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Minimalist Bedroom Ideas to Get a Serene Bedroom Decor

Minimalist style has become popular now. It becomes a preference of personal style for many people. It is also widely applied to bedroom styles. Since the bedroom is a private space to relax and unwind, the minimalist bedroom style is very useful to create a peaceful and serene nuance. This decoration is also suitable for those of you who embrace a “less is more”. Eliminating the use of many patterns, complex color combinations, and ornate is very important to make space for other functional items. Here are some ideas of minimalist bedroom ideas to get a serene bedroom decor.

Use Neutral Palette

When it comes to minimalist bedroom decoration limit the use of palette is very important. To keep simple, serene, relax, and peaceful, stick to a neutral palette. The key is to avoid using bright, pastels, and other complex color combinations. Use a muted shade for a shooting impression.


Several neutral pallet color combinations that are in a minimalist bedroom decoration will blend well and perfectly. Brown, white and beige is neutral color choices that can be combined in one room. Brown gives a warm impression, while white makes the bedroom illustration look wider, cleaner, and of course bright. Cover your floor with a carpet that has a matching color with one of the interiors in this room. Combination of brown, beige, and white from goodhousekeeping.


Not only using one color in the minimalist bedroom decoration, but you can also include other colors such as brown and gray as a combination that will make this bedroom look more elegant and of course not easily boring. Brown blankets and stainless steel nightstands are interior ideas that you can use together in the bedroom. Maintain the color of the walls and faux fur rugs with white. Minimalist white bedroom nuance with splashes of brown and gray from goodhousekeeping.


White with brown is a combination of neutral colors that you can apply to minimalist bedroom decoration. The brown color in this room is produced from a brown wooden bed which has a soft surface texture and is safe for your children. It’s not enough here, transparent glass windows are a natural light source that you can use to include as much natural light as possible. Minimalist bedroom combination with white and brown color combinations from goodhousekeeping.

Simple Furniture Arrangement

Besides talking about the neutral color and simplicity, the minimalist bedroom design is also about symmetry and harmony. Well, when decorating a minimalist bedroom, you have to pay attention to the furniture arrangement. Keep it simple, clean lines, and symmetry. All you have to do is measuring the scale of your bedroom and make sure the furniture fits well with the size of your room. Don’t overdo it and also make sure the arrangement of the decor and furniture as balanced and symmetrical as possible.


Select and use furniture as little as possible as the interior of the bedroom to maintain its modern minimalist style and of course not out of date. The chair set will be more appropriate when placed next to the glass window so that you can enjoy the outdoor view freely. Don’t forget to coat the floor of the bedroom with herringbone-patterned carpet that has a neutral color to make it more harmonious with the current feel of your bedroom. The seat layout is set in front of a glass window from goodhousekeeping.


When you are going to include other furniture in the bedroom decoration, then avoid excessive use because it will make the room feel cramped and stuffy. A swing and one chair are enough additional furniture that you can use to relax. Because you have a large window, it’s a good idea to put a rattan swing next to it to enjoy the beautiful outside view. Minimalist from swing and chairs from goodhousekeeping.


Two linen chairs equipped with a small round table are an interior addition that you can place right beside your bed. This furniture will accompany you all day long while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea while you are relaxing. Open your curtains as wide as they are when the sunlight appears to change the air circulation in the room so that it is healthier and remains fresh. Two linen chairs with a small coffee table beside the bed from goodhousekeeping.

Make the Bed Looks Simple and Minimalist

The primary goal of minimalist bedroom decorations is to create a feeling of cleanliness and naturalness. This can be accomplished by simple things such as using only pale pastel shades and plain linens, such as plain sheets and pillowcases. Bedding can be in natural tones or neutral colors such as ivory or off-white. Linens should have no pattern or designs and can be kept to a minimum.


We recommend that you use plain white bedding so that it is easier to combine with whatever interior is around it. In order not to seem monotonous, you can add wall painting art with a large enough size. The wooden headboard in this bedroom has a built-in desk so that it becomes one of the more functional pieces of furniture and more precisely saves your overall floor space. Plain white bedding from home-designing.


If you are getting bored with just white bedding, then adding a brown blanket on top of the bedding is the right idea that you can imitate. To add to the impression of elegance, you can install a carpet with a matching color just above the bed as well as warm footwear. Standing mirrors are additional furniture that will check your appearance in detail before leaving the bedroom. White bedding with brown blankets from home-designing.

Give Pop of Color

Even though the bedroom design is minimalist, to avoid a boring look, you can bring a pop of color inside the room. You can place a wall art that has a bold color or place a chair with a bright color in your bedroom. The color from those items will give a stunning look. But don’t overdo it. Because it can create an overwhelming.


When the feel of your minimalist bedroom is white, then adding a pop color to one of the interiors becomes a decoration idea that will make the room look more colorful. You can throw the pink blanket over the white bed linen. In addition, this blanket also has a thick material because it is made of knitted material that will warm your body when the weather starts to feel cold. Green plants are a fresh and environmentally friendly decoration. Pop color knitted blankets from home-designing.


Some of the paintings that are installed on the walls of this bedroom have different themes so that they add color that will make the room decor more passionate and of course fun. This striped cloth pot is equipped with a black splash that is different from the others so it will look bolder. The lighting that comes from a glass window will be brighter and more natural. Several paintings with different themes and colors from home-designing.

Minimalist bedroom decoration ideas are not as crazy as you might think. The important thing is to take it slow and see where you go with it. Also, be sure to get a theme already set for your bedroom so all you have to do is decorate around that. Once you get it all set up, your bedroom will have a clean, minimalist look that will help you sleep well every night.