Get an Aesthetic Garden Look with a Vintage Garden Decoration Ideas

If you have your own garden or are planning to have one, then vintage garden decoration ideas can transform it into a beautiful place that will surely amaze your visitors. One of the most important things that you need to consider when deciding on vintage garden decoration ideas is the type of plants and ornaments that you will be using in your garden. You may opt to buy all the ornaments and plants from different vintage stores but if you want them to look as vintage as possible, then there are some simple ways by which you can achieve this goal. Here are some vintage garden decoration ideas that will help you get started.

Vintage Color

One of the most important things that you should keep in mind when choosing vintage garden decoration ideas is color schemes. For instance, if you are going for an antique look, then you will need to use pale color schemes for your arrangements. This vintage theme is perfect for containers such as hanging baskets, planters, and vases. You can also use pale yellow and cream colors for the pots and pans. This theme can be further enhanced by using white or light blue pots and pans.


Planters don’t have to be made of pots, plastic, or wood. Using this antique, patterned metal vase to be an interesting room decoration for you to try. These things don’t cost too much, plus you can find old ones at flea markets or your childhood home. Get a variety of sizes to get variety and have a unique look. Adding some blooms makes the room look stunning. Patterned metal vase from homebnc.


Antique coffee pots are becoming so rare these days that you can put this teapot in your vintage garden idea. Using a used teapot in pale color and placing it on the stairs will create a garden view that will steal people’s attention. They come in handy when you want small flower pots for a more vintage-looking garden. You can place this ladder on the wall of your home to create an attractive garden focal point. Teapot planter from homebnc.

Vintage Furniture

Adding vintage furniture is a good starter to create a vintage garden decoration. You can place a set of seats and tables that have a strong vintage vibe. Put them in your garden and surrounds with some colorful blooming flowers.


Adding some antique furniture equipped with colorful pillows is the main attraction so that it will give a comfortable impression for you to enjoy a cup of coffee while enjoying the air in this vintage garden. You also need to add some green plants and blooming flowers to get fresh and natural air. Adding this antique white mirror will also create an interesting garden look to try. Wrought iron chair from vintageindustrialstyle.

Use Vintage Planter

When it comes to the vintage garden is you can’t neglect the planter. To create a vintage garden, you have to use a vintage planter. In this case, there are many planters that you can use. The important thing, the planter has a strong vintage vibe. The repurposed item and old items are usually used for this idea. You can repurpose your old drawers, ladder, bicycle, wheelbarrow, buckets, dressers, chart, and many more for the planter ideas. Put your flower arrangement, herbs, or succulent on there and you can have a beautiful vintage garden.


This wheelbarrow has been transformed into a garden place filled with colorful flowers and that will make this garden even more stylish. Using this type of planter makes for stunning garden decoration and will help to offer beauty to perfection. You can use several blooming flowers to make a fresh and stunning garden decoration. Wheelbarrow planter from homebnc.


Galvanized metal troughs also make fantastic planters, if you are looking to get a vintage garden. In fact, your entire garden can be filled with pots from galvanized pots. It may take a while to fill the trough with dirt, but once done, you’ll have an antique garden that the whole neighborhood wants to see. The addition of these reclamation signs will compliment your planter decor so that it has a thick vintage impression. Galvanized metal planter from homebnc.

Add Vintage Ornament

Not only using a vintage planter, if you want to have a perfect vintage garden design, you have to add some vintage ornaments. Decorate your garden with wind chimes from your outdated household appliances. Or you can decorate your fence with your old plates, old frames, or another item. Finding more ideas and ornaments to decorate your vintage garden will make your garden looks perfect. Finding more ideas and ornaments to decorate your vintage garden will make your garden looks perfect.


Sophisticated Roman numerals and reclaimed doors combine to create a relaxed, educated farmhouse feel. To apply this decoration you should consider adding a monogram or your favorite greeting along the edges. For the final refinement, you can paint it with a unique look. If you want to make this work even more useful, adding greens to these flowers and lanterns makes for attractive garden decor. Reclaimed doors vintage from homebnc.


To add lots of vintage charm, these garden pillars are a fantastic choice. Each of these pillars has a different color so that it will create a unique garden decoration because it has a stunning vintage look. You can add wooden frames and a tiny birdhouse to complement this garden decor. Don’t forget to add greenery to the old cart to make a perfect garden decoration. Pillars vintage accessories from homebnc.


Added a garden counter filled with all metal elements – perfect for a vintage-themed garden. Take your gardening skills to a whole new level by choosing a galvanized metal or wrought iron object, be it a bucket, lamp, watering lamp, or trough. It will be the star of your beautiful garden. You can add reclaimed wood frames to complement your garden idea. Reclaimed wood frames from homebnc.


Painted metal garden chairs make an old-fashioned addition to your garden. Don’t throw it away, turn it into a garden seat along with some antique plates you deserve to add to your garden. With these decorating ideas, you will have a favorite garden decoration that will add a captivating appeal to your vintage-inspired garden. The blooming flowers in this antique vase also make for a fresh garden. Metal garden chairs and plate from homebnc.

String Lights

Another way to add some decoration to your garden area is by using some string lights. Consider hanging them in an attractive way in your garden. For example, by stringing lights along a trellis, you can create a beautiful feature that will bring some additional color to the area. Better to cover the string lights with unused jars to look more vintage.


Mason jars are becoming more and more popular thanks to their smarts being a beginner’s choice for decorating your vintage garden. This mason jar is equipped with string lights and hangs from a tree for dramatic garden decoration. In addition, adding this rope lamp will make the perfect lighting. This vintage furniture complements this garden look. String light with mason jar from homebnc.

Those are some vintage garden decoration ideas that you apply to your garden. Get an aesthetic look with this garden design idea.