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The Smart Ideas to Utilize the Staircase Area

Many people use staircases in their homes and often look for the best ideas of using the staircase space to its full potential. Staircases are a great way to get from one floor to another. It can also be used as a way to increase the home’s value, especially if you can make the most of your staircase area. There are many ways to make the most of the staircase area, no matter what it is you are trying to accomplish. Here are some of the top ideas for utilizing the staircase area in your home.

As a place to display the wall art

Don’t let the wall along the staircase not utilize. You can use the wall as the place to display your wall art collection. If you have a family photo, traveling photo, your painting collection, or another wall art, the wall in the staircase area is the right place to display them. It can make your home looks more interesting and increase the value of your staircase area.


Adding a wall decoration in the form of a family photo in the staircase area and an interesting ecology for you to try. Adding some wreath of greenery, this vintage ornament placed on the wall will create a stylish and inviting space. This can make your home look more attractive and increase the value of your staircase area. Family photo in staircase area from homebnc.


Adding a large sign with various writing on the staircase area will use the wall as a place to display your wall art collection. You can also add some vintage ornaments to enliven your home decor. With the style of a farmhouse, this decoration will steal the attention of many people and increase the value of your staircase area. You can add some green plants to compliment your fresh and natural-looking room decor. Large sign and vintage ornament from homebnc.

For storage area

If you need extra storage in your home, you can use the space under the stair for the storage area. You can custom a cabinet that fits with your staircase area. Possible for you to make a storage for your shoes, bags, folding bike, books, or another item that will you hide. It can make your home more organized and also enhance the interior design.


A ladder combo and a similar storage unit for a small house design can be tried because they will maximize space. The space under the stairs is closed and converted into a storage area with shelves. The design is not only clever but also very functional and aesthetically pleasing. You can store various shoe collections easily and safely. Shoe storage under staircase from homedit.


Another great under-stair storage idea inspired by this small apartment. Opting for multifunctional furniture, one of which is a storage unit with a built-in ladder that offers access to the loft bed. You can add a storage cabinet to keep your various items neatly so it won’t make the room cluttered. Under-stair storage idea from homedit.

Home Office

Do you need a space to focus on your work? If there is no more space available in your home to make a home office, you can utilize the space under your staircase. It would be quite a comfortable space to finish your work or for study. All you have to do is just place a simple desk and comfortable chair. If it is possible, you can also install a floating shelf above the desk for the storage area.


Industrial co-working spaces with metal and wood staircases that don’t keep light out of the way will present a stylish workspace and will steal the attention of many. Adding a floating shelf complete with framed paintings and flowers in a vase will create a perfect and fresh-looking room. This black and white color scheme adds a chic look to the room. Industrial home office under staircase from digsdigs.


A small nook for the home office with built-in desks and shelves and a light and small bench will complement your home office decor under the staircase area. So that it will be a quite comfortable place to complete your work or to study. With decorations like this will maximize the place in your home area. You can also add enrichment to create a bright room. Small home office from digsdigs.

Reading Space

Make a comfortable reading space in your home by utilizing the space under the staircase. You can spend your time reading your books there. You can use a bookshelf merged with a bench that fits with space under your stair. Add a soft pad and some pillows then enjoy your reading time.


Under this reading corner staircase with comfortable shelves and lounge chairs and plenty of light, it will create a cozy and inviting space. You can add light to the sky to give a room a dramatic illumination. This soft sofa will provide extra comfort while you are enjoying your reading time. Choosing a wooden bookcase will also add a natural touch to this reading area. Under reading corner staircase from digsdigs.


This friendly reading corner with built-in bookshelves and sofa with storage will add a warm and cozy impression when you are in this household. Using this idea you will still feel comfortable and will make it easier for you to pick up the book you want. These blue pillows and blankets complement your room decor. Reading corner under staircase from digsdigs.

Powder Room

If you just need to provide a place for your guest to wash their hand, you can build a powder room under the staircase. This will make it easier for your guests if they want to go to the toilet without having to go to the main toilet in your house.


This contemporary powder room with geometric tiles adds style to your staircase. adding a wall-mounted shelf to this storage idea will create a neat space and will avoid clutter. Using white furniture will also create a colorful contrast and have a modern look. Contemporary powder room from digsdigs.


A cozy little powder room with warm ceramic tiles, glass shelves, and everything else that will complement the staircase area underneath your home and will create a stylish space. You can add a door to this cabinet idea under the stairs. This will make it easier for your guests if they want to go to the toilet without having to go to the main toilet in your house. Powder room under staircase from digsdigs.

These are some smart ideas to make the most of the staircase area. Instead of letting it not utilized you can make it more functional and can enhance your home decor.