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Playroom Storage Ideas To Get a Neat Room

Playroom storage ideas are almost always aimed at providing kids with the best possible space in the house where they can easily store all their toys, clothes, books, and other belongings. However, it is not always easy to design a set-up that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, which is why you will need to be resourceful when looking for the right storage system. You should first ensure that you have a spacious area in your house that will serve as the ideal spot for you to hang these toys. It would also help if you could leave one side of the room open so that the toys will have an easier time being displayed. You will then need to make use of this free space to organize the rest of the room. Here are some playroom storage ideas that you can adopt.

Floating Shelves

The first playroom storage idea that you can adopt that comes to mind are usually shelves. You can actually install hanging shelves on the walls of your playroom that can add a lot of storage space in your playroom and at the same time, it will look very pretty. The good thing about these hanging shelves is that they are typically made from wood and therefore they will be able to withstand a lot of wear and tear. All you have to do when installing the floating shelves is adjusting the height of the shelves with your child’s height and so they can easily reach it.



The driftwood shelf that is installed next to the desk is a storage place for some of your children’s favorite comics, repaint this shelf with white for a more minimalist look and of course have the same color as this playroom. Install this rack according to the height of your child so that you don’t have trouble picking up the items you need. Wooden floating shelf repainted in white from homedit.


Vertical shelves that are installed in the corner of the room are placed right on the bench, making it easier for your children to pick up the items they need without asking for your help. Choose a shelf made from teak wood to make it more sturdy and not easily porous when used for a long time. You can try it right now in your child’s playroom. Vertical shelf at the corner from homedit.

Floating Cabinets

Another playroom storage idea that takes advantage of the wall is by installing a floating cabinet. This is adorable playroom storage can be used to store all types of toys. Your children can store their toys on there and hide the clutter situation. This type of playroom storage provides extra floor space underneath for larger items that don’t fit in the cabinet. It will keep your playroom nice and tidy.


Choose a material that has a soft texture as a storage idea in the playroom decoration so it is very safe for your children. For example, a floating plywood cabinet with a neutral color is installed in the corner of the room to save more on the floor area in this playroom so that your child will get a more spacious and free space. Plywood floating cabinet from thespruce.

Sliding Bins

There are many playroom storage ideas with sliding bins that can be used in children’s rooms. Many of these are specially made to be used in playrooms, giving the best in both style and function for your children. Children will love having their own toy storage facility in their rooms, which they will use time after time. Most of these units have shelves that run along the walls and can easily be arranged in different configurations. Many of the bins available are colorful and well designed. This is a great way to make your child feel as though they have a prized possession that is not only nice to look at, but also safe to play with.


This open shelf in the floor area is equipped with sliding bins that can be used as an idea for storing children’s toys to make them more organized. Choose bins that are made of thick plastic material so that they are durable and not easily porous. The more plastic bins you have, the more storage ideas you can use. Sliding bins with thick plastic material from thespruce.


Choose several types of sliding bins of different sizes for storage ideas in playroom decorations that are very easy to use for children. Also choose two different colors as the focal point of the room that will look tidier, more organized, and of course more comfortable to use by your children. You can try installing these sliding bins in the open cabinet area in this room. Sliding bins storage with different sizes and colors from blueistyleblog.

Built-In Rack

Maybe you can customize the built-in storage for your playroom storage ideas. Usually, it looks like a built-in bookshelf but you can turn it into playroom storage by filling it with baskets to organize all of your kid’s toys. These are usually placed at the corner of the room and they are usually not really tall but wide enough to be able to fit lots of toys in.


The daybed which is equipped with a built-in shelf is a functional piece of furniture that you can use in playroom decorations as an open storage idea equipped with a wicker basket. Put this built-in shelf in the corner of the room which will save space more effectively and efficiently. Use melamine wood for a modern and minimalist look. The daybed is equipped with a built-in shelf from thespruce.

Open Cubbies

Playroom storage ideas with cubbies come in many shapes and forms. You can purchase plastic or metal cubbies. These can be stacked on top of each other and can serve several purposes. Some people prefer to use these for storing all of the toys that are currently in the playroom. The plastic and metal ones are a bit more costly than the wooden ones but they will last longer and are usually sturdier as well.


Do you need storage in playroom decorations? If so, then you can use open cubbies made of wood which are painted white. Add a wicker basket at the bottom of the cubbies as a storage helper that will keep all your games more organized. Open cubbies with wicker baskets from thespruce.


Stick open storage cubbies in this playroom against a wall for storage ideas that are very easy to reach for children because they are not too high in size. Put all your child’s favorite games and books for a tidier appearance and of course no confusion occurs. Attach open cubbies storage to the wall from thespruce.


The simple playroom storage ideas but very functional to keep neat the room is baskets. A basket is a truly versatile item you can have in your home. They are not only chic and stylish but also perfect for storing anything you want. The basket is also flexible to be placed everywhere, even it just on the floor.


The combination of woven baskets with plastic in this playroom decoration is one of the most appropriate storage and you can try it easily. This basket will organize all of the children’s games and supplies with their respective themes. You can put all these baskets in your open cabinet to save more floor space. Combination of woven baskets with plastic from thespruce.


Storing in the playroom decoration is very much needed because usually children’s games have a large number and of course it will create chaos if it is not organized properly. Use several rattan wicker baskets in the open cubbies according to the number of cubbies so that they are neatly arranged. Besides that, this wicker basket is also more environmentally friendly and of course safe for children. Wicker baskets from homedit.

Giving a comfortable space for your kids to play and providing storage to teach them how to organize their toys is a good thing. Those playroom storage ideas, hopefully, will help you to make your playroom neat, organized, and comfortable for your kids.