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Minimalist Living Room Designs with A Masculine Touch

If you want to give a more masculine feel to your home, you should try out minimalist living room decor with a masculine theme. This is actually the latest trend in interior design, which most people today prefer. Why? It’s quite simple – it’s less expensive to do and you can achieve the same results without having to sacrifice much of the comfort and style of your house. Furthermore, please kindly check our ideas below.

Gray Walls

One of the ways to decorate your minimalist living room with a masculine touch is by applying gray color to the wall. Besides this a neutral color, gray color can represent masculinity. One reason why gray is such an interesting color because it can be both contemporary and traditional. Gray can be very dark or very light depending on the contrast of tones that are in the room. If there is no contrast in the colors of the walls and furniture then the gray might be too bland, but if there is a great deal of contrast in the design style of the home then the gray should be used as the dominant color in the room to create a classic look. You can pair it leather black sofa to get a strong masculine vibe.


This gray masculine living room will make the perfect room decoration and will make your room more stylish and look fierce. You can combine it with a black sofa and wooden floor that will give you a comfortable and warm impression on this decoration. This metal coffee table will also give the impression of a room that has a classic look. Gray masculine living room from digsdigs.


This masculine living room color scheme has the perfect look and will create stylish room decor. You can combine it with a light gray sofa and wooden floors that will provide the perfect contrast. This nested metal coffee table and a gray rug will make for the perfect room decor. Adding a pop of color to this ombre paint will make for interesting room decor. Light gray sofa and wooden floors from digsdigs.


This dark gray smelly color scheme combined with a dark sofa and leather armchair will give the room a classic look. This metal coffee table and beige ottoman will make for the perfect decor. These wood-framed paintings give this masculine living room a stylish look. Green plants in a vase will give a fresh and natural impression to the room. Dark gray masculine living room from digsdigs.

Dark Furniture

To bring a masculine accent into your minimalist living room design, you can place furniture in dark color. You can place a sofa and coffee table in a dark color. Dark furniture for a masculine living room seems to be the perfect accessory for a male-oriented decorating design. This fits in well with the kind of masculine feel. You can choose from wood or leather materials. Dark wood floors add an aura of sophistication that can be very appealing. If you want to bring the aura of a darker environment to your home, then using dark furniture for a masculine living room is a good choice.


This black leather sofa and black metal coffee table will bring a masculine accent into your minimalist living room design. You can also add wood accents to the walls to bring a natural look into your room. Added a fireplace and modern-style lamps this will present the perfect room. This black floor lamp provides perfect lighting. Black leather sofa from digsdigs.


This black leather sofa will add a masculine look to your living room. This wooden coffee table and a wooden floor will give a natural and warm impression to the room. This black color scheme and large windows will complete your home decor. In addition, providing this large window will create the illusion of a bright and bright room. Black tufted  leather sofa from digsdigs.


A minimalist masculine living room with graphite gray walls, emerald velvet sofa, and a sleek gray table brings a masculine feel to this living room. This abstract gray rug will make your room decor warmer and more inviting. This gray painting will also provide the perfect room look. Large windows and gray curtains will complete the decor of this living room. Emerald velvet sofa on masculine living room from digsdigs.

Black and White Living Room

Black and white are known as neutral colors that versatile. It fits for a monochrome style and also for a masculine theme. You can apply the white color for the wall and combine it with a black accent for the sofa or other furniture. To make the decoration more alive, you can add abstract wall art that identical to the masculine style.


In this black and white masculine living room, it is equipped with the use of black rugs, accessories, textiles, window treatments. In this white scheme, this black furniture will make the perfect room decoration. Wooden floors and black rugs will make the room feel warm and inviting. This multi-colored window with black frames will make the perfect room. Black and white furniture from designingidea.


A beautiful Scandinavian living room with an abstract gallery wall, a black sofa, and some beautiful furniture plus greenery will make for the perfect room decor. This white color scheme will present an attractive room and steal the attention of many people. This metal wall lamp will provide dramatic lighting. Black and white masculine living room from digsdigs.

Geometric Pattern

Masculine style is identical to the sleek and clean design. And if you want to give a masculine-patterned touch to the interior design of your minimalist living room, you can go for geometric patterns. You can apply it to the rug or throw pillows. And, choose a neutral color so that not clash with the main design. But keep in mind, don’t overdo and overwhelmed with it. You have to make sure that you don’t lose the vibe of minimalism and masculinity.


This geometric rug gives a pattern to your masculine living room decor. Choosing a neutral color will present a decor that doesn’t lose its minimalist vibe and masculinity. You can combine it with a white sofa and black storage shelves which will create the perfect room decoration. Green plants in the corner of the room bring a fresh and natural impression to the room. Geometric rug from digsdigs.


This geometric pattern provides an interesting room decoration for you to try. This black and gray geometric rug is a perfect way for masculine living room decor. Combined with a black color scheme and a black sofa will give the impression of a warm and masculine room. You have to make sure that you don’t lose the minimalist vibe and masculinity. Black geometric patterned rug from digsdigs.

Having a minimalist living room doesn’t mean should be strict and plain. Adding a masculine touch can make it interesting and inviting. Have a nice to try.

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