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The Most Popular Swimming Pool Designs and Shapes

The swimming pool comes in various sizes and designs. If you are looking for a swimming pool for your home or even one for your business, chances are you have seen all of the different shapes and styles that are currently on the market and plenty of designs to choose from. But you can choose the shape and design based on your aesthetic preference and availability of space. But which are the most popular? How do you find the right swimming pool for your needs? In this article, we will look at some of the most popular shapes and sizes and what they have to offer.

Rectangular Pools

The most popular and most common shape for a swimming pool is the rectangular pool, as this is extremely easy to build. If you are looking for a swimming pool that has some character, but not necessarily a contemporary or unique design, then you may want to opt for something a little less common such as the classic rectangular shape. Just like the classic rectangular shape, you will find that there are different sizes of rectangular pools to choose from as well. You can find rectangular pools in the standard size of eight feet wide by twelve feet long, although you may be able to find a larger or smaller version of the rectangular shape.


You can use the rectangular swimming pool which is surrounded by a wooden pallet deck as a relaxing area after swimming. Here you can relax more because you can sunbathe on chaise lounges, more precisely in the sun. Besides that, you can also enjoy the cool outdoor scenery and seem more environmentally friendly. Rectangular pools with wooden pallet deck from thespruce.


If you have a larger backyard then building a rectangular swimming pool is the right decoration idea for you to try. This pool is surrounded by towering trees of various kinds. Do not forget to use natural stone accents for the main material of your pool so that it is more on budget and of course easier to find around your house. Rectangular swimming pool with the main material of natural stone from thespruce.

Round / Oval Pools

Another popular swimming pool idea is round shapes. It is also called an oval pool. This pool is suitable if you have a large backyard. The oval-shaped pool looks beautiful. When you build in a garden amidst trees and some sand area, this pool looks like an oasis. Another option you can surround the pool with decks. Place relax chairs by the pool and enjoy your day.


Take advantage of the spacious backyard of your house to build contemporary pool decorations, you can build with any design including oval pools. The advantage of this swimming pool is that it is equipped with a patio that you can use to take shelter during the day to avoid the sun that is too hot. This swimming pool design is also in demand by many people because it is never out of date, you can try it now. Oval swimming pool with patio from homedesignlover.


Another option for a swimming pool decoration is a round shape that you can try by applying other unique supporters, for example adding natural stones on the side of the pool and greenery around it which gives a natural and calming impression. This swimming pool is an area for exercising which is sufficient to do at home so that it can accompany your weekend to be more beautiful. Round pool with natural stone materials from hgtv.

L-shaped Pools

L-shaped swimming pool designs are perfect for you if you want to have an enjoyable and relaxing swimming pool right in your own home. You can build this kind of pool in your own yard or any other place that would allow you to have an ideal pool. Aside from the fact that it can provide you with an excellent home entertainment venue, it can also be used by your family members for playing various games. However, in order for you to be able to enjoy it the most, you would need to make sure that it would look its best. With the many ideas that you can get from books and magazines, you would be able to come up with several designs that would fit the design of your yard.


The L-shaped pool design can be an option because it will save more space in your backyard. Pool maintenance is also very easy and does not cost a lot. Use paving blocks around this pool to give an artistic and natural impression. L-shaped pool with paving blocks on the sides from designingidea.


Do you want a more modern pool design? If so, an L-shaped pool is a right idea that you can try, this pool also looks more attractive and increases the aesthetic value of your minimalist house. Umbrellas and easy chairs are additional accents that you can put along with the pool as a compliment that you can use whenever you need. Modern style L-shaped pool from designingidea.

Freeform Shapes

For those of you who want to have a swimming pool in your backyard but you already have a garden or other elements on it, the freeform pools are the best choice. As the name suggests, the pool has a free shape. There are no geometric shapes and stick designs here. The shape of the pool is as you like and according to land availability. So the result of the pool more interesting because has curves and contours and also looks informal.


If you have a backyard with limited space, then freeform pool shapes are the right choice and can be adjusted to the size of the land in your house. The shape is more flexible and optimizes the land you want. There is nothing wrong with adding a jacuzzi as an additional accent that will help relax your body while soaking. Small freeform shapes pools from designingidea.


The coconut trees that surround these freeform shape pools will beautify and enhance them instantly. The combination of coconut trees with lush greenery presents a tropical impression that will be a fresh and never boring sight. Add a small wooden bridge as an accent for a sweet finishing touch. Tropical nuance freeform shape pools from designingidea.

Classic Designs

The last popular swimming pool design is a classic design. This is a variation of rectangular pools. Both are formal swimming pool designs and based on ancient pools. The pool has an arch or slight curve at one or both ends of a rectangle.


The classic poolside with tile ivory gives a vintage feel that is perfect for a classic decoration that never goes out of style. This pool is equipped with arches in every corner as one of its characteristics, don’t forget to add flower plants as well as pots that have the same color as the pool to get an elegant color scheme. A classic pond perfected with flower pots from dmagazine.



You can make the best use of the backyard, which has a large enough space by building classic pools with arch accents in every corner. Around this classic pool is also equipped with an outdoor dining area, umbrellas, and fresh greenery and of course, it is always eyesight that is on a budget and does not require special care. Classic outdoor surrounded with outdoor furniture from trendir.

Are you ready to build a swimming pool in your backyard? By following those swimming pool ideas above choose the suitable one and create a stunning look in your outdoor space.