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Boho-Style Interior Design Ideas to Freshen Up Your Home

Boho-style interior design is becoming extremely popular. Some designers describe it as “post-modern”, but it’s definitely not traditional! The inspiration for this style comes from the Indian subcontinent, specifically India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. It’s all about bright, vibrant colors, ceramics, terracotta, and thatch. Here are some boho-style interior design ideas that can be used today and freshen up your home.

Color Combinations

This type of design focuses on mixing multiple hues of a single color. For instance, instead of using brown, you might consider using orange, red, or yellow. Then you could play off that by combining these with black or white. Remember to keep the design pattern simple, with no more than three elements. For example, you could have white wallpaper and then paint your furniture in the same color.


There’s nothing wrong with using a combination of brown and pink in a bohemian room. This color combination makes the room more lively and not easily boring. You can put some tropical green plants that have a larger size to add fresh, natural color and match it with other interiors around it with any style and color. Combination of brown, pink, and green from extraspace.


The floral pattern on this living room wallpaper has several bold color combinations that bring the room to life. In this room, you can also use a pink sofa which is equipped with a colorful velvet pillowcase as a heating accent that you can use anytime. Some of the walls can be painted with white to neutralize the color nuances of this modern boho-style living room. Colorful floral wallpaper from extraspace.


This living room wall painted in green will appear more colorful when using colorful carpets and pillowcases. This velvet sofa covered with a tasseled blanket gives off a lovely boho vibe. Some bohemian wall hangings are a sweet finishing touch and you can combine it with the indoor greenery around it. Green walls with pillowcases and colorful carpet from extraspace.


Boho style is all about natural wood and using natural wood furniture makes you feel that you are at the beach. You can create a unique environment by adding lots of natural wood colors like red, black, brown, and beige and rattan furniture like cane chairs and wooden window blinds with string lights and bamboo shades. Rattan can also be a symbol of wealth and it gives a very exotic and rich feeling to your home.


This bohemian furniture made of wood and rattan is an important accent that gives a natural and environmentally friendly impression. Currently, you can use teak wood on benches, headboards, and nightstands for a harder surface and certainly not easily porous. Furthermore, you can also put some green plants on the floor area as a fresh decoration. Teak and rattan furniture from deavita.


Combine rattan furniture with some modern furniture that has pastel colors such as light pink. These two pieces of furniture will work well together when combined in a bohemian-style room. For a softer rattan bench surface, you can cover it with linen pillows with a softer and smoother surface, some throw pillows and blankets as additional accents that make you feel warmer and more comfortable. Rattan bench from deavita.


To complete the bohemian living room decoration, you can use some furniture made of re-polished rattan so that it has a more glossy surface. You can cover the wicker rattan chair with tufted pillows to make it softer when used for relaxing. The combination of rubber trees and several other indoor green plants makes the room fresher and is perfect for healthy air circulation. Rattan wicker furniture from deavita.


In order to decorate the boho style, the existence of patterns plays an important role. The pattern will make the interior of the home more alive and fresh. There are various kinds of boho patterns that can be applied. Such as tribal, Aztec, geometric, floral, and mandala. The characteristic of the boho pattern is using bright colors and of course colorful.


Incorporate several different bohemian patterns in one room for a more lively and cheerful impression. You can put the pattern on blankets, pillowcases, and fabric rugs that have a soft texture. Some of these patterns have the same color, namely a combination of pink, purple, yellow, and red, making the room seem more modern and never out of date. Colorful bohemian pattern from deavita.


The combination of the mandala, striped and floral patterns in this living room decor emphasizes the bohemian style in your living room decor. This pattern comes in several different colors, making the room even more colorful. This wooden coffee table filled with carvings gives a beautiful artistic impression without overdoing it, re-polish it for a shinier finish. Combination of the mandala, striped and floral patterns from deavita.


You can easily apply the classic bohemian style in your bedroom decor by applying a boho pattern to several pillowcases and bedding with splashes of different vibrant colors. It’s not enough to get here, you can also use white wooden shiplap as a wall that dominates this room so that it seems more neutral and makes the room less plain. Patterned Boho bedding and pillowcases from deavita.


Carpets are an important part of any boho room’s design. Try a basic checkered pattern on a sheer couch or a fluffy throw pillow. Keep in mind the predominant colors used in the room. You want the carpeting to be the primary focus, but it should also work well with the decor. A pop of color here, or a pattern that is too busy will ruin the look.


The rug is one of the mandatory interiors that you can use to coat the floor in your living room decoration, choose the pattern and color of this rug according to the style of the room that will be applied. For example, your living room has a bohemian style, so you can use a black and white rug with colorful furniture around it. Rattan swing becomes additional furniture for relaxing. B/W rug from mydomaine.


Layer your boho rug with a rattan woven carpet with a soft texture and certainly gives a natural impression to the room. This carpet coating is intended to have a warmer foot surface and of course provide bright and different colors that make the room look more cheerful. Set a glass table on top for a luxurious vibe that doesn’t go overboard. Cover the boho rug with a rattan woven rug from mydomaine.


If you want a boho living room decor with a neutral color, then you can use a patterned white rug to cover your cement floor. A brown sofa made of synthetic leather becomes a bold color that has an earth tone vibe so it can blend in perfectly when combined with the green plants around it. White patterned carpet from mydomaine.


Finally, the boho-style interior design can’t be separated from the accessories. The accessories can be used for decorative items or wall decoration. The macrame, mandala, dream catcher, tapestry, or woven basket from bamboo and rattan can be a good choice to get a perfect bohemian decor.


So that your white walls don’t look plain and boring, then you can hang a DIY macrame that is large enough as a wall decoration that is suitable for decorating a bohemian living room. Other decorations that you can apply in this room is a various type of green plants and vines in pots that have different materials and shapes. Large DIY macrame wall decoration from digsdigs.


Hanging macrame is one of the beautiful ornaments that can be applied in decorating a bohemian living room. Choose and use a macrame that has a color that matches the walls to appear more elegant, insert a boho pattern on pillowcases and rugs to enhance this room to the fullest. Wooden floors become warm footwear and seem more natural. Hanging DIY macrame from digsdigs.


Complete the look of your bohemian living room with a hanging jute rug that is applied to the wall, more precisely above the linen sofa. This jute rug becomes an accent that instantly emphasizes the boho style. Use some candle holders as lighting ideas that make the living room more dramatic and warmer when the atmosphere in the room feels colder. Instead of using walls with glass windows to enter more sunlight. Hanging jute rug from digsdigs.

Are you agree that the boho-styled interior designs are really enchanting, eclectic, and relaxing? If you agree, try those ideas above.