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Beautiful and Comfortable Rooftop Garden Ideas

From simple pergolas to elaborate gardens with climbing plants, rooftop garden ideas are abundant and very adaptable. No matter what your skill level, it is possible to come up with an attractive garden using simple, but functional materials. Here are some rooftop garden ideas.

Rustic Garden

A pergola offers a simple platform for vines and flowers to grow on while providing partial shade on which you can sit comfortably and enjoy your flowers and plants. A well-designed pergola can also offer full-length sun in a small section of the rooftop. Plus, a well-designed pergola can also add dimension and visual interest to your rooftop gardens. Many people use these gardens for barbecues and grills during the cooler months of the year.


Adding a pergola to this roof terrace design will display an interesting rustic roof decoration for you to try. Adding vines to this pergola will make for a fresh and attractive garden. This wrought iron dining table set will make decorating a comfortable space to spend time with your family. Don’t forget to add a red carpet for a warm and inviting room design. Wooden pergola from ofdesign.


Lounge chairs, picnic tables, and folding furniture can be great ways to decorate your rooftop garden. Adding a pergola cut from old wood will bring a rustic feel to this rooftop garden. You can also add some greenery and vines to give the room natural decor and fresh air. Many people use this garden for barbecues and grills during the colder months of the year. Old wooden pergola from zameen.

Decorative Vertical Gardening

A variety of plants are suitable for vertical gardening on rooftops, including climbers, shrubs, and ornamental grasses. These plants are popular because they have contrasting shapes and shades. A row of climbers or one of many varieties of shrubs might be installed along one side of the rooftop. Ornaments such as ferns and herbs are another option. Since many roofs are already beautiful, use your creativity to add color and interest to an existing roof. Ornamental plants are also easy to care for and do not require yearly maintenance like many perennials.


Choosing these vertical plants will give a refreshing rooftop garden look and bring natural air into your garden. Choosing trellis for this planter idea will make for the perfect room decor and steal the attention of many. The lighting behind this plant will give the illusion of a perfect room. This small dining table set will provide the perfect space. Wooden trellis from housebeautiful.


Giving a touch of nature and fresh air to your rooftop terrace by adding vertical plants to this fence provides the perfect decoration for you to try. Combined with several other blooming flower plants, it will also create an attractive rooftop impression. This sofa with a coffee table will give the appearance of a comfortable room to spend a cup of coffee with your friends. Vertical garden from loveyourlandscape.

Water Features

One of the most unique forms of rooftop gardening is a water feature. A large shallow basin can be set up in the center of the garden beds, providing a focal point for gardening. Or you can make a simple fountain in your rooftop garden to bring a fresh nuance and sophisticated look.


One of the highlights of this rooftop landscape is the water feature beside the pond with a fountain from a concrete bowl. You can combine it with a wooden deck to make the perfect room decoration. You can also add some greenery to make the garden look fresh and inviting. Concrete bowl water fountain from homedesignlover.


Adding a pond to a rooftop garden will make the perfect garden decoration for you to try. This will make the perfect focal point of the room and will bring a fresh feel and a classy look. Complete with some greenery on the edge of this pool will give the perfect garden appearance. This wooden deck will provide a perfect garden and provide a natural garden. Pond on rooftop garden from homedesignlover.

Planters Varying in Size and Shape

Regardless of whether you choose a small basin or a larger, more elaborate planter, you can take advantage of unique gardening concepts. Consider using various planter that you can place in the corners of the rooftop. Using the various type of planters will make your rooftop garden looks attractive.


Utilizing the concept of beautiful planters, you can add a variety of plants and terracotta pots of various sizes that will make your roof garden look attractive. This dining table set equipped with a large umbrella will give a comfortable impression on your terrace. Placed in this garden corner will give the perfect room decoration. Terracotta potted plants from decoist.


Several collections of flowers with different pots will provide the perfect room decoration that you can place on your rooftop terrace. Using different types of plants will make your roof garden look attractive. Choosing pots from these different materials will add to the appeal of your rooftop and will make it look more stunning. Blooming flower on the rooftop from decoist.


In this white-themed rooftop garden, you can add several kinds of plants and blooming flowers that will make your room decor brighter and more cheerful. You can use pots of different sizes and you can place them in the corners of your rooftop. Using different types of plants will make your roof garden look attractive. Several blooming flowers on rooftop garden from decoist.

Wood Material

Strengthen the natural vibe in your rooftop garden with wood materials. You can use this material for floor material or furniture. The wood material will provide a warm touch in your rooftop garden. This wood material will blend well with the plant in your rooftop garden.


Choosing furniture from wood, which is not only weather-resistant and looks sturdy, will give the appearance of decorating a rustic room that is quite attractive. You can add some soft pillows to create the perfect room decor. This dining table set also uses wood materials that will complement your rooftop decoration. Wooden furniture from digsdigs.


This wooden bench, wooden dining table, and rattan chair set are the perfect choice for your rooftop terrace decorating ideas. Wood material will give a warm touch to your rooftop garden. Don’t forget to use a wooden floor that will create a rustic look in this decor. Some of these greenery and colorful tulips will give a fresh room decor. Wooden dining table on rooftop garden from digsdigs.


Adding a chair made of wood will give a rustic feel to your outdoor living room. Wood material will give a warm touch to your rooftop garden. Don’t forget to add white curtains to provide perfect room privacy and will give this rooftop a different look. Wooden chair on the rooftop from digsdigs.

Add Fireplace

Besides wood material, another idea that you can apply for a rooftop garden is placing a fireplace. The fireplace will provide an aesthetic look and warm ambiance at the same time. Complete it with a comfortable seating area then you can use it to gather with your family while enjoying the night view. You can choose the fireplace in a simple and modern design to get a sleek and stylish look.


This concrete bowl for the fireplace design on the rooftop offers a modern look and a warm feel to your rooftop terrace decoration. Don’t forget to add a small table and chair set that will provide comfort when you spend a drink with your family or friends. Some of these green plants and wooden floors give a natural and fresh feel to your rooftop. Concrete bowl fire pit from digsdigs.


This rectangular fire pit gives a warm impression on your rooftop terrace and you will create the perfect space. Equipped with rattan chairs and coffee tables will give a comfortable impression on this garden decoration. With a simple and modern fireplace design for a sleek and stylish look. Rectangular fire pit from decoist.


The fire pit on this coffee table is equipped with comfortable seating, then you can use it to gather with your family while enjoying the night view. You can also add Ottomans to provide a comfortable room decoration and can accommodate many people on your garden rooftop decoration. Firepit on the coffee table from decoist.

Enjoying the fresh air on the rooftop is a pleasant thing, especially if you can decorate your rooftop as inviting as you can. So, making a rooftop garden can answer your desire. Follow those ideas above for a beautiful and comfortable rooftop garden design.

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