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The Most Common Elements Used in The Scandinavian Decoration Style

When it comes to decorating your home, the possibilities are unlimited. The range of possibilities is much wider than many people realize and these broad decorating ideas can be applied to all areas of the home. This type of decorating is becoming increasingly popular and for good reason. Scandinavian interior design is known for its clean lines, simplicity, and geometric lines. Let’s take a look at some of the most common elements used in this decorating style.

Balance Look

Scandinavian interior design features sharp, simple lines with a lot of symmetry. Using color in moderation is very important in this decorating style. Use earth tones and grays to balance out colors and use dark and light fixtures for furniture such as antiques and even matching lampshades. Use furniture such as a chest of drawers or a game table to keep things well organized.


Scandinavian interior design is a modern minimalist style that you should try, start by including interior lines for room decoration. For example, using a plaid blanket on the chair in the living room or a geometric pillowcase as a compliment. This pattern will work well in your Scandinavian living room decor. Plaid blanket with pillowcase geometry from home-designing.



You can also use bedding with geometric motifs that have a combination of pastel colors for the final result that looks modern and minimalist. The geometric motifs in the bedding really support your Scandinavian interior theme, plus the use of herringbone wood floors can also be applied to the bedroom so that it doesn’t look empty because you use simple furniture. You can easily try this Scandinavian bedroom decor. Geometry bedding from home-designing.

Incorporates Nature Element

Another great thing about this type of home decor is that it usually incorporates elements of nature. This means that you will want to choose a decor that has plants and use wood as a part of the decoration. The use of bright colors is very important, but you should take care not to use too many strong colors because they may overwhelm the space.


The Scandinavian concept that you cannot miss is natural elements that you can apply in your home. For example, using potted green plants in a corner of the room will create fresh and soothing air. Not only one plant, but you can also bring several kinds of plants into the room, try using a shelf to put the plants so they are neatly arranged and do not take up space. Green plants in pots at the corner from homebnc.


Don’t get hung up on the corner of the room to add accent to green plants in a Scandinavian-themed house, you can also use wall decor in the form of a wooden round shelf to keep your plant collection neat. Choose plants that have a low level of maintenance complexity, for example, succulent plants or cacti that don’t have to get more sunlight and don’t need to water them every day even though they don’t need a lot of water. Decorative wooden round shelves with indoor plants from homebnc.

Pay Attention to the Texture

Another thing that you will want to pay close attention to when planning out your decor is texture. Scandinavian designers pay close attention to the textures that various objects have. This means that you can use wood or fabrics in your home decor. Each of these textures can have a distinct look and adding a combination of textures can help to make rooms look even more appealing and sophisticated.


Add a faux fur blanket to Scandinavian interior decoration, a faux fur blanket you can apply to a vintage rattan chair. In addition to Scandinavian interior decoration, this faux fur blanket can also warm the body when wearing vintage rattan chairs. Add a square table decorated with glass ball pots filled with green plants in front of vintage rattan chairs to make it look more artistic. Wicker chairs covered with faux fur blankets from decorilla.

Color Ideas

Color is also an important component of Scandinavian interior design. You will want to choose colors that are light and airy, but they should not be too light or bland. You can add a touch of drama by using dark or heavy furnishings, such as leather or metal. You can also use various textured wallpaper or paint colors.


Not always fixated on furniture with bright colors, Scandinavian interior design can also use furniture with dark colors. The small, round black table in the middle of the room also supports this concept. The sofa with brown synthetic leather adds a warmer atmosphere than usual, equipped with several small throw pillows and a blanket to support body warmers. Dark color furniture living room from home-designing.


A popular accent for this style is the use of rugs. Rugs are very common in this type of decorating and they are normally wool area rugs that match or contrast with the walls and furnishings. You can also add pillows to the rugs in order to create warmth within the room. For a more modern look, opt for bold colors such as black and white. You can also choose rugs in the same bold colors but use them in different areas of the home such as the kitchen or entrance door.


A rug with a color that matches the environment in the room, making it a complement to Scandinavian interior design in your home. Place a rug in a neutral color like your light gray as the base of a small round table in your Scandinavian living room. Adjust the size of your rugs, neither too wide nor too small to get a proportional look. Light gray rugs from decorilla.

Let the Light In

The Scandinavian style embraces a bright and natural light. In this case, installing a lot of windows is very important. Besides being able to brighten up your home, it can create an airy feel.


Add a translucent glass window in your living room with a Scandinavian theme to maximize light entering the room. That way you can save electrical energy by not turning on the lights during the day. Especially if you use a window that can be opened, it will certainly make the room always get fresh air because of the maximum circulation. Transparent glass window from homebnc.



The all-white Scandinavian decor will look broad if you get the maximum supply of sunlight. You can use a large window to complete it so that the light that enters the room will be reflected off the white walls of the entire room. Match the color of the window frames with your wall paint. Large glass windows from homebnc.

Add Wall Art

Just because the Scandinavian style embraces simplicity and limit wall art, it doesn’t mean you have to let your wall without decoration. As long as you keep your art focused on a single color palette, your gallery wall can be the perfect decoration to complete your Scandinavian decoration.


Add a finishing touch to your Scandinavian interior design by using a large wall decor painting as the centerpiece of the room. To be more artistic, you can choose to use B / W face painting. This B / W painting is perfect for a Scandinavian living room that uses a sofa or furniture in dark colors. You can hang it right above the sofa. Face painting B / W from homebnc.

Remember, Scandinavian living room decorating themes are all about using natural items in order to provide a homey feeling. You want to find items that have a Swedish feel to them. Have a nice to try.