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College Apartment Bedroom Decoration Ideas

College apartment bedroom decoration is a great way to give your apartment a personality and make it your own. You don’t have to worry about matching colors, themes, or other decorations because most of these college apartment bedroom ideas are stylish and uniquely your own. Here are just a few college apartment bedroom decorating ideas that can transform your flat into a comfortable and inviting place to sleep. All of these ideas were inspired by real locations that gave inspiration to some of the most memorable decorating schemes.

Color Ideas

Another college apartment bedroom idea that you should try is painting one wall of your apartment with a bright shade of your favorite color. There are different shades of paint you can use to make your walls look great. You can choose something that will enhance the design of your room or something that will add life to it. Remember that wall color will affect the overall design of your apartment.


Choosing a bright color in this college apartment bedroom decoration will make your room more spacious and bright. Combined with wooden floors, this will create an elegant appearance and give this room a warm vibe. Furnished with wrought iron bed furniture and a few pillows and blankets will give you a comfortable look to rest in after a long day away. White color college apartment from society19.


The white nuances on the walls combined with the broken color quilt above the bed give off a spacious and inviting feel. This framed wall decor will give a surreal look to your campus apartment bedroom decor. You can add a large window beside the bed for a bright room idea that will let the sun into the room. These green plants in pots also give this apartment a fresh look. white nuances apatment college from society19.

Use Dresser for Side Table

Furniture is another important element in college apartment bedroom decoration. Since the college apartment bedroom is small, then use functional furniture is a must. You can use a dresser as a side table in your bedroom. You can get a stylish college apartment bedroom and also have extra space for storage ideas.


Adding a dressing table next to the bed is a must-have functional furniture in your college apartment bedroom. In addition to storing some of your ornaments, this table will provide an attractive appearance for you to try. Choosing a vintage car theme in this bedroom will create an interesting room for you to try. Some of the wooden furniture and wall decorations in the form of this massive car painting are the perfect focal point of the room. Wooden dressing table bedside from architecturendesign.


Choosing this black bedside dressing table provides the perfect contrast and will grab the attention of many. You can use a dressing table as a side table in your bedroom. Combined with a white mattress and nuance white walls will create a spacious and comfortable room. You can get a stylish campus apartment bedroom and also have extra space for storage ideas. Black bedside dressing table  from designcorral.

Add Some Greenery

Having a fresh nuance in the college apartment bedroom will boost your mood to study. You can add some greenery to your bedroom. You can choose a house plant that low maintenance, such as succulent or another plant.


If you don’t have the extra space in a college apartment bedroom, adding a few potted greenery will create a fresh, natural-looking room decor. Placed on an open shelf above the bed, this will create a dazzling display of the room and will capture the attention of many. Choosing low maintenance greenery creates a stunning appearance for the room. Low maintenance greenery from designcorral.

Consider the Accessories

If you feel like you are up to some more creativity, you can try some interesting accessories for your bedroom. One of them is string light. You can install a string light on the ceiling or on the wall. The light from the string light will bring a cozy and dramatic nuance to your college apartment bedroom. Your bedroom becomes more stylish.


Meaning this accessory in the form of a string light above the bed will present a bright and dramatic appearance of the room. The light from the string lights will bring a comfortable and dramatic feel to the bedroom of your campus apartment. Your bedroom becomes more stylish. Equipped with some green plants in pots and hanging using a rope macrame, it will create an interesting eclectic space for you to try. String lamp on bedroom apartment college from housetodecor.

Create a Gallery Wall

Filling the wall of your college apartment bedroom with some gallery wall. You can display your photo collections or another wall art on the wall. The gallery wall will be a focal point in the bedroom and make it more inviting. Do this as creatively as possible you can.


Adding a collection of posters and sticking it to the bedroom wall of this college apartment will be the perfect focal point of the room and will steal the attention of many people. The added string lights that surround this poster will create a beautiful and charming bedroom. Using white walls will give you an interesting look for you to try. Posters on wall gallery from  bysophialee.

Add a Lot of Texture

Make your college apartment bedroom as convenient as you can. By adding a lot of texture it can happen. Textures can add a touch of fun and coziness to a college apartment bedroom. You can add blankets, throw pillows, and a fur rug. This is such a fun and easy way to add a cozy touch to your bedroom.


Adding lots of texture to this college apartment bedroom using blankets, throw pillows and a feather rug will add a cozy touch to your bedroom. Placing the bedroom in the attic with a dormer window will provide natural lighting to the room and will give a stunning appearance. College apartment bedroom from housetodecor.

Add Mirrors

A mirror is very important for every college apartment bedroom. Besides being able to allow you to dress up, the mirror will make your small bedroom looks bigger and stylish at the same time. You can choose a simple design to look minimalist and modern.


This sleek, rectangular mirror is placed next to the bed to create a bright and spacious room decoration that is worth trying in your cramped college bedroom. Choosing a white color scheme and complementing it with some green plants give this bedroom décor a fresh and airy look. Sleek rectangular mirror from housetodecor.

Create a Fun Desk Decoration

Often college beds also function as places of study. So providing a study space in the bedroom and very important. You can decorate your desk as fun as possible. You can add photos or other interesting decorations so you can feel comfortable while studying. Choose a comfortable table and chairs for your study room


Adding a study table in the corner of the college apartment bedroom will be the most comfortable place and will give you focus while studying. You can decorate the table any way you like by adding an open storage shelf in the corner to neatly place some of your things. Choosing a Scandinavian study table model will create a modern and charming room decor. Scandinavian study table from housetodecor.

When it comes to college apartment bedroom decoration ideas, it’s really about being creative. Remember that heavy furniture does not always come to bestow comfort. So instead of buying expensive furniture, try to find furniture pieces that will make your bedroom comfortable and inviting. In this way, you won’t have to compromise with comfort and elegance.

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