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6 Creative Ways To Utilize Narrow Side Yard

There are many ways to use narrow side yard ideas to make your home look more beautiful. If you have a wider front yard, then you can use the extra space to create an attractive design. You can even turn that space into a play area for your children. But if you don’t have it, you can utilize the side yard in your home for interesting space, even in a narrow space. The following ideas will help you utilize the sides of your yard in creative ways.

Make Walkways

One idea is to make a walkway from your house to your yard. This will allow you to easily get in and out of your house without walking across the yard. A path like this can even be made from bricks, stones, concrete, or paver. You will get a neat side yard look.


Make a stone path next to your house as a comfortable footrest and doesn’t slippery easily when exposed to water. Choose a stone shape that has a large size but is flat as a wider footing and is certainly comfortable to use for a long time. This stone path does not cost money because you can easily find rocks around your house. Flat stone path from sunset.


For a smoother foot surface, you can choose paving materials in light gray color. This road will look more beautiful when equipped with various kinds of greenery around it. This stone bench equipped with a fireplace is a relaxing area that you can use whenever you want, repaint it red to make it look cleaner. Paving stone path from sunset.


If you need a road next to your house that has limited space, then a square stone path equipped with green grass is an outdoor decoration idea that you should do. Don’t forget to plant white flowers along this road for a more beautiful appearance and of course, it will give a fragrant aroma that you can enjoy while in the area around this road. Combination of stones with grass pathways from forbes.

Adding Potted Plants

Adding some potted plants to your side yard can make it more appealing. You can use any kind of pots to place your flower or any kind of plant. If you opt for a vertical garden, you can use a trellis system to hang baskets of flowers. These will make it easier for you to move the plantings around. Hanging baskets can be very simple and elegant.


If you are going to decorate the side of the house with limited space, then you can use several clay pots placed on each wooden rung. Use several different types of green plants for a more beautiful and fresh look, you just need to do regular maintenance so that the plants can thrive. Clay potted plants placed on each rung from sunset.


Some of the cylindrical pots that are installed along this road are street decorations that you can use to plant white flowers in bloom. Besides that, fern plants with fresh colors are also complementary that you can combine together in one room on the side of your house. The repainted wooden fences and doors give it a more modern feel so it never goes out of style. Cylindrical flower pots installed along the way from sunset.

Create a Vegetable Garden

Another way to improve your side yard is to add a garden or vegetable plot. By growing your own vegetables, you will be able to provide fresh organic foods for your family. These are all simple, yet easy ways to make your food production more efficient.


In order for the side decoration of the house to be more useful and maximized, then you can use it as garden beds planted with several different types of vegetables. So that these vegetables can thrive, you need to take special care by watering and providing fertilizer regularly and not overdoing it. There’s nothing wrong with planting other crops on the front of the vegetable crop for a cooler finish. Vegetable garden beds from extraspace.

Narrow Garden Beds

You can create a beautiful garden bed if you have room in your side yard. You can create a planter that extends from one side of your house to the other. You can choose to plant roses, herbs, or even vegetables. You can even arrange your flowers in a wide arrangement and then add greenery on top. It can bring different looks in your narrow side yard.


To save more space in sideyard decorations that have limited space, you can combine wooden garden beds and pots as a container for regular green plants. There is nothing wrong with using several types of ornamental plants which are in the form of wild plants. You only need to prune this plant when it interferes with the journey to your home. Wooden garden beds from sunset.

For a Relaxing Space

When you need a relaxing space in the outdoor space, you can utilize your narrow side yard. You can build a wooden deck in your side yard. Complete the deck with a seating area. Choose the furniture that suitable to be placed outdoor, such as rattan or wood. For more comfortable you cover the chair with a soft pad and add some throw pillows. Then create a shady nuance by adding a large umbrella. How it looks wonderful, right?


Maximize the garden decoration next to this narrow house for a relaxing area by placing some outdoor furniture such as a minimalist dining table and curved corner benches covered with pillows. You can get the outdoor atmosphere in this area freely and of course, it can make your weekend more enjoyable and certainly not boring. The combination of benches with outdoor dining tables from extraspace.



If you want a different atmosphere when chatting with friends or family, then place a small number of wooden benches in the area next to the house. For outdoor furniture, you can choose teak wood material to make it more sturdy and resistant to all weather changes outside, so it is not easily porous. You can relax on this bench comfortably without any noise. Teak wood bench from forbes.

Build a Pool

If you have more budget to decorate your narrow side yard, building a pool maybe can be a good idea. Utilize the space of your side yard to make a private pool in your home. The size of the pool can be adjusted according to the area of your side yard. You can complete the pool with a simple wooden deck then you will have a narrow pool that feels like a spa.


Do you need a relaxing area next to the house? If so, then you can build a small pool of any shape and design to suit the size of the blank page. This rectangle pool with cement sides makes for a suitable and sturdier combination. The modern rectangle pool style is the newest idea which you can try. Rectangle pool with modern style from digsdigs.

As you can see, there are many different narrow side yard ideas that you can choose from. Each of these ideas will provide you with the flexibility and the creativity necessary to create the perfect yard for your home. In addition, the wide variety of options will allow you to be creative and add something unique to your home. The most important thing to remember is to simply start!