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Pergola Ideas for Decorating the Beautiful Outdoor Space

Pergolas are one of the most attractive structures you can construct for your garden. This is mainly because it is simple and elegant. It is able to bring out a natural feel, especially if you are planning to make it an extension of your living room or kitchen area. In addition, it can also be used as a dining space or a family barbecue grill. That said, it still remains to be a source of relaxation whenever you want to spend a few evenings under the stars by the lakeside.

If you are interested in using a pergola to create a relaxing getaway, there are some factors that you need to take into consideration first.

Make sure the size

The first consideration before installing a pergola in your garden, make sure the size of the pergola fits with your garden space. Avoid mistakes in size selection. You should adjust the pergola size with your garden size. If your pergola is too small it will look lame with your spacious garden. But if it too large and it will dominate your garden. So make it balance is very important. Your garden decor will look more beautiful.


For best results, start by adding a pergola that matches the size of your garden. Like the picture above, the small garden pergola that is used must also be small and not look wide. Because it will provide a narrow and unattractive garden design. You can make it yourself to get a budget-saving room decoration. Leaving white wood and equipped with a few soft chairs will provide a comfortable and cozy decoration of the room. Small garden pergola from hgtv.


In this small garden, you can add a pergola to provide a comfortable and inviting decoration. You must determine the size of the pergola so that it will make the perfect room decoration. Decorating a pergola that is painted white and adding curtains will give an interesting decoration. Your garden decoration will look more beautiful. White pergola with curtains from countryliving.3

For warm-weather climates, a pergola with an outdoor fan is essential. You should also pay attention to the size of the pergola to make a comfortable garden. Leaving the original wood color on this pergola will add a rustic touch to this room. Equipped with a soft sofa and rattan coffee table, it will provide your comfort when gathering with your family. Small wooden pergola from countryliving.

What kind of design do you want?

If you know the right size that you want, the next consideration that would pay attention to is the design. You can choose from modern or classic pergola designs. It is all about your preference and taste. If you like a classic touch in your backyard, you can choose the classic design. The classic design of the pergola will create an aesthetic look and more elegant. But if you want a simple, minimalist but stunning, the modern design is can be the answer.


This classic-style backyard garden is completed with a pergola with large and tall pillars. Choosing materials from natural wood will provide a rustic decoration to the room. You can complete the decor with a set of rattan chairs and a stone fireplace to warm your body while in this garden. A few blooming flowers and greenery will make for a fresh and natural-looking garden. Classic style pergola from decoist.


This unique garden idea is complemented by a classically styled pergola with large pillars. Painted in white will make your atmosphere more attractive and inviting. Equipped with several rattan chairs, wooden coffee tables, and lantern chandeliers, it will give the impression of a comfortable room. Don’t forget to add vines and green grass to give the room a fresh and natural decor. White classic pergola from decoist.


This stunning cedar pergola will last a long time because cedar wood is weather and mildew resistant, does not warp, and naturally repels insects. Choosing a modern design on a pergola will make your garden more attractive and will steal the attention of many people. Adding a black sofa and a quirky orange chair will add a pop of color and will give your garden a more modern and cozy feel. Cedarwood pergola from familyhandyman.

Decide where it stands

The next consideration is the place that your pergola will stand. For instance, where do you want the focal point to be? Would you like to have a view of your garden or your home from the pergola? Would you like to have a pergola that is a bit higher than the rest of the patio or decking area so that it can provide shade from the bright summer sun? This is very important to decide what kind of pergola that will use and position. Not only to create beauty but also functional.


Placing a pergola on the terrace of the house will provide an interesting garden view for you to try. not only to create beauty but also to be functional. This pergola can function as a comfortable seating area to spend time with family while enjoying a cup of tea. You can also add some greenery to create a natural terrace and fresh air. Pergola on the terrace from familyhandyman.


The pergola on the terrace of the house, which is equipped with a wooden deck, will be a perfect room decoration and will steal the attention of many people. This decoration can provide shade from the hot summer sun. Also, this pergola seating area provides shade and you can complement it with bright white curtains to create a cozy and inviting space. Pergola on wooden deck from familyhandyman.


Placing a pergola in the corner of the garden will offer an interesting view of the house for you to try. In addition to providing a nice decoration of the room, this pergola can serve as a place of shade from the bright summer sun. Completed with a palette sofa painted black and adding a swing, it will provide a comfortable decoration of the room. Corner wooden pergola from familyhandyman.

How will the pergola be used?

Consider what you want to do under the pergola. It is will affect the space and furniture used. Make sure you have enough space to do it and place the fits furniture. If you use the pergola for the barbeque and dining area, measure that the furniture within the structure of the pergola is fit and still has enough space for people to move around. For shady nuance, you can add vines to cover the top of the pergola, so it really fresh and cozy. If you can apply it well you will have an outdoor space that not only beautiful but comfortable to relax.


This outdoor living room decoration is equipped with a pergola that matches the size of this living room. You can add greenery to complement this pergola decor to make it really fresh and comfortable. This rattan sofa and coffee table will make for the perfect room decor. Outdoor living room from onekindesign.


The decor that fits and looks perfect by adding the right pergola will provide a comfortable and attractive decoration for you to try. You can complete the decor with a rattan sofa and a fire pit coffee table that will create comfort in this decoration. You can also add a TV to a barn wood cabinet to create the perfect room. Some greenery will also give a fresh room. Rattan sofa and a fire pit coffee table from onekindesign.


This pergola is used for a stunning outdoor living room decor idea. Equipped with a stone fireplace and some greenery will provide interesting comfort for you to try. But you have to pay attention to the size of this pergola to give the perfect room decoration. Outdoor living room with pergola from onekindesign.

Choose the right materials

Choosing the right material for the pergola is very important. It is because the pergola will stand outdoor. So, choose the material that withstands the weather is highly recommended. In this case, wood is a common material used for the pergola. You can choose an oak or western red cedar woods that known for durability and strength. The pergola made from this wood will create a classic look into your backyard or garden. But if you want a contemporary touch to your outdoor space, you can choo in metal for the pergola material.


This wooden pergola will give this room a solid look and make the perfect decor and create a rustic feel to this room. This stone fireplace and S-shaped sofa will make a comfortable and perfect decoration of the room. Wooden pergola from nextluxury.


Wood is the material commonly used for pergolas. Combined with metal material will provide the perfect room decor and will create a contemporary look for your outdoor space. Equipped with this dining table set, it will create a comfortable and warm impression in your garden. Metal material from nextluxury.


Choosing a metal and wood pergola material will look sturdy and will create a modern look in your backyard. It will look very sturdy and will make a perfect garden decoration. It will want a contemporary touch for your outdoor space, you can choose metal for the pergola material. Equipped with wooden benches and some greenery will present the perfect garden decoration. Metal and wood pergola material from nextluxury.

If you are looking for great pergola ideas, better for you to follow those considerations above. Hopefully, it will guide you to get a fits pergola ideas for your outdoor decor.