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Minimalist Outdoor Wall Decoration Ideas

When it comes to the home decoration, it not only gives a different look but also gives a new and good mood for the occupants. Decorating a home doesn’t mean you have to spend much budget. Just change the layout and add new elements will bring different nuance to your home. Hence, you have to think carefully about the best and right design that will use.

These ideas also apply to your outside decor. Especially for the wall decoration. You can bring a little touch to your outdoor wall decor. This the best way to utilize your outdoor space that never thinks before. Furthermore, here are some ideas for minimalist outdoor wall decoration that you can adopt.

Use a Custome Board

Decorate your backyard with customer boards and make it more interesting. You can custom a signboard then install it on the wall of your backyard or pool area. Such as your family name, custom quotes, or anything that looks interesting to display.


If you want to decorate an outdoor wall, then using custom signage in the swimming pool area with POOL writing is the best idea you can use. We recommend that you use a metallic material to make it appear shinier and of course not easily corroded or damaged when exposed to changing outdoor weather. Metallic custom signage from thespruce.

Add Some Greenery

The simple idea but definitely will bring different nuance to your outdoor wall decor is by adding some greenery. You can make a green area in your home with this idea. You can use some potted plants then hang them on the wall. To look cheerful, you can use an extraordinary pot or use colorful one. Sometimes you can also use vines to decorate your outdoor wall. The green area in your outdoor space is a good idea to get a relaxing space.


To bring green nuances to the outdoor, you can use vertical plants that are applied to the walls of your terrace. This plant can provide a natural freshness to your outdoor wall, besides this vertical plant can be one of the interesting and different wall decorations. In order not to easily wither and die, avoid plants from direct sunlight using a wooden roof that is large enough. Vertical greenery from thespruce.


You can also take advantage of the grass that grows around the wall by adding a wire path for the grass to grow. The shape of the grass-growing path becomes a unique motif, making it a slick and beautiful outdoor wall decoration. You can also add some decorative plants in front of the wall to make the wall decor look perfect. Unique green plant decoration from thespruce.

Looks Beautiful with Mural

If you love painting and art painting, you can use the wall in your backyard as a big canvas that you can paint anything you want. From flower, abstract, landscape, animal character, beach vibe, and so on. Make it more interesting and beautiful as possible as you can. This idea will bring a huge impact on your outdoor space in a simple way.


You can also use different artworks for your outdoor decoration, for example by using a mural. Try to draw this mural work yourself to get your own satisfaction, start with a sunburst mural with a combination of several bright pastel colors. This sunburst mural is very easy for you to try, even though it is very simple but with colorful paint strokes, it makes it look more cheerful and fun. Sun brush mural with pastel colors from amazinginteriordesign.


If you like natural scenery, you can also make a beach scheme mural as your choice of outdoor wall decoration. You can use a blank wall in your backyard as a medium to create this beautiful beach scheme mural. That way you can provide lounge chairs and beach umbrellas in front of the wall that you have created as a solution when you want to take a vacation. Beach scheme mural from amazinginteriordesign.

Display Your Hobby on the Backyard Wall

Don’t let your hobby ornament in your home not utilize. Show off your passion to others by displaying the items that identical to your hobby. For example, your photo collections, paddles (for those of you who like vintage items), surfing board, or anything your hobby.


If you like sports then don’t waste the empty space on your outdoor wall, start by showing your hobby by decorating outdoor walls with your hobby’s ornaments. For example, by installing two paddles that are crossed on the wall and allowing it to be seen by everyone who is active there. Also complete with a few chairs facing the coffee table for a story session with friends and family about your hobby. Wall decoration with paddles from thespruce.


If you have a hobby of painting, you can create a private gallery on your outdoor wall. For example, you can use a pool fence wall by displaying some of your painting collections. That way you can enjoy your beautiful painting while swimming. Wall decor your painting work from thespruce.

Decorate with Mirrors

Get beautiful outdoor wall decor ideas with mirrors. You can use vintage mirrors then use them to decorate your outdoor wall. Go to the thrift shop to find more vintage mirrors. The vintage mirrors will bring different nuance to your outdoor wall decor and garden at the same time.


The distressed wooden mirror frame attached to the outdoor wall brings the aesthetic and vintage vibe to your outside looks. Complete it with some vintage items on the console table and above the mirror will strengthen the vintage nuance. The use of reclaimed wood on the coffee table and brick walls works well to raise up the rustic style.  Distressed mirror frame from empressofdirt.


Perfect the appearance of your garden wall by hanging several mirrors that have different shapes and sizes. This mirror is equipped with a classic frame that has matching colors so that it will blend perfectly with the surrounding environment. The illusion of light will be obtained, making the garden decoration seem wider. Classic mirror frame as wall decoration from empressofdirt.


The last option you can try is installing a hexagon mirror in your garden decoration. In addition to providing a wider illustration of the garden, this mirror also radiates sunlight throughout the garden decoration so that it looks brighter during the day. You can try it easily and of course, it doesn’t cost a lot of money. Hexagon mirror from empressofdirt.

Creating an interesting nuance in your outdoor by decorating the wall will make your outdoor space more interesting and different. Follow those ideas and have a nice to try.