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Home Office Desk Ideas to Accommodate Your Needs

When it comes to the home office ideas, the desk becomes the first thing that should be thinking of. You will spend most of your time working on the desk so choosing the right and proper home office desk is very important. There are many kinds of home office desks that you can use. But before you choose one, there are some aspects that should be considered. For the shape, designs, and size that suitable for your home office theme and your space. There are many types of home office desks out there, some of which will be discussed here. For further information, here are some home office desk ideas.

Foldable Desks

For those of you who need a practical work desk, you can choose a foldable desk. This desk will save space when not in use. This design fits on the walls and utilizes less space but offers a more productive work experience. Because this desk can be folded when not in use, you will have the benefits of larger working space.


If you are looking for a home workspace that takes up minimal space but actually works, consider this as your solution. This folding table is designed as attractive as possible and will offer a more productive work experience. This worktable can be a perfect ornament storage rack so that your room will avoid clutter. Wooden folding table from housebeautiful.


This table folds down to make it look like a cool geometric shelf – perfect for displaying knick-knacks whether you’re working or not. With this idea, you will save space and will offer a more productive work experience. Just add a comfortable chair so it won’t hurt your back while doing your job. This desk will give you the advantage of a larger workspace. White foldable desk from housebeautiful.

Floating Desks

Are you feel that your previous work desk does not offer decent legroom? The floating home office desk will accommodate your needs. The free space under the table will bring a comfort zone for your leg. Its simple design, lightweight, and looks modern will make your home office look attractive. This design is ideal for modern interior design styles. In addition, this table will save space.


Ultra-modern workspace with floating shelves and workbench that lights up to work in comfort. You can add a soft chair to make your decoration more comfortable while doing work. The design is simple, light, and looks modern and will make your home office look attractive. You can add lights under the shelf to give the illusion of a bright room. Floating shelves table desk from digsdigs.


Floating shelves and a matching desk underneath for the modern home office will enhance the look of the perfect space and make for an attractive decoration to try. Paired with metal chairs to create a comfortable and inviting space. This design is ideal for modern interior design styles. In addition, this table will save space. You can store several collections of books and ornaments neatly on this open shelf. Wooden floating shelves from digsdigs.

Corner Desks

One of the best ideas to get started on a home office space is with a corner desk. This gives you more free space on both sides and makes it easier to get work done. Many people will opt for these ideas simply because they save space, but they can also be very beautiful and stylish. This home office desk is suitable for a small space.


Choosing a corner office desk gives you more free space on both sides and makes it easier to get the job done. Using a wooden countertop will give an elegant impression to the decor of this room. The open shelf on the table also makes it easy for you to store various collections of books, making your room look tidy. Choosing a floating shape also gives your feet room to move freely. Corner home office desk from lushome.


Corner tables and storage shelves look beautiful in an empty corner allowing for a multi-functional space. Corner furniture efficiently uses the available space and is ideal for decorating apartments and small houses. With this idea, make the room look wide and wide. and this desk is perfect for a home office with a small space. Corner tables and storage shelves from lushome.

Rustic Desks

If you want to have a vintage look of a home office, the rustic-style desk is a good deal. This style will make the space look refined and offer character to your workspace. The rustic work desk also can blend well with any style. The desk includes a proper surface and some drawers will lend an interesting working experience.


A farmhouse office with an antique table will add a rustic feel to this room so that it will provide pleasant decor. Furnished with burlap rugs, gray chairs, antique clock, and chandelier plus plants give a room a compelling statement. Shades of white and using sliding doors will create an attractive home look for you to try. Antique office table from digsdigs.


A farmhouse office equipped with a wooden table, a blackboard, a basket on the wall will reinforce the rustic impression of this home office decor. The basket with flowers on top of the suitcase will enliven the room so that it will feel fresh with these extra flowers. Don’t forget to add a storage drawer to your desk for the perfect decoration and avoid clutter. Farmhouse office with a wooden table from digsdigs.

Modern Home Office Desks

Aside from functionality, modern home office desk ideas come in different forms. These may include drawing surfaces, computer platforms, and storage shelves for storing materials like paper and pens. The aesthetics of the desk may come in the form of the color and the finish used to make it look pleasing to the eye. Some desks may even include mirrors that reflect light in order to add more of a sense of beauty and productivity to the desk.

Home-office-setup (1)

Using a modern office table made of glass and metal on the legs will make your room more elevated and still look solid. This is perfect if you want a double home office space that doubles as a dining area because just by adding a few more chairs you have the ideal family dining area. Completing the look with storage shelves will make the room decor tidy and avoid clutter. Modern office table from home-designing.

Built-in Desk and Shelves

The last home office desk idea that you can use is a simple desk with built-in shelves above. This desk will offer some benefits for you. You can use this desk as a workspace and reading area at the same time. You can store your book collections on the built-in shelves without disturbing your work surface and you will work conveniently.


The classic white built-in home office can easily be updated with fresh wall colors and contrasting accessories. This charming home office exudes a soft and feminine vibe by pairing a white built-in desk with refreshing light apple green walls and luxurious pink chairs. You can keep a few ornaments and a collection of books to give a tidy room. White built-in desk home office from designingidea.

Those are some of the home office desk ideas. Each home office desk has its advantages and disadvantages. All you have to do is just choose the one that suits your needs, taste, and your home office space. Hopefully, those ideas above will inspire you.

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