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Simple Tips to Create A Cottage Garden Design

What are cottage gardens? Cottage garden design originated in the United Kingdom where local gardeners used their yards as a place to escape the city life. They would plant flowers and bushes here instead of on their street or sidewalks. These “cottages” became popular around the world and they are now called “backyards”. Even today, many people prefer backyard gardens to traditional lawns. There are many cottage garden ideas for you to choose from, depending on whether you have a large or small yard. Here are the simple tips to create a cottage garden.

Natural Look

The key to cottage garden ideas is that it isn’t too contrived, just rough planning is enough. Do not have plants neatly lined up in front, just mix them up to create a more natural appearance, so that you achieve a more natural look. If you have small flowers, you can arrange them in groups, or group them by color, texture, or form to make the garden look more attractive.


Let some types of greenery or flowers grow wild or freely along the path leading to the outdoor dining area on the patio of your cottage garden. With this you can enjoy food with a beautiful fresh view and of course get a different atmosphere than usual, you can also put several types of green plants on the dining table as a centerpiece design idea. Greenery and flowers along the path from hgtv.


Another option for decorating cottage gardens is to combine several types of plants with flowers at random but look neat and of course, make the outdoor feel more colorful and have a more different appearance. Several types of flowers that bloom at the same time give a feminine impression and of course give a fragrant aroma that makes you more relaxed, you can put wooden outdoor furniture to enjoy this garden to the fullest. Cottage garden with plants that grow randomly from hgtv.


It is possible that you are currently using several different types of flowers to serve as an outline in your cottage garden decoration. For example, a combination of lavender and daisies, this flower has a contrasting color that creates a beautiful outdoor decoration that will spoil your eyes. The expanse of green grass is a fresh complement and can blend in perfectly without giving outdoor color tones that are flashy and easily boring. Flowers as a border garden from hgtv.


Another cottage garden decoration appearance that you can apply is to include natural trellis accents made of a combination of wood and red bricks. Then you can apply the vines on this trellis and complete it with several types of plants or flowers around it. All the plants in this garden will blend perfectly without destroying the color tone of this beautiful and green garden. Cottage garden accented with trellis and vines from hgtv.

Annual Plants and Perennials

When you are looking for cottage garden ideas, you should consider planting annuals as well as perennials. Annuals come in many varieties, such as roses, tulips, holly, and lavender. Perennials, such as hydrangeas, peppers, strawberries, and blueberries are also a good idea. Both planting methods make your cottage gardens look charming and add a bit of color to your garden year after year. Containers are another great idea for creating natural-looking gardens.


Annual plants and perennials that combine in a cottage garden decoration provide several color combinations of colorful and fun flowers, you can combine these two plants in one area at a distance that is not too far away. When you have a garden of a wider size, avoid using a container planter for a more optimal view. Colorful combination of annual plants with perennials from realhomes.


Perennials are one of the popular plants that many people like because they can survive all year round to decorate your cottage garden so that it looks fresher and not boring. Don’t forget you can also apply annual plants such as roses to give a splash of color and of course it will produce a fragrant aroma that makes you more relaxed. Perennials with a splash of roses from realhomes.


Lavender flowers with roses dominate the decoration of this cottage garden so that it looks more beautiful, you can combine it with annual plants that will decorate this garden throughout the year with a fresh atmosphere and of course never boring. The rustic trellis is an additional accent that you can use as your roses propagate without spending a lot of money. Lavender flowers with roses from realhomes.

Make a Focal Point with Bushes

Other cottage garden ideas include putting some tall bushes along the borders, mixing in perennials with flowers such as roses. This adds color and elegance to the borders, making them a focal point of the garden. Tall bushes will be a good choice for the border, as well as for grouping together. You can use scented flowers or choose flowers with scents to create an alluring fragrance.


Some of these spherical shrubs have different sizes and grow freely and wildly. The thing you have to do to keep the garden looking clean and tidy is to trim it when it starts to interfere with your gardening activities, in the same area you can plant several types of colorful flowers as perfect accents that are very easy to get. Round bush with a variety of different sizes from hgtv.


Not only round but your bush can also shape with other options such as rectangles. Several different forms of shrubs will be a view of cottage garden decorations that are more modern and seem elegant. Flowers with different colors and types are also a beautiful additional accent and of course, they look more natural because they grow freely and wildly, you can try them easily without spending a lot of money. Combination of bushes with round and rectangle shapes from realhomes.


Green bushes are not enough to be the only plant in your cottage garden decoration, therefore you can apply colorful flowers that have different and colorful types. The gravel path becomes footwear that looks more natural and of course on a budget. You can try the three ideas above at the same time with a spacing that is not too far away. Green bushes and colorful flowers from realhomes.


The shrub rectangle that is used as the idea of ​​the garden line gives a natural and greener impression to the cottage garden decoration. This shrub will take you to an outdoor dining room filled with rose accents. This vintage dining table set made of reclaimed wood will look more elegant when lined with a plain tablecloth in a matching color. Green bush rectangle with outdoor dining table set from realhomes.

Make a Garden Path

To create a cottage garden design, make a garden path is key. The garden path offers a good visual and relief from the crowded planting. Since the cottage garden is known as the vintage and inexpensive garden, make it from the gravel is a good deal. Besides easy maintenance, the gravel path presents a strong cottage vibe.


Several types of flowers and green bushes that are used as garden paths are some of the characteristics of cottage garden decorations that look more elegant and neat. In this garden path area, you can also add fountain accents as a more unique and different view, do regular maintenance to get lush plants every day. Floral garden path with fountain accents from gardeningetc.


This not-too-high stone fence is equipped with lavender flowers on it so that it can be used as a garden path that will enhance the appearance of your garden cottage decoration. Not only lavender but to the right of this stone fence, there are also bushes that have been trimmed so that it looks neater and makes the garden look more elegant. Stones with green shrubs garden path from gardeningetc.


The gravel leading to this stone staircase is the best choice for your garden path because it gives a more elegant impression and is certainly not boring. The white roses that bloom simultaneously are a decoration as well as an unusual sight, this flower also gives a fragrant aroma that makes you more comfortable and relaxed while in this garden. Gravel garden path with roses blooming from gardeningetc.


The last option for garden paths in decorating your garden cottages is to use stone materials that have a rougher surface and are tougher when exposed to changing outdoor weather. The rough surface of the stone makes it not easy to slip when exposed to splashes of water when watering the surrounding plants, besides that the stone material also looks more natural and on budget. Natural stone garden path from gardeningetc.

Having a wonderful garden design with a simple way surely will please the eye. Apply some tips above and create your own cottage garden.