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Beautiful Backyard Design Ideas On a Budget

There are many backyard design ideas on a budget that you can consider. The key is to know how much you really want to spend on your backyard so that you can tell if the backyard design ideas on a budget that you have chosen are truly worth it. Here are a few tips to help you choose the perfect backyard design ideas on a budget.


The first thing that you can do to beautify your backyard is decorating it with vines. You can try to decorate the wall with this plant. The plant can bring a fresh nuance and add visual interest. This is a simple and cheap way to add texture to the blank wall. You don’t need to spend much budget but you get a beautiful backyard look at the same time.


Vines are one of the plants that will decorate your backyard fence perfectly. Do regular watering for fresher results throughout the day. This plant has low maintenance so it doesn’t cost a lot of money. Outdoor furniture is a relaxing area that will accompany your days. Vines as a fence decoration from bhg.


Don’t let your wooden pergola appear plain and boring, you can decorate it with lush vines so that it will protect you from sun exposure during the day. You can prune these vines when they interfere with your sitting area underneath, do maintenance by watering and applying fertilizer periodically for a specified time. Wooden pergola with vines from bobvila.


This wooden trellis paired close to the backyard fence makes a lovely decoration when complemented by vines that look greener and fresher. You can use this vine garden easily because it has low maintenance and the price is not too expensive. Have a generous amount to embellish your backyard décor more perfectly. Trellis vines from bobvila.

Repurposed Furniture

Upgrading the backyard doesn’t complete without placing furniture. Instead of buying new furniture, using repurposed furniture for your backyard decor is a good idea. You can make it by yourself so that you can save your budget effectively. All you have to do is just looking for unused items or old stuff around your home then recycled them to become furniture. For example, you can use crates or tires for the bench/chair ideas. Or using a cable spool for the table idea. It looks so aesthetic and able to beautify your outdoor space.


Reuse your wooden pallets as an outdoor furniture idea that can be used as a relaxing area in a relaxed backyard. Pallet benches lined with throw cushions make your sitting surface softer and warmer. Place this bench under the tree to provide more shade during use during the day. Reuse pallet bench from homebnc.


This old headboard that has a vintage style can be turned into a DIY bench that will become outdoor furniture in your backyard decoration. No need to repaint for a more natural look and of course save costs. Simply place this bench in a shaded area so that it can still be used during the day. Put several flower pots with different types as fresh and not easily boring. The old headboard turned into a bench from homebnc.


You can remove old wood in the warehouse by turning it into outdoor furniture that is sturdy and not easily porous. Simply by covering the soft cushions on this bench you will get a warmer and softer sitting area. A wooden pallet chair and a metal coffee table are the perfect combinations that you can use together. Put all this furniture on the backyard deck.  Old wooden bench covered with soft cushions from homebnc.

Stone Fireplace

There is nothing more pleasant than enjoying the night in the backyard with your beloved family. Warm the night nuance in your backyard by making a stone fireplace. This kind of fireplace is inexpensive but able to warm surround. You can make it by yourself by digging up the land for the first. Then arrange some stones to become a hole.


The stone material arranged into a round fireplace is an important accent that you can have in a backyard decoration to warm your body to the maximum. Combine with lazy wooden chairs that are repainted in white as a combination of outdoor furniture that will blend perfectly. You can make this fireplace cheaply without having to buy the stones. DIY round stone fireplace from diynetwork.


The backyard that is used to relax would be better equipped with a round stone fireplace that will warm your body when the weather starts to feel cold. The stone material is the right idea because it has a hard surface so that it is not easily porous, choose the type of stone that is flat so that it will be easier when stacked. This fireplace is surrounded by reclaimed wood chairs that give an instant vintage vibe. Flat stone fireplace from diynetwork.

String Lights

Don’t forget to install lighting in your backyard. Besides being able to light up your backyard, installing the lighting will create a different nuance to your outdoor space. For an inexpensive backyard lighting idea, the string light is suitable for you. You can install it above the seating area or you can wrap it on the tree. By using this lighting idea, you can get a dramatic, romantic, and attractive nuance at the same time.


Evenings with a stone fireplace surrounded by folding wooden chairs seem pleasant. You can enjoy this outside sight in the backyard area which has a large enough area. Don’t forget to add some long string lights as a lighting idea that you can easily install, these lights will help your night activities properly and perfectly. This lamp has a price that is not too expensive so it is very affordable. Long string light from countryliving.


If you need lighting in your backyard, then a bulb string light is the right idea that can be applied to the wooden pergola area. This light produces a yellow light that makes the backyard look warmer and dramatic. Don’t forget to use some outdoor furniture as a comfortable relaxing area. Sofa, rattan carpet, and small coffee table are enough to accompany your night. Bulb string light from countryliving.

Spending time in the backyard can be the solution to relax from stressful days. If your budget is tight, you can copy those ideas above and get a beautiful backyard design.