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Summer Night Outdoor Decoration Ideas for Fun Activities

Summer nights should be a blast. You can have fun watching the stars with friends and family as you play games, eat cool treats, drink cold beverages, and dance to the music of your choice. This is what a perfect summer night should be like. It is during these long and stressful days that we should find some ways to relax and have some fun while enjoying our outdoor living space. One way to do this is to look into the many summer night outdoor decoration ideas. Therefore, finding the right summer night outdoor decoration ideas for your home. Here are some ideas.

Lighting Ideas

The first thing that you can do in decorating the summer night is lighting. Lighting is an important thing when you have a night activity. Besides lighting up the surround, lighting also can create a warm and dramatic ambiance. For the summer night lighting ideas, you can use a lantern or candles then put them on the tables or spread them up on the floor. It can create an elegant and intimate nuance. If you want a dramatic look, the string lights can be your option.


For a brighter and brighter outdoor summer night decoration, you can combine several lighting simultaneously at one time. For example, using a standing lantern that is installed in the ground area, then you can use a bulb light and string light as roof lighting which has a yellow light so that it gives a more dramatic summer night feel. The combination of standing lanterns, bulb light, and string light from homebnc.


To perfect your summer night outdoor appearance with your friends, lighting is the main accent that will support this gathering area at night. The string bulb light that stretches just above the wooden dining table is the perfect lighting for you to try. This lighting does not cost a lot of expenses so it is very on budget. String bulb light from homebnc.


The combination of candles and lanterns in this outdoor summer night decoration is very attractive to be able to get together with your friends or family at the right time. This summer night can be built in a backyard which has a large area. The greenery around it becomes a beautiful sight and makes your eyes feel more relaxed and certainly not boring easily. Combination of candles and lanterns from homebnc.


Summer night outdoor events will not go well without adequate lighting, try string lights with yellow lighting for a warm, romantic, and dramatic outdoor feel. Under this string light, you can eat together with some of the dishes that have been provided. Use wooden furniture as a compliment and complement to this summer night decoration. String light with yellow lighting from housebeautiful.

Perfect Furniture

Setting the patio furniture for the summer night outdoor decoration is also important. Maybe you will spend the night with your friend or all family member, so you need to place some seating then arrange them close together so you get a good social distance and comfortable to get conversation. You can pick the furniture in rattan materials to get convenience. Complete it with some throw pillows for the perfect cozy thing.


Do you need a sitting area in a summer night outdoor decoration? If so, then you can use a lounge chair made of pallet wood and repainted for a cleaner and new look. Don’t forget to add a small coffee table between the chairs to easily place drinks or snacks without tipping them over. This lounge chair is equipped with colorful lanterns that produce yellow lighting. Lounge chairs that made of pallet wood from homebnc.


This rattan wicker chair, repainted with green and earth tone colors, is outdoor furniture suitable for your summer night decorations with friends. The rattan material will be more resistant to all weather changes outdoors. Do not forget to add a patterned throw pillow as an additional accent that makes the chair area more comfortable and soft. Rattan woven chairs repainted from onekindesign.

Fun Activity

There is nothing more pleasant than having a fun activity on a summer night. If you have a projector and some movie collections in your home, take them out and have an enjoyable movie time together. You can play your favorite movie and enjoy it with your family or friends. You will have a good quality time to enjoy the summer night.


To perfect your summer night event with your closest family or friends, you can hold a watching event together with adequate equipment such as a laptop, projector, and movie screen. Watch the movie shows that you like to make the summer night atmosphere even more fun and unforgettable. Provide carpet, chairs, and pillows as a comfortable sitting area and make you want to linger here for a long time. Movie screen together from onekindesign.


While enjoying the dishes that have been provided, you can also watch the screen with the most favorite films this year, the idea of this summer night outdoor event will definitely be very fun. The rectangle dining table surrounded by several folding chairs is a relaxing and dining area that you can use whenever you want. Outdoor dining room with movie screen from onekindesign.

Family Dinner Outside

Having dinner time while enjoying the night in the summer season is a memorable moment. Why you don’t take out a dining table set and place it outdoor? It would be a happy moment when you get dinner with your family while looking up at the sky. You will have a deep moment and conversation. To strengthen the summer vibe, you can decorate the dining table with some flower arrangements for the centerpiece idea.


The joint dining event which is held in this outdoor summer night decoration will provide a new and different atmosphere when eating your meal. Use a teak dining table with high dining chairs that match the dining table. This dining chair is made of wood with metal legs so it is very sturdy and not easily porous. Summer night with outdoor dining room from essentialhome.


Vintage wood dining tables and chairs are outdoor furniture ideas that are perfect for summer night dining rooms. Candles on the dining table can be a centerpiece idea that adds to the atmosphere in this area to be more romantic and warm. You can decorate this outdoor summer night area with wooden trellis equipped with fresh green vines. Blooming flowers are also an additional decorative accent that you can try. Vintage wooden dining tables and chairs from homebnc.

How about those ideas above? It sounds interesting, right? Are you interested to have a memorable night in the summer season? Let’s rock your outdoor look with summer night outdoor decoration ideas.