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Simple yet Stylish Coffee Table Decor Ideas

Having a beautiful living room not only comes from the shape of the sofa and layout but also about how you can make your coffee table looks stand out. Coffee tables have a prominent function in the living room. It’s become a center of attention in your living room. So you might want to decorate and style it like you would make a work of art. You can start to think carefully about the decoration of your coffee table while keep the coffee table still in its function to place a cup of coffee or some food when you have a guest. We have collected some ideas to decorate a coffee table in a simple yet stylish way. Here are some ideas that you can try.

Consider Proportion

When it comes to the coffee table decoration ideas, you have to make sure that the proportion is right. The items look best when they are in the right size. You can adjust the decorative items according to the coffee table size. The size should large enough, so they don’t disappear on the table but the objects should not overwhelm the table. Everything should fits.


Choosing a coffee table decoration in this modern living room you need to consider. Choosing a coffee table that fits some of the ornaments on it makes a stylish room decoration. Applying flowers in a vase and a few stacks of these books makes for fresh room decoration. This black marble coffee table makes for an elegant and stylish room. Black marble coffee table from digsdigs.


The large copper coffee table in this living room makes for stylish room décor. You can add a ceramic vase complete with blooming flowers and a wicker basket for an interesting decoration idea. Under this coffee table, you can add a wicker basket for a neat additional storage idea. Equipped with a blue sofa, it will add a comfortable impression to the stylish living room. Large copper coffee table with ceramic vases from digsdigs.

Work with the Room Decor

The next idea is you can integrate the decoration of your coffee table with your space. Make sure that the decorative items work well with the room. For example, if you use a rustic living room design, you have to find decorative items for your coffee table in the same theme.


The arrangement of bold autumn leaves in a jug and some natural pumpkins for the perfect rustic fall coffee table. With this decorating idea, it works well in your living room decor. Multiple baskets add storage, this makes for stylish room decor. A few tree branches with deciduous leaves complete the perfect room decor. Combined with several colorful pillows, this creates a bright room decoration. Rustic fall coffee table from digsdigs.


A crochet blanket and some large heirloom pumpkins on top are fabulous for attractive rustic fall home decor. Using this white rustic round coffee table makes a room decoration stylish and still looks attractive. You can combine it with a beige sofa for the perfect room decoration. Hardwood floors and jute rugs make for a warm and inviting room. Round wooden coffee table from digsdigs.


The thing that you should consider is the color. Find out the color that you use in your living room and apply it to your coffee table styling too. The matching color of the coffee table decoration will enhance your living room and make it the focal point of your room.


Choosing this black coffee table provides the perfect contrast to your industrial living room décor. Completed with several collections of books and green plants in this vase makes for a stylish and perfect decoration of the room. This sofa-side stand lamp provides dramatic lighting for the room. This jute carpet gives a warm impression to your feet. Black coffee table from hgtv.


As the focal point of the living room, your coffee table is the perfect place to put some seasonal decorations. Choosing this classic-style living room equipped with a classic coffee table in blue with a pattern will steal the attention of many people. In summer, place the sea conch on top of the pile of books for a beautiful and peaceful beach atmosphere. Planting greens in a vase also give a room a fresh and natural impression. Blue pattern coffee table from hgtv.

Greenery and Bloom

Go for greenery and blooming flowers for your coffee table decoration ideas. You can place a house plant or flower arrangement to be placed on the table. If you like a natural vibe, you can choose live plants and flowers. But potted plants and blooms in faux ones will last longer and easy maintenance. Sometimes, dried herbs and foliage are trendy ideas too.


The blooms in this geometric vase make for a stylish room and will make any room fresh and natural. You can combine it with a contemporary black coffee table which is completed with some interesting books. Combining with several stacks of books will create an elegant room. This patterned rug gives a warm impression to the room. Contemporary black coffee table from hgtv.


Adding flowers in this vase will give a fresh and natural indoor decoration to the room. Choosing a marble nesting coffee table will give an elegant look to the room. You can pair it with a black sofa and a gray fur rug will provide the perfect contrast. The white nuances on the walls and ceiling will create a spacious and airy impression. Flower on vases from hgtv.

Use a Tray

A tray is a simple trick to decorate a coffee table. This item will work together with the display of your coffee table. The right tray can collect items on a table into one elegant, beautiful, unified presentation. You can use the tray to put books, candles, vases, and other items. So they will unite into one beautiful coffee table decoration. In choosing the tray make sure that it fits with the living room theme.


The tray serves both practical and stylish purposes by showing off your tiny ornament while making it easy to remove if you need to clean the surface. The tray also provides the perfect room decor for you to try. Completed with some ornaments and flowers in a vase for a stylish coffee table decoration idea. Gray tray on the coffee table from hgtv.


The coffee table is the perfect setting for small, low-maintenance plants. Adding this round wooden tray will make your room a stylish decoration. Center it for an organic, hassle-free way to bring life to your space. This wood and glass coffee table will present attractive room decor. Combined with a beige sofa and some blue pillows, it adds to the impression of an attractive room. Round wooden tray from hgtv.

These are some simple yet stylish ideas to decorate a coffee table. Apply those ideas above and let’s rock the whole of your living room decoration.

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