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4 Tips to Consider Before Buying Sofas for Your Living Room

If you have decided to buy a house and are decorating it, you would need to put some effort into looking for tips to consider before buying sofas for the living room. This place is the most important part of your home-storeroom. Hence, this should be made suitable not only aesthetically but also comfortable, and practical for the members of the family. Here are some tips for considerations.

Fit the sofa with space

The first and foremost thing to consider before buying a living room sofa is the space. It has to fit well in the designated living room. If not, it will leave an empty space behind. This would be a pity as there are so many beautiful styles and colors of sofas available in the market. You may get confused in choosing the best or the most suitable one. The best thing is to know the exact measurement of the area where you intend to put your sofa. This is extremely important because this would guide you in making a list of all the living room furniture that can work well with the size and shape of the sofa. This way, you can save plenty of time and effort looking for matching pieces.


Before you buy a sofa, beforehand, you can measure the area of the living room to make it more suitable and certainly not make the room feel cramped and cramped. This L-shaped tufted sofa in blue color is complemented by vintage red chairs with wooden armchairs. The zebra carpet is warm and certainly gives a different impression. L-shaped tufted sofa from architecturaldigest.


Sofas, wicker chairs, and small coffee tables are enough to be the main furniture in your living room decor. The velvet sofa in blue has a medium size that is not too large so it is suitable to be placed in the living room decoration with limited space. Don’t forget to add a throw pillow on this velvet chair with a striped pattern to make it look more eye-catching. Tropical plants in the corner of the room become a relaxing decoration. Velvet sofa with medium size from architecturaldigest.


If you are going to buy an interior to decorate the living room, you should first understand the size of the room, because choosing too large or large furniture causes the room to feel more boring. Besides the sofa, you can also choose synthetic leather chairs and glass coffee tables as a compliment and complement to your current living room decor. Minimalist sofa ideas from architecturaldigest.

Choose the colors

The second tip is to choose the color and style that fit your taste. Usually, people like to go for dark or strong color sofas. However, if you don’t want this to be the case for your living room, you can always consider lighter or more neutral color sofas.


White is one of the recommended colors for the interior decoration of your living room because it has a neutral color so it is easier to match with any colored interior around it. But there is nothing wrong with choosing a white sofa with throw pillows with colorful patterns, the combination of these two interiors will work well and of course, it is not easy to give the impression of being bored in the room. White sofa with colorful throw pillows from goodhousekeeping.


Other choices for sofa colors are dark gray and black, these two colors present a cool feel of the room and are usually used in traditional living room decorations. Combine it with wood colors in some interior accents such as the walls and dining chairs around it. The glass windows are a source of light that brightens dark-colored furniture. Dark-colored sofa from goodhousekeeping.


The combination of a white tufted sofa with pastel linen chairs is the perfect blend for a furniture idea in your minimalist living room decor. To add color to this room, you can add a flower vase on the glass coffee table. The atmosphere of the living room will feel warmer when equipped with a modern fireplace that is not too large. White tufted sofa with pastel linen chair from goodhousekeeping.

Choose the materials

There is a great variety of sofas for the living room that you can choose from. You can find all kinds of materials, from leather to fabric. Choosing the material is very important because will be affected the coziness and maintenance. Each of the materials has a different kind of maintenance. The fabric sofa is suitable for those of you who like the versatility of colors, designs, and texture but need a high level of care against mites and dust. While the leather sofa is suitable for the classic style and it’s quite easy to maintenance.



For mutual comfort while in the living room, a sofa with soft and not rough material is the best choice that you can apply. This linen sofa with white color will look better with several throw pillows that have been arranged neatly. The sunlight that enters the room adds to the bright atmosphere of the room and of course, gets healthier air circulation. Sofa linen with white color from goodhousekeeping.


Another option that you can use for sofa material is synthetic leather. You can use this leather with a slightly bold and bright color, for example, yellow. This color blends more calmly and neutrally when paired with clean white wall tones. Wall decoration with a matching color is an additional accent that you can hang right above the fireplace. Synthetic leather sofa from goodhousekeeping.

Match it with the living room theme

Sofas are available in many designs such as contemporary, traditional, country, rustic, retro, or even antique. When it comes to the style of sofa you should get, it really depends on the theme and design of your living room. You can adjust the sofa style according to the living room theme that you will achieve. The matching look between the sofa and living room theme will complement the appearance of your living room and will be more attractive. Knowing your purpose is very important.


Not only just using white and plain sofas in the farmhouse living room decoration, but you can also use striped pattern sofas with pastel colors that look fresh when combined with wood accents in several living room interiors such as floors, corner dressers, and laminate wood floors. A side table made of woven rattan gives a more natural and environmentally friendly feel to the room. Striped patterned farmhouse sofa from goodhousekeeping.


If you use the theme of a farmhouse living room, the interior used must be suitable so that it can be more integrated. A sofa covered with a white cloth is one of the right choices that you can try, place this sofa right on the woven carpet to make it look more elegant. This plaid-patterned blanket on top of the sofa makes your body warmer when using it. Sofa covered with white fabric from goodhousekeeping.

Finally, the most important of all the tips to consider before buying sofas for the living room is your budget and your personal preference. Since sofas can set the mood or the style for the entire house so picking the right sofa for your living room is a must.

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