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Summer Decor Ideas to Freshen Up Your Home

Summer is one of the best times to be decorating your home, as you can get a lot done in this exciting season. There are many great summer home decor ideas that will help you make your home welcoming and comfortable. Here are some tips for home improvement that you can use this summer to redecorate.

Consider The Entryway Decoration

Start out by considering what sort of look you want to achieve, whether you are looking for a warm, casual feeling or something more sophisticated. Consider what sorts of items you already own, and what sort of things you might like to add to your home. For example, you might have some knick-knacks that you’d like to display in your summer home decor. In your entry hall, you might hang framed photos of your family. You can also put up plants and flowers to create a nice, airy feel in your home.


Make your entrance decoration more passionate and fun when summer arrives. Start by installing a floating wooden shelf that is used as an area to put some colorful family photo frames. In addition to family photos, you can also include several different types of green plants for a fresher room atmosphere and of course, it is not easily boring. Reclaimed wood stools covered in faux fur fabric are a great idea for a warmer sitting area. Combination of family photos with green plants from digsdigs.


Not only hanging family photo frames for decorating the walls of your entrance, but

you can also put up some knick-knacks such as rattan woven plates with different textures and patterns. Install more than one plate, because the more plate decorations you install, the more beautiful the view in this room will be to welcome guests who come to your house, green plants are the perfect combination that you can put together. Wall decor of rattan woven plates from digsdigs.

Get a Summery Eating Space

Your dining room should have a beach theme. You can decorate it with surfboards, sand, starfish, and other beach objects. The chairs and table can be in tropical prints and match the beach theme. The walls of this room also need to be in the same color scheme as the walls of your summer house. You can paint the walls and room blue and add a palm tree, starfish, and flip-flop table.

Coastal-blue-dining-room-decor-margaritaville - editedSummer dining room decorations usually have some touches of the sea that have bright colors that make the room even more colorful. This blue dining chair with a seaweed pattern will look more optimal when it is equipped with matching high-colored curtains. Blue is the most appropriate color choice, don’t forget to add green plants as a centerpiece that will be a fresh sight while enjoying the dishes that have been provided. Blue dining chair with seaweed pattern from completely-coastal.


There is nothing wrong with using white nuances in the summer-style dining room of your home because this neutral color is easy to combine with any colors around it. If you want to get a beach atmosphere then you can splash blue on some interiors such as pillowcases and wall frame decorations. The woven rattan dining chairs that surround this white melamine wood dining table give a natural impression and of course are more environmentally friendly. Splash the blue color with rattan woven dining chairs from completely-coastal.

Add Patterns

Another idea to make your home more summery, you can add some patterns that identical to the summer season. You can add some summer flowers to your summer home decorating ideas. In this case, full of your home with flower pattern is a good idea. You can apply it in the form of wallpaper or painting. Don’t forget to put these flowers in bright colors. Adding some more fresh and cool colors into your home and you will have the perfect colors to lighten up your home during the summer.


If you want the appearance of the dining room to be more colorful and passionate then you can combine two patterns simultaneously in one room. The flower pattern on the wallpaper and the striped pattern on this sofa fabric make the dining room decor look more different, the splash of white paint on some interiors and walls is a neutral color that you can try to match the color tone of the room to make it look more elegant and certainly not tacky or easy. boring. The combination of floral pattern wallpaper with striped chairs from digsdigs.


Match the summer dining room theme in your home decor with the patterns and colors used in some of the interiors in it. The flower pattern on this kitchen wallpaper which is dominated by blue will appear more contrasting and beautiful when combined with yellow painted metal chairs. This colorful doormat with a round shape has several different sizes that will decorate your wooden floor perfectly. Dominated flower wallpaper in blue color from digsdigs.

Add Pop of Colors

Another way to bring life back into your summer home decorating ideas is to add a little color to the room. You can add some summer flowers, ferns, or even colorful dried flowers. This is a great way to add color to a room. But don’t overdo it or your summer home decorating ideas will look silly.


Complete the look of your summer terrace with several different types of ferns and colorful flowers. Use pots with different colors, sizes, and materials for a more beautiful and elegant appearance. The outdoor furniture with three colors that blend into a terrace area looks even more colorful and certainly not boring. The patterned rug that lines this wood floor makes for warm footwear. Container of fern plants with colorful flowers from bocadolobo.

Treat Your Window

When it comes to the summer season, it’s time to change your curtain. Get rid of your curtain that thick and have a bold pattern and color to the white sheer curtain to let the sunlight in. It can make your home feels brighter and airy so that you can feel more comfortable staying at home during the summer.


Choose and use curtains that match the feel of your summer living room, these thin curtains are a great choice for bringing in more sunlight into the room. Besides that, thin curtains are also easier to wash when they start to get dirty and don’t burden you when washing them because they have a light material. Light curtains that match the feel of the room from decoist.


Instead of using a wall with transparent glass windows covered with a sheer curtain which has a pure white color. This window will produce a brighter room, besides that, sunlight will also replace the air circulation in the room to be fresher and of course healthier. Green plants that are placed in the room will be more fertile because they get enough lighting. Sheer window blinds from decoist.


Make your summer home decor more open with the use of thin curtains that are applied to window blinds and room dividers. Equalize the materials and colors used to make it more harmonious and of course more elegant. This thin white curtain material is easier to combine with the surrounding interior in any color. Lights with yellow lighting make the room feel warmer and dramatic. White sheer window blinds and room dividers from decoist.

When it’s hot outside you can still feel and enjoy this summer by bringing it into your home decor. Adopt those ideas and enjoy your summer season.