decoration. Adding a roof pergola also makes for an attractive garden appearance. Wooden fence and stone gate from hgtv.


A wooden fence equipped with green plants is perfect for you to use in your home design. With this wooden fence, your home will have a beautiful decoration for the outdoor yard. You can dilute the natural color of this wood to enhance the look of your home and will create stunning outdoor decor. This fence can be used to decorate an attractive garden. Wooden fence decor from hgtv.

Wrought Iron

If you need fence ideas that are both beautiful and functional, then wrought iron fences are definitely the way to go. While the wrought iron is both stronger and able to add beauty to your exterior design, but it requires regular maintenance. You have to sand and repaint it for two or three years.


Using a wrought iron fence for use in a yard like the one in the image above is a brilliant idea. With this wrought iron fence your house will look more perfect and look attractive. Using this idea, your home will give you a stunning look and you can try it out right now. But you have to redecorate it by repainting it every two or three years so that it creates an attractive fence. Wrought iron fence from homestratosphere.


One of the best fence options is a wrought iron fence and a brick layout at the bottom to create an attractive patio look like the one pictured above. By combining these two materials, you will get a minimalist and aesthetic look. With a fence like this, it will require regular maintenance and you will have to sand and repaint for two or three years. This fence design will look sturdy so it is durable and will protect your home from insect attacks. Wrought iron fence and a brick layout from homestratosphere.


Add a touch of the exotic to your yard and environmentally friendly material with a bamboo fence. The bamboo itself is extremely durable, requiring very little maintenance. The material is also easy to find in the market or around your home.


If you have a house with a natural appearance, you can use a bamboo fence like the one in the picture above. This vertical bamboo fence will make your Asian home look more elegant. The use of this type of fence will be a little maintenance, so you should try it on the terrace of the house. This bamboo fence is able to create a dramatic appearance and will provide privacy to the front garden of the house. You can mix it with a few herbs for a fresh and attractive look. Bamboo fence from nextluxury.


One of the fences that are suitable for homes with a natural impression is a bamboo fence like the one in the picture above. You can combine them in a horizontal arrangement to make them look more aesthetically pleasing. With this fence, your house will have a high level of security and at the same time look natural. Combining it with some green plants will create a stylish and fresher garden. Bamboo fence horizontal from nextluxury.


When you are considering ideas for a fence around your home, you may want to look at all of the unique fence ideas with aluminum that you can use. This fence comes in various designs and heights and is low maintenance. Not only will it stand up to anything that may come through it and doesn’t corrode, so it will stay good for a long time.


Completing a simple and minimalist front page look really attracts people’s attention. Using this aluminum fence into a charming patio design. These fences come in various designs and are heights and low maintenance. You can protect your home from insect attacks and it will be safe. Don’t forget to add some greenery to make it look fresh and natural. Aluminum fence decor from decoratedlife.


This aluminum fence is a perfect room decoration and is the right choice for those of you who like a minimalist style. Combined with a gate made of natural stone to create a neat and stylish garden. This method will create a stunning fence decoration and you can complement it with greenery and green grass to create a natural and fresh impression on this terrace. Black aluminum fence from decoratedlife.


A vinyl fence is made from woven plastic. Because of its lightweight, ease of installation, and long-lasting durability, this is an excellent choice for a fence. Vinyl fences are available in both two-foot and three-foot lengths. This type of fence is very easy to install. It is also very durable and will not rot, warp or decay.


Ear Dogs are very similar to wooden fences except they have a concave shape from post to post. This vinyl fence design works best and will protect you from insect attacks. You can also add other greenery to complete the look. so that this type is very easy to install. It’s also very durable and won’t rot, warp or rot. Dog Ear Vinyl Fence from homestratosphere.


One way to increase privacy in your home is to use a white vinyl fence like the one above. In addition, for added privacy, with this vinyl fence, your home will also have a stunning appearance. This type of fence is very easy to install. It’s also very durable and won’t warp or rot. This vinyl fence selection idea makes for the perfect patio decoration. White vinyl fence from homestratosphere.

The existence fence for exterior home design is not only for the security, privacy, protection but also for the aesthetic look of the outer part of the house. So choosing the right material for the fence will give a meaningful effect.

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