Lighting Ideas

Tips to Choose The Right Ceiling Light

Ceiling lights are one of the things that you cannot do without when planning to decorate your home. It is one way of bringing some bright and deep lights into a room. However, it is not easy to choose the right ceiling light for your house or room. It will need some tips to help you with it.

Decide the Effect

First off, decide what kind of effect you are going to achieve. Do you want a more dramatic effect that will make your whole room brighter? Or do you want your whole room to be monochromatic in color? This will affect how much light you need in your room.


For a more modern kitchen look, you can start from above, using an LED ceiling lamp that has blue lighting. These LEDs are used throughout the ceiling on the right and left sides. There is nothing wrong with combining these blue LED lights with recessed lamps for a brighter kitchen appearance at night. Combination of blue LED lights with recessed lamps from ofdesign.


There is nothing wrong with using several different types of lighting in the same room for a brighter, brighter feel at night. LED lamps, recessed lamps, and chandeliers with gold frames are a perfect blend that you can use simultaneously. The wall, which is made of transparent glass, will enter a lot of sunlight into the room, so it doesn’t need lights during the day. The combination of LED lamps, recessed lamps, and chandeliers from ofdesign.


The atmosphere in the living room decoration will seem more dramatic when using LED lights that have yellow lighting. This light adorns your white ceiling to the fullest and has a beautiful oval shape. This LED lamp has dim lighting so that it provides a warm atmosphere that never makes you feel bored. LED ceiling lamp with yellow lighting from ofdesign.

Choose the Right Size

Take note that choosing the right size is important. You will need at least four to six inches between your ceiling light unit and the wall. This will ensure that there is enough light and that it will not create shadows on the wall behind it. The closer you are to the floor, the more intense the lighting will be. This is especially helpful if you are trying to give a romantic feel to the room.


Adjust the use of the ceiling lamp with the area of the room that will be given light. If you have a dining room with a larger size, then chandeliers equipped with several bulb lamps are the most appropriate lighting ideas and you can hang them right on the dining table. Some recessed lamps are additional lighting that you can turn on simultaneously so that they are brighter when used at night. Hanging chandeliers with additional recessed lamps from livspace.


This ceiling bulb lamp arranged in a metal frame will provide maximum lighting when placed in a living room decor with limited space. This lamp will illuminate the entire room to the corner with brighter and of course brighter. Recessed lamps that are installed on the side of the ceiling are a suitable finishing touch and of course, make the living room decor more open. Ceiling bulb lamp with metal frame from livspace.


The tracking lamp installed in the ceiling bedroom may not be enough to illuminate this room at night, you can add wall scones that match the molding wall you are using so that they work well and blend more neutrally. Green plants that are placed on top of nightstands are an inexpensive decorative idea that doesn’t cost a lot of money. Ceiling tracking lamps from livspace.

The type of Bulb is Important

Choose the type of bulb you will use in your ceiling light. Fluorescent bulbs are energy efficient and can produce the most natural light. If you think you will use your light often, then you might want to get a halogen light as well. Halogen bulbs produce a stronger light and they last longer than other bulbs.


Lighting in a living room decoration is very important so you can use a bulb lamp with a gold frame that is installed right on the coffee table. This lamp makes the feel of the room feel more contemporary so that it never goes out of style and of course it is not easily boring when used for a long time. Bulb lamp with a gold frame from hgtv.

Look at the Space Where to Install

Do not forget to look at the space where you intend to install the lighting fixture. Consider how much natural light will flow into the room. It is also important to take into account how much ambiance you want in the room. Try to design the room according to the kind of lighting you would like to have.


This colorful globe lamp that is installed right above the living room furniture will be the main lighting that can be used whenever the room needs lighting. This lamp is made of glass so that it is more suitable when combined with several interiors with harmonious materials. The blue wall paint makes the room feel fresher and brighter. Ceiling globe lamp from hgtv.


Perfect the appearance of your modern and contemporary living room with the use of appropriate lights. A ceiling star brush lamp with metallic material is the right lighting idea that you can try easily, even though it has a slightly higher price, but this lamp is very popular with many people because it has a unique shape and attracts attention. Ceiling star brush lamp from hgtv.


This ceiling lamp which has an outer surface with a dark color consists of three lights that will perfectly illuminate your small living room’s decor. This lamp will look more contrast when hung above a white ceiling. The colorful interior gives a different color that makes the room livelier and more colorful. Black ceiling lamps from hgtv.

Before deciding ceiling light for your home better for you to follow those tips above. Because the existence of ceiling light not only brightens up your home but also can enhance the interior home design.