Minimalist Mirror Designs for Minimalist Bedroom Decoration

Do you want to know more about minimalist mirror designs for bedrooms? I bet you do! Did you know that a small item can make a big difference in how your room looks like? Well, it can be true. Having a small item, like a mirror, in a room can completely transform the look and feel of the room.

Mirrors are so important in our everyday lives. We use them to see ourselves, we use them when we want to make ourselves look good, and most of all, we use them to appreciate other things. We use them when we need to fix something and when we want to apply makeup. And, most importantly, we use them to beautify our homes and give them a nice touch. Let’s see how this small thing can give a different look to your bedroom.

Rectangular Mirror Frame

To complete your minimalist bedroom decor, the rectangular mirror frame can be a good choice. The simple and sleek design of the rectangular frame for the mirror will look seamless with your minimalist bedroom design. With this kind of a shaped mirror, you can still make your bedroom look spacious and light.


To complement a minimalist bedroom decor, you can add a rectangular mirror for the perfect design. Apart from its sleek shape, this mirror will create the illusion of a spacious and bright room. Place it beside the bed and add a chandelier and cherry blossoms in a large vase to complement your bedroom decor. Wooden floors will also give the impression of being warm in the room. Minimalist rectangular mirror from trendir.


In addition to giving the illusion of a spacious and airy room, you can use this rectangular mirror for your headboard bed so that it will look interesting for you to try. Add a large plant in a pot to make the room fresh and has a natural feel. The large window beside the bed will also allow sunlight to enter the room and will give a spacious and bright impression. Rectangular mirror for your headboard from trendir.


The minimalist bedroom design by adding a rectangular mirror beside the bed becomes the focal point of the room and will create a room that is wider and brighter. Also using this mirror will make your bedroom decor more attractive and will become the perfect focal point of the room. The basket beside the mirror serves to store additional books while in the bedroom. Rectangular mirror beside the bed from trendir.

Oval Mirror Frame

There is also the oval-shaped mirror that is a little bit chic than what the rectangular-shaped mirror is. This is best for a bedroom with a small space. Because of its small size, it will not be too overwhelming for your room. This kind of mirror will make your bedroom look bigger and actually make your room seem like an island where there is no end.


This minimalist black and white children’s bedroom is equipped with an oval mirror for the perfect and inviting room design. Furnished with a red chair placed on a black and white wool rug in front of the window and between the white twin-size platform bed and white dressing table. Using all-white shades will create a spacious and airy decor. Don’t forget to add large windows to let sunlight into the room. Hanging oval mirror from decorpad.

Round Mirror Frame

For those who want to have a clean, minimalist look in their bedroom, adding a round mirror frame to it can be an easy way of doing that. Mirrors with round frames are ideal for this kind of minimalist room design because usually they are framed with dark wood or black. They give the room a sleek and elegant look that is very appealing. You may also find these framed with gold frames, which will give your room a luxurious and classic look.


The round mirror acts as a focal point in a room and is especially effective in an attic bedroom. Strategically positioned, these mirrors can highlight unusual angles and draw attention to interesting architectural features. Hanging it above the headboard will make this mirror work well for reflecting its perfect light. Combined with all-white nuances to give the illusion of a spacious room. Hanging round mirror above headboard from hgtv.


Giving your guests a mirror in their room is always a good idea and will make your bedroom decor look more spacious and bright. Pairing a matte black frame and a simple style with warm colors and textures woven throughout the space is a great room decor for you to try. You can add green plants in pots for a fresh and natural-looking room idea. Round mirror with black frame from mydomaine.


Adding a round mirror and soft white curtains in this dreamy bedroom spreads subtle sunshine into this minimalist bedroom. Meanwhile, the aged copper frame and exposed hardware add an industrial touch to the cool and feminine space. You can put this mirror on the bedroom wall to maximize the space in the room. Copper frame round mirror from mydomaine.


The round mirror is the perfect starting point for shaping your bedroom. This mirror will reflect colorful artworks to create a sharp modern feel and transform your bedroom to be more stylish. With several pieces of furniture and large windows on one wall to let sunlight into the room will make your bedroom more complete. This wooden floor and blue carpet complement this stylish bedroom decor. Round mirror above console table from mydomaine.

Mirror with Distressed Frame

Giving a vintage touch to your minimalist bedroom sounds very interesting along with the popularity of vintage decoration. You can choose the mirror with a distressed frame for your bedroom. A distressed frame is one of the items that you can pick to give a vintage nuance without being too much.


Choosing a distressed wood framed mirror will give your bedroom a rustic feel to the room and will make your room look spacious and airy. You can put it on the wall to maximize the space in your bedroom. Pair it with white nuances and wooden floors for an idea to complement your bedroom decor. This crystal chandelier makes for dramatic lighting. Distressed wood framed mirror from trendir.


This distressed wood frame rectangular mirror has a rustic look to this bedroom. Combined with white walls and wooden floors, the room decor is warm and inviting. Place this mirror on top of the headboard and mix it with paintings and wall lights to give the room the perfect decor. This large bedside window provides the perfect lighting and will create a playful and airy decor in any room. Distressed wood frame rectangular mirror from countryliving.

Thus, these are some of the great minimalist mirror designs for bedrooms. You may also add some pillows or accentuated decorative pillows to complete the look of your room. But if you think these are just too ordinary for your taste, then you can always try to put in other small decorative accessories in order to create an elegant atmosphere. In that way, you will be able to achieve a balance between simplicity and intricacy. You can have the best minimalist mirror designs for the bedroom and at the same time add other decorative items to complete the look of your room.

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