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Beautiful and Super Homey Backyard Ideas

Who doesn’t want to have a cozy outdoor space? I think everyone wants to have it. How is this not an interesting idea when you can have a private space in your home with fresh and green nuance? To make it happen you can dress up your backyard to be a more interesting and inviting space. The backyard can be an oasis in a house that will give privacy no matter the size. Your relaxed moment will be more pleasant especially if you decorate the backyard as homey as you can. There are some ideas or minimalist backyard designs that will make you feel comfortable at home and you can apply them even in a small house. Take a look at some ideas below for more inspiration.

Bohemian Backyard

Backyard design with Bohemian style is one of the latest trends for decorating your personal spaces. This is a very popular design due to its uniqueness and the freedom to express your own personal style. The best thing about the design is that it can blend with most other styles in your home so it can create a harmonious whole. It is an easy way to make your outdoor space more colorful, unique, and individualized. Choose natural furniture and add a festive decoration like a patterned cushion or throw pillows in a cheerful color. It will make your backyard more alive.


Bohemian style is one of the themes that you can apply to your backyard to create a cheerful impression. With a choice of striking and bright colors on some of the existing furniture, make it the center of attention in your backyard. You can apply it to long sofas and small chairs equipped with bright pillows. Cover the floor with boho patterned rugs as well to complement your bohemian backyard. Boho patterned furniture in bright colors from onekindesign.


You might want to try a bold and unique look in a bohemian style for your backyard decoration. By using bright colors and various motifs, you can apply them to throw cushions that are placed on your unique backyard bench. The unique bench covered with tassel fabric will look harmonious when combined with the pillow. Boho pillowcase and fabric tassel that covers the sofa from onekindesign.

Minimalist yet Elegant Backyard

Even though the backyard is decorated in a minimalist style but it can look elegant and luxurious. You can give a touch of natural stone for the wall ideas and complete them with wood furniture to embrace elegance. Don’t forget to install proper lighting fixtures to get a dramatic nuance. To freshen up your backyard, the green decoration can come in a more practical form such as a large potted plant. It can bring a neat and clean look to your minimalist backyard.


Present a luxurious atmosphere but with a simple appearance, by using a long wooden bench equipped with several throw cushions as decoration on it. Do not forget to use a white stone wall combined with a shiny wooden fence. You can also use some unique rattan wicker chairs overlooking an elegant wooden box table with green plant decorations in pots on the table. Leave a little planting space apart from presenting the freshness of the planting space you can also use as drainage. Combination of stone walls with wooden fences from nextluxury.


Simply by using a long sofa overlooking a stone fireplace, you can make the backyard look minimalist and look elegant. You can also add vintage wall scones for one of the lighting sources at night. The walls covered with natural stone will give your backyard decoration a natural and eco-friendly touch. Natural stone wall with vintage wall scones lamp from nextluxury.

Instagrammable Backyard

To achieve an Instagrammable look in the minimalist backyard is quite easy to do. You can start to use a wooden deck and choose a fence that looks modern, like from wood materials. Then, you can place furniture that matches your backyard decoration and also has a modern vibe. For the green landscape, you can plant green grass and combine it with other plants that low in height. Adding pathways in the middle of the green grass will add an aesthetic look to your backyard. And now you are ready to take a photo in your backyard and get a beautiful result.


You can try using a wooden fence overgrown with ramp plants as a green accent in your backyard. For furniture, you can choose to install water droplets equipped with several pillow sheets. You can also apply a long wooden bench to an Instagram Mable backyard, add a minimalist round table so it doesn’t take up too much space so it looks tidier. Repaint wooden privacy backyard from digsdigs.


To get an Instagrammable backyard look, you need to use minimalist furniture. Place all outdoor furniture on a re-polished wooden deck. Using a few small chairs facing a small square table is a good choice. Wooden floors add to the impression of nature as well as beautify your Instagrammable backyard. Complete it with a green landscape with a planting medium that is higher than the floor so that the path to the chair is like an aisle. Wooden deck backyard from digsdigs.

Backyard with White Accent

For those of you who just have a tiny backyard, decorating your backyard with a touch of white is a good idea. This backyard design is focused on the white accent of the furniture. The combination of potted plants and shady plants with white furniture will bring a stylish look. For the simple look of the backyard design, consider using a bright ceramic for the flooring ideas. The result is simple but sophisticated and aesthetic.


Use a white long bench with throw cushions in a unique pattern to complete your backyard look. Also complete by using a round table and a few small wooden chairs in front of the bench. In addition to getting a fresh and natural feel, you can also use potted greenery around the bench. White sofa with patterned throw pillows from digsdigs.


Make a white long bench in your small backyard for a clean and tidy impression. Don’t forget to complement the long table in front as well, add greenery on top of it to present a stylish look. You can add some small black wooden chairs to make the backyard look monotonous. White schemes of outdoor furniture from digsdigs.

Tropical Backyard

If you are a person who loves to holiday and if you are a person who has a liking for beautiful gardens then you will certainly have your heart set on designing a backyard design with a tropical theme. If you are a person who likes to spend a lot of time in the outdoors then surely this would be the right theme for you. Gain a beautiful nuance by placing some tropical plants in your backyard. Put the plants on the pot for a neat arrangement. For furniture ideas, you can choose natural materials such as wood or rattan. You can also install a rug on your wooden deck to get a coziness.


Make your backyard a place to relax after a day of activities, by using palm trees as a fence that surrounds your backyard regularly, here you can enjoy the freshness while in the backyard. Add a pool equipped with a bridge for access to a seat, that way you will get a unique and attractive appearance. Use a large round wooden table and a few chairs for a place to enjoy your tropical backyard ambiance. Palm trees as backyard fences from decoist.


Use a few chairs overlooking the pool in your backyard for a gathering place or just chatting with relatives or family. Don’t forget to plant some tropical plants on the edge of the backyard fence and some potted plants to add a natural feel to your tropical backyard. Tropical backyard with pool accents from decoist.

How about those ideas above? Easy to be applied, right? Let’s start to decorate your backyard then get a beautiful, inviting, and super homey backyard look.