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Patio Decor Ideas to Welcome the Summer Season

Summer is almost here, and there are already a few summer patio decor ideas floating around. Whether you live in Arizona or Florida, there are a lot of things you can do to make your patio a bit more stylish for the warmer weather. Here are some great ideas for decorating your patio or garden this summer. These ideas will help you come up with a better idea and make your summer backyard a little bit more appealing. So get out that sketch pad and some paint, because it’s time to start designing your outdoor space.

Take Out the Furniture and Make an Outdoor Living Room

Summer is the right time to enjoy the outdoor nuance. Now is your time to take out some chairs and a table then make a cozy outdoor living room. You will have an extension living space that can be used to relax and enjoy the view. For the materials of furniture that you can use, wood is the right one. This material is weather-resistant and also makes your patio feels cozier.


The many green trees around the patio make the atmosphere even cooler. Coupled with a combination of white walls that harmonize a set of chairs made from artificial rattan. The addition of thick foam with pastel colors that looks calm adds to the feeling of comfort when relaxing. With a sunny summer atmosphere, this patio decoration is perfect to apply. This wicker set for the outdoor living room from housebeatiful.


When you take your living room out of the room like on the patio, there are things that need attention. Choose a light furniture material like this decoration, using artificial rattan. This will make it easier for you to move wherever you want. Moreover, this material is very strong in various weather conditions. Placement near the fireplace can also provide warmth around the seating when relaxing outside at night. This outdoor living room with fireplace ideas from housebeautiful.

Add Rugs

When you make a living space on your patio, it is incomplete if you not place a rug. The existence of a rug will add coziness and warm nuance. It is surely will make your summertime on the patio more pleasant. For the outdoor placement, better for you to choose an inexpensive rug.


By placing several rugs as a divider on the patio makes the decor very organized and comfortable. As an example of this decoration, several chairs are neatly arranged and give a comfortable impression. You can also choose rugs with different motifs to sweeten your décor. The pastel color choices on the throw pillows also provide the perfect mix. Copy this idea of fulfilling patio decoration from goodhousekeeping.


Match your outdoor patio area with the addition of a matching rug. With a touch of a minimalist pattern on the carpet, it adds to the impression of art that is beautiful and not too excessive. Pallet wood tables that give off a rustic feel while being very cheap to place outdoors. The shady-looking fence adds to the atmosphere of a relaxing place on your patio to be more comfortable and feel at home for long. Option for using a graphic area rug from onekindesign.

Apply Some Colors

Summer is known for playful color and bright ambiance. Then add some colors to your patio during the summer is a good idea. You can apply it for the throw pillows, blankets, rugs, sofa cover, tablecloth, and anything that you can add to the living space of your patio. It is recommended to use a bright color. The playful and a good mix of summer colors will bring a bright and inviting atmosphere.


Never be afraid to combine different colors in your patio decor. Especially for pillows, blankets, furniture, and so on. For example, this decoration will look charming and eye-catching by accentuating various color shades. It is perfect for relaxing outside in the summer and drinking coffee or tea. Perfect place under a shady tree which adds to the coolness. Try this colorful patio nook from housebeautiful.


Simple, cheap but gives a very attractive decor impression. Yes, it is enough to simply give the bright yellow chairs on your patio to sit back and relax. Combined with a throwing pillow that has a unique and colorful pattern, of course. It provides a very cheerful summer atmosphere. With the addition of a fire pit that gives a warm cozy impression. This simple and cheerful patio decoration is perfect to accompany your summer. Our idea, attractive bold yellow chairs from housebeautiful.

Possible To Mix and Match Patterns

In the summer season, possible for you to play with many patterns. For your summer patio decoration, you can mix and match patterns, such as floral, stripes, geometric, abstract, or classic patterns. The mix and match of patterns work beautifully together on your patio.


Incorporating several patterns on decorating equipment on your patio will be very exciting. With a color tone that makes it look harmonious, between furniture and accessories. The pattern on the carpet is different from the throw pillow but has the same color scheme. Some seating and small tables also have a harmony of colors that go well with this patio décor. Turquoise color scheme patio ideas from hgtv.

Opt for Installing A Big Umbrella

If you need to create a shade on your patio, opt for installing a big umbrella. The big umbrella will shade you and keep it cool. Besides that, it will create a relaxed and fun feel while enjoying the summer nuance on your patio.


It is important to place an umbrella in the center of the table to provide shade. Especially this summer, so as not to be exposed to direct sunlight when you sit and relax on the patio. With a round table design, of course, it will fit more people. It is perfect for you to enjoy eating together outside the room while chatting. By choosing a comfortable rattan chair, it will certainly make you feel more at home. You can find this outdoor living with a big umbrella from cleanandscentsible.


Take a look at this cozy place outside the room. Very fitting with a large umbrella in the corner of the sofa as shade. This light yet subtle light blue color scheme gives off a cheerful vibe in summer. With a choice of thick foam sofas, you get extra comfort when relaxing. This decoration is designed as a comfortable place to chat and spend free time with friends or family. This cozy outdoor patio from goodhousekeeping.

Don’t Forget The Lighting

Since the summer season allows you to enjoy the evening outside without worrying about the weather, you need lighting on your patio. From string lights to candlelight. Using a lot of lightings will add coziness and more inviting.


Even in the summer. Giving string lights as additional decoration on your patio is fine. This will add to the artistic value that provides beauty in the late afternoon. In addition, these lights will provide sufficient light certainty for you to relax outside the room. Do something and so on. Not only that, this string light decoration gives a warm impression to enjoy your days. Follow these string lights ideas from goodhousekeeping.

There is nothing more pleasant than enjoying the summer season outdoor. Moreover, decorate your patio to welcome the summer is a good idea. These are some summer patio ideas that you can adopt. Hopefully, it will help you to enjoy the outside view during the summer.

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