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Hanging Lamp Ideas to Brighten Up The Dining Room

Looking for some fantastic hanging lamp ideas for the dining room? If you are looking to enhance your dining space and provide a bit of light, then this is one idea that you may wish to consider. Adding some hanging lamps to your dining table can really bring out the atmosphere in your dining room and provide a relaxing atmosphere to your dinner guests. Consider some of the following hanging lamp ideas for the dining room below.


The first hanging lamp idea for dining is a chandelier. This is an excellent choice when you want to provide lots of light but don’t want the whole room illuminating. Chandeliers generally have a central light fixture, which is usually the focal point of the chandelier. The other sockets that the chandelier will have will be those on the sides and corners of the chandelier. This type of hanging lamp is perfect for larger areas and can provide some fantastic lighting without much effort. Chandeliers will look best as part of a grouping of hanging lamps, perhaps with a candelabra hanging over the center chandelier.

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An elegant dining room with a romantic atmosphere that is maximized by the lighting of this three-level wooden chandelier adds a rustic impression to your dining room decor. It has a cozy dining set and a wooden buffet table paired with a curved wall-mounted round mirror. This brown color scheme adds a rustic and warm feel to a stylish room. Three-level wooden chandelier from homestratosphere.


This luxurious dining room is equipped with a crystal chandelier that will provide perfect and dramatic lighting into this room. Complete with a fireplace and a marble dining table surrounded by fleur-patterned chairs, it makes the perfect room decoration. This patterned ceiling will give the impression of a luxurious room in your dining room. Crystal chandelier on dining room from homestratosphere.


A luxurious glass chandelier adds elegance to this dining area with a round dining table and green plush chairs that match the upholstered walls and cabinets. There is also a flat-screen TV which you don’t usually see in the dining area. This beige color scheme and glass doors will give a warm look and make your room look brighter. Glass chandelier on dining room from homestratosphere.

Pendant Lights

When it comes to home decorating there are few things more effective or fun than turning your dining room lighting into a focal point of the room. One simple way to accomplish this is through the use of one or more pendant lights. Pendant lights come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors, but for most people, the look they give a room is a pendant lamp with a tall shape cutout on the top of the lamp. These types of pendant lamps can give a nice vintage or modern look, or can just be a fun fashion statement. Depending on what your home decor is like, you might want to have several different types of pendant lamps to mix and match.


This wood pendant light provides a stylish room decor and makes for dramatic light. Placed on this rectangular wooden dining table will present the perfect decoration. With a rustic modern style, it will give a stylish room. The white scheme and half-timbered walls are the hallmarks of this dining room design. Wood pendant light from homestratosphere.


Adding a caviar pendant lamp and hanging it above the dining table makes this the perfect lighting. You can combine it with a rectangular wooden dining table to make the perfect look. You can also add ceiling lights that will provide perfect lighting and have a modern look in this dining room. Caviar pendant lamp from home-designing.


Using a concrete pendant castle chandelier is a perfect room decoration idea and steals the attention of many people. Placing it on this rectangular dining table will make the perfect room decoration. This chandelier will create dramatic and inviting lighting. This industrial dome does a great job of decorating this dining room. Concrete pendant castle from home-designing.

Stained Glass Lamp Shades

The third hanging lamp idea for dining is stained glass hanging from the ceiling. These stained glass lamp shades have been around for many years and they are always a lovely addition to a room. It can be difficult trying to create the effect with regular hanging lamps because they are so large and tend to create an overwhelming effect. Stained glass lamps help to overcome this problem because they are very small and will create a soft and ambient lighting effect in your room.


The stained glass chandelier will make an interesting dining room decoration for you to try. Stained glass lamps help with this problem due to their very small size and will create a soft lighting effect in your room. This rustic dining room style will provide the perfect room decor. Complete with green plants in pots giving an attractive appearance. Stained glass chandelier from lampsusa.

Mid-Century Vibe

Go for a mid-century vibe for your dining room decor. The sputnik pendant lamp will bring a contemporary and sophisticated look at the same time. The shape of the lamp is very unique so that your dining room will be more attractive. It comes in various shapes and designs, such as dandelion and starburst.


The sputnik chandelier will present a contemporary and sophisticated look at the same time. With a touch of gold accents, it will provide the perfect room decor and will add dramatic lighting to this mid-century dining room. Combined with a white color scheme and wooden floors will give the decor a spacious and warm room. Large windows will give the impression of a bright room. Gold sputnik chandelier from apartmenttherapy.


This water drop chandelier above the dining table offers great lighting. This mid-century dining room is equipped with glass that surrounds this dining room with colors from brown to cream in it so that it will present a warm decoration of the room and let the sunlight into this space. This patterned rug under the dining table offers extra warmth to your feet. Waterdrop chandelier from homedesignlover.


This modern mid-century dining room features great lighting. With a gold accent chandelier and placed above the dining table this will offer a dramatic and inviting dining room decor. An oval wooden table and a black and white color scheme on the wooden walls and ceiling give this mid-century decor a sophisticated look. Gold accent chandelier on Mid-century dining room from architectureartdesigns.

The existence of a hanging lamp in the dining room is not only to brighten up space but also can bring a statement to your eating space.