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Essential Features that You Must Have for Kitchen Cabinets

If you have a plan to remodel your kitchen, maybe you consider installing a kitchen cabinet in your kitchen. You have you realize that all your kitchen items have a place to dwell. Installing the kitchen cabinet will give some benefits for you when doing activity in the kitchen. Besides being able to bring a neat look and provide storage space, you also have a stylish kitchen design at the same time. But before installing a kitchen cabinet in your kitchen, better for you to know about the essential features that you must have for kitchen cabinetry. Maybe every kitchen has cabinets but those cabinets don’t always have smart storage to make the kitchen work well. To help you find proper kitchen cabinet ideas, here are some essential features that you must-have for your kitchen cabinetry.


Drawers can be essential features for kitchen cabinetry. Many drawer units come with their own storage spaces, which means you do not have to purchase separate drawers. These units are usually made of melamine or particleboard, offering you plenty of drawer space. The number of drawers you need, however, will depend on the appliances and other items you store there. You can custom how many the drawer you need to store your kitchen appliances.


You can make the best use of a kitchen cabinet equipped with storage drawers to put some utensils or kitchen utensils neatly and of course, it doesn’t make the room feel cramped or cramped. This melamine wood drawer is equipped with an iron holder that makes it easier for you to use it, don’t forget to choose a kitchen cabinet with a neutral color like white to make it easier to mix with other interiors around it. Kitchen cabinet with built-in storage drawers from hgtv.


You can get the appearance of a kitchen with a more natural and environmentally friendly feel, one of which is by using wooden furniture, for example, a kitchen cabinet which is equipped with several storage drawers. This pull-out drawer does not take up much space and makes the kitchen cabinet more functional. The iron holder will be stronger when used for a long time. Pull-out drawer with iron handle from hgtv.

Vertical Dividers

Vertical dividers are another option that can be added to your cabinetry if you don’t already have them. Choose the divider that fits inside cabinets. The vertical divider is very useful to store flat and large objects. Such as cutting board, cookie sheets, platters, etc. These features protect countertops and can add a stylish, decorative look to your kitchen remodel. Vertical dividers can be a great addition to a new kitchen or to an existing kitchen.


You can install vertical dividers in the kitchen cabinet to focus more on organizing kitchen utensils. With the vertical dividers, it will be easier for you to find what items you are looking for. Don’t forget to repaint this iron in a color that matches your kitchen cabinet. For the rest, you can use the cabinet door area to hang the ladle. Iron vertical dividers from housebeautiful.


To sort the cutting board according to the size or material used, using a wooden vertical divider is the right idea that you can try in the lower kitchen cabinet, this divider doesn’t cost a lot of expenses when making it. With this storage idea, the kitchen cabinet will be tidier, more organized, and of course easier for you when looking for kitchen utensils to use. Wooden vertical divider from housebeautiful.

Racks Inside the Cabinet

To maximize the storage space in your kitchen cabinetry, you can add racks inside the cabinet. The racks are very useful to help you for arranging your plates, bowls, cups, and even your herbs. The racks will provide more storage space for your kitchen organization ideas.


There is nothing wrong with adding vertical shelves in the kitchen cabinet as an area to store some cutlery to avoid dust or other dirt. Use a wooden shelf that has the same color as the kitchen cabinet you are using, a good way to store plates and bowls is to stack them according to the same type and size so they don’t roll over and cause chaos. Vertical wooden shelves in the kitchen cabinet from hgtv.


If you want a tidier appearance when storing in a kitchen cabinet, then choose some wood as a built-in shelf that will work well in your kitchen decor. Complete with a transparent glass door so that it is easier to see from the outside without opening it. Usually, these racks are arranged vertically so that you get more storage. Wooden shelves in kitchen cabinet with transparent glass door from hgtv.

Corner Storage

Don’t forget to utilize the corner space of your kitchen cabinet. You can utilize it for the corner storage ideas. Maybe, not all kitchens have this item but if you can maximize it, you can have a proper kitchen cabinet to declutter your kitchen. There are some solutions for corner storage. You can adopt a Lazy Susan cabinet, blind corner cabinet, and corner drawer. Each corner storage idea has different advantages and disadvantages. You can choose the one that suits your kitchen layout.


Take advantage of this cabinet corner with several wooden shelves as a closed storage idea. When it will be used as storage for cutlery, then you can stack it according to the type and size, in this way, this corner cabinet will save more kitchen utensils to the maximum. Cabinet corner with vertical wooden shelf from shelterness.


This corner kitchen cabinet in white is equipped with a pull-out drawer that will maximize the empty area in this kitchen cabinet as a storage area which makes the room tidier and of course, avoids clutter. Don’t forget to add an iron holder to make it easier for you to use it. Corner pull-out drawer from shelterness.

Pull Out Trash Can

When it comes to kitchen storage, trash, and trashcans can be an essential feature for your cabinetry. Trash cans keep your countertops clean and free of crumbs and other unwanted items. They are easy to remove and clean and will help to keep your trash collection down to a minimum. A trashcan is an ideal feature if you frequently organize your kitchen’s trash and need a convenient place to store it. Then you need a pull-out trash can to make it easy to maintain your kitchen.


When you cut vegetables or fruits on the countertop, throw away the remaining dirty in the pull-out trash can that is in the kitchen cabinet. This trash can is intended so that the aroma from the waste does not smell and makes the kitchen feel uncomfortable. Use two bins to collect more waste, you can pull it out when you use it. Pull out the trash can with the two dump buckets from digsdigs.


Hide your trash can in the kitchen cabinet to minimize the smell of the scent of garbage that is produced. You can throw it away every day so that the leftovers or fruits don’t rot, this trash can idea is suitable for use in all kitchen styles as one of the smartest interiors that you can use easily without eating your kitchen floor. Hidden trash can ideas from digsdigs.

How about the essentials features for the kitchen cabinetry above? Inspiring, right? Hopefully, it can help you to get a proper kitchen cabinet before deciding to install it in your kitchen.