Spice Up Your Living Space with These 5 Inexpensive Apartment Decor Ideas

If you are looking for inexpensive apartment decorating ideas, there are some great ways to put together some elegant and stylish decor without breaking the bank. Sometimes the simplest things are the most cost-effective. You can find a number of ways to add color and warmth to your apartment that don’t require a lot of money or work. When it comes to living in a small apartment, you have to be creative with what you have to work with. Here are a few inexpensive apartment decorating ideas that will bring a smile to the face of any resident:

Consider the Paint

Paint is one of the best ways to change a room. Make a color palette that matches the color of the walls and some furniture. Painting one wall in a bold color such as red will make the other walls more subtle in their color. Another great thing about painting the wall is you can often do it yourself if you are feeling up to the task. Take a look at sample paints before you start on a full coat so you have an idea of how much paint to buy. But keep in mind that you have to make sure that you can coordinate the color and get a matching look between the wall and furniture.


Applying a bold color on one of the walls of the apartment living room will give a stylish look and will steal the attention of many people. You can also add a red sofa which will make the perfect focal point of the room. A wooden coffee table and wooden cabinets will add a rustic touch to this apartment. Bold color paint wall from thespruce.


Hunter green is one of the favorite colors to decorate an apartment, especially in the living room. But because this color is very bold you can combine it with a white color scheme and a large window on one wall. This beautiful shiplap hunter green wall is perfect for large spaces that need a pop of color. Hunter green paint wall from thespruce.


Applying the navy color to the design of this apartment gives an attractive appearance for you to try. Navy is the perfect accent wall color because it’s rich, bold, and blends beautifully with subtle neutrals. Choose navy to create a calm and moody color scheme that still feels traditional. Some of these mid-century-style interiors will complete the look of your apartment living room. Navy wall color from thespruce.

Area Rug

Use rugs on the floor whether for the living room or bedroom. Placing the rug under the coffee table or bed will bring a different look to the room. Rugs make a great accent piece in your inexpensive apartment decorating. Area rugs will keep the floor warm and add color to inexpensive apartment decorating ideas. Place the rugs to match the wall color of the room.


When choosing a rug, think about how it will work with your furniture layout. Choosing a soft carpet design with a geometric pattern will give the appearance of a warm impression and will look more stylish. Placing it under the sofa is the perfect room decor that will add color to cheap apartment decorating ideas. Geometric rug from realhomes.


If your living room is minimalist, but you want to add comfort, a long pile carpet is a right choice. Putting it under this rug sofa will give your feet a warm vibe. This rug maintains a modern look that’s softer, relaxed, with a boho feel by pairing it with an inviting brown leather sofa and plenty of cushions for a warm feel layered on a neutral color palette. Boho rug from realhomes.


Putting a rug under this bed will create a comfortable mood. Plush area rugs provide practical warmth while adding extra texture. You can try a small sheepskin rug for the floor covering and it will add extra warmth. The white color scheme will also give the impression of a comfortable and calm room. Rug under  bed from architecturaldigest.

Rattan Window Treatment

Use window coverings that match the theme. Window coverings come in all sorts of colors and patterns. Use your common sense when picking a theme. A lot of people do not realize how useful window coverings can be. Use window decorations to make your place look warmer. Rattan window treatments will give a richer look to your home. Pick colors that will complement the furniture you have chosen. You can also make use of tie-back strings to make your windows more festive.


The window treatments make the room sing. Choosing a material from rattan will give the room a warmer look. Rattan window treatments will give a richer look to your home. Combined with a white color scheme in this bedroom design, it gives an airy and bright look. Window treatments from apartmenttherapy.


The dining room of this charming apartment has a similarly relaxed atmosphere. Using rattan shutters will add extra warmth to this room. You can also combine it with a rattan dining table set and rattan pots to create a deeper boho impression into this dining room. The navy and white color scheme also makes your room more stylish and has a warm impression. Rattan window treatment from apartmenttherapy.


Applying rattan curtains and this pink fabric will create a warm and inviting living room. Rattan window treatments will give a richer look to your home. You can combine green plants in pots with this decoration, you will have a natural apartment design and fresh air. The white wall scheme and wooden floors make a statement of an airy and warm room. Rattan curtains and pink fabric from apartmenttherapy.

Install Wallpaper

Sometimes, when we want to decorate the wall, we have to make a hole and it might be not allowed by the apartment manager. If you need an instant way to decorate your apartment wall without making some holes, you can install wallpaper. Wallpaper acts like a dust cover to keep the elements out of the walls and to keep your interior looking neat. There are many themes of wallpaper that you can choose from. You can adjust it according to your need.


Turn a boring master bedroom wall into an artsy scene with nothing more than wallpaper. Applying forest wallpaper on one wall will look more perfect and will bring a natural impression into this bedroom. with a perfect wall-to-wall mural that will steal the attention of many people. Forest wallpaper from apartmenttherapy.


A small wallpaper in the master bedroom. Dress up the space behind your bed with floral prints to liven up the romantic atmosphere of your bedroom. Combined with a white color scheme and some comfortable interiors, it will make your apartment bedroom look more stylish and will steal the attention of many people. Floral prints wallpaper from apartmenttherapy.


This botanical wallpaper on one of the walls brings a fresh touch to your apartment bedroom. Combined with a white color scheme and a window on one wall will also give the illusion of a calm room and let the sun’s rays in so that it will make your room brighter. Sheer flax curtains add softness which is great to have on your bed. Botanical wallpaper from apartmenttherapy.

Placing Plants

Plants are well known for their ability to freshen up and enhance home decoration. Then placing it for your apartment can be the easiest and cheapest way to enhance your apartment decor. You can choose the house plant that easy maintenance. You can choose in small or big size, depends on where you will put it. To add a pop of color to your apartment, you can choose a pot that has a bright color or colorful.


Indoor plants can beautify any space by adding a little color and style. Of course, indoor plant trends are unlikely to change anytime soon. Decorating plants can make your living room cooler and more luxurious. Using pots in muted colors and arranged in this storage rack will make your room more tidy and stylish. Indoor plants from roohome.


This apartment bedroom has a collection of art and textiles that look interesting, but a series of circular plant hangers above the headboard can catch everyone’s attention and will bring a fresh feel to the room. You can use terracotta pots and gold colors to give the room an amazing look. Hanging plants above bed from apartmenttherapy.


Hang the plant from a stand-alone clothes rack. You can put it in the living room area to let fresh air into your room. Choosing low-maintenance plants can make your room more stylish. Choosing a pop color in this pot will also give a pop of color to your living room decor. Hanging it with macram cloth is a brilliant idea. Hang plants stand-alone clothes rack from apartmenttherapy.

These are just a few inexpensive decorating ideas. You can always find more ways of using what you have at your disposal. In fact, this will also help you save money. But, hopefully, those ideas above will help you to decorate your apartment without breaking your bank.

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