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Modern Family Room Decor Ideas

Looking for some modern family room decor ideas? There are many, actually. Browse modern family room ideas today and find design inspiration and modern decorating and redecorating inspiration for your next redesign or upgrade. The family room is one of the most used rooms in the home and it should be decorated in a way that makes it as comfortable and welcoming as possible. The modern family room is usually the most pleasant part of any house. It is also the most used to chill with family or to welcome your guests. There is a lot of thought that goes into making a modern family room. If you are planning to redesign your family room, consider these ideas for a more satisfying design.

Color Scheme

Modern living rooms are made to be relaxing, inviting, and comfortable. In fact, modern living rooms should not just be functional spaces, but they should also be attractive and cozy, just like the rest of the house. In a modern family room, the first thing you should consider is the choice of color scheme, which should match between walls, floors, and accents. If you want to bring a modern aesthetic to your living rooms, you should use neutral color palettes, such as off-white, beige, brown, or black.


Neutral colors that are applied to family room decorations will never fail because it will be easier to blend with other interiors around them. When you use white wall paint, then you can choose a sofa with a beige color and a carpet with a splash of bright light gray. The pastel color on the throw pillow becomes a beautiful bold color and makes the room not easily boring. Combination of white, beige, and light gray from mymove.


The combination of white and brown will work well together when combined in one room. For example, you can sprinkle white on the walls and ceiling, while for brown you can try on wooden floors and synthetic leather sofas. With this, the modern look of the family room will look more harmonious, instead of using walls with large glass windows to let more sunlight into the room. The combination of brown with white in one room from mymove.

Modern Furniture

You can choose modern design elements to build a relaxing and inviting atmosphere in your home. As the primary elements of modern design, couches, and chairs with back supports should be chosen to match your sofa’s upholstery and decorative details. Also, select modern furniture accessories to accentuate the beauty of your couch and chair. If you are planning to make your couches a focal point in your family rooms, you can use artworks and textile materials like rugs to add style and elegance.

Living room in beige color, with a soft sofa, stylish floor lamp and glass tables

This glass table covered with gold accents is one of the modern pieces of furniture that you can place in the family room decoration as a touch of luxury that is not excessive. You can use two coffee tables of different sizes as an area to put drinks, snacks, or other small items such as remotes to make them easier to find in a more effective and efficient time. Glass table with gold accent splash from mymove.


Complete the look of your modern-style living room with some adequate furniture such as a glossy glass coffee table and a velvet sofa that has a smoother and softer surface. This glass table is equipped with iron legs that are more sturdy and strong when supporting items or decorations placed on it. The nuance of the room with a splash of black and white gives an instant monochromatic impression. Glossy black glass table from mymove.

Add Alternative Seating

Consider adding alternative seating in your family room. In this case, you can add a swing chair to your family room. The existence of a swing chair can be an alternative seating in your room, as a reading nook, and can be used as a decorative item at the same time. Surely, it can enhance your family room decor and can bring a modern touch.



Do you have a larger number of families when you gather in the living room? If so, then adding two rattan wicker swings next to the sofa is a smart idea that you can try. Don’t forget to cover the sitting surface of this swing with soft pillows to make it more comfortable to use all day long. Hang this swing to the ceiling area using a sturdy and strong rope, of course. Two rattan wicker swings from homedesignlover.


Furthermore, you can also add a wooden swing that is hung to the ceiling area using a sturdy and strong wire rope so that it does not fall easily when used. Hang this swing right in front of the bold color chair as a substitute for a wooden chair that can be used to talk comfortably and precisely. Place the table in the middle of the chair and swing as a compliment with a distance that is not too far away. Wooden swing from livspace.

Geometric Touch

For an interesting decorating theme, you can browse modern family room ideas that feature geometric shapes. Try to choose elements that will complement the colors and patterns of your walls, furniture, and accents. In this case, you can use a rug that has a geometric pattern, applying a geometric wallpaper, or use a throw pillow with a geometric print. The geometric touch will strengthen the modern vibe of your modern family decor.


Make the family room decoration more colorful and cheerful by using a geometric carpet that has a more prominent color than the other interiors around it. This rug is also warmer footed, making it suitable for winter room decorations. Linen sofas with dark colors are the perfect combination that you can try easily and right now. Bold color carpet geometric from homedesignlover.


Don’t let the family room decoration walls appear plain and boring, you can install geometric wallpapers that have several bright and calm pastel color combinations. Hang the framed painting as a compliment that is on budget, wall scones lights into lighting that you can use when the room starts to feel darker. Combination of geometric wallpaper with frame painting from decoist.

Install Floating Shelves

Floating shelves also becomes a good investment for home decor, especially for a family room. In order to bring the modern nuance, you can choose the floating shelves in white color. Besides, maintain modernity, the white shelves can create an aesthetical look and making a home for book and plant collections.


Take advantage of the corner area of the family room for ideas for storing some of your favorite books by hanging some wooden shelves that have been repainted in a brighter color like white. Choose melamine wood material for a smoother surface texture and not easily porous when used for a long time. Corner floating bookshelves from housebeautiful.


If your wall has a surface that is still empty and has not been used, then you can install some floating shelves that can be used to put some room decorations and green plants that can refresh the room as a whole. Match the color of the walls with the shelves to appear more harmonious and of course, make the room feel more modern and minimalist. Floating rack as an area for room decoration and green plants from housebeautiful.

Actually, there are many ways to decorate a family room in a modern way. Those ideas above are some of the ways you can do to create a comfortable and modern family room. Have a nice to try.