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Creative Ways to Decorate Your Small Apartment Bedroom into Dreamy Sleep Space

When you are deciding to live in an apartment, you have to deal with limited space. This might have an impact on how you can get a good decoration in a limited space, especially if you come to the small apartment bedroom. Limited space should not limit you to be creative in decorating your apartment bedroom. There are several ways that you can do to make your small apartment bedroom more comfortable and become a dreamy sleep space. Here are some creative ways to decorate your small bedroom.

Closed Storage

Bedroom decor ideas for small apartments should also include plenty of storage. Your room should be airy and light, with plenty of open space. You should try to avoid cluttered rooms, as this can actually make you feel claustrophobic. Keep everything neat and tidy and you will find that your room actually looks more spacious than it did when you first moved in. In this case, you can choose closed and clever storage. The side table that has a shelf and hidden drawer will keep your books, phone, and your small things are no visible. You can also use a bench with storage inside to store your cushions, blankets, and many more. Place the bench in front of your bed and you can use it as the extra seating in your small bedroom.


Wooden bed equipped with a pull-out storage drawer underneath is a smart furniture idea that you can use to enhance the decor of your apartment bedroom. You can put blankets or other small items into this drawer for a neater and more organized appearance of course. These pull-out drawers don’t take up much floor space at the same time. Storage drawers under the bed from extraspace.


Do you need storage in your bedroom decor? If yes, then you can use a melamine dresser which is equipped with several storage drawers that you can use as much as possible. Choose and use this dresser with a clean white color according to the color of the wall paint that is applied. The top surface of this dresser can be used to place some decorative items such as green plants and other beautiful ornaments. Storage melamine wood dresser from extraspace.


The vintage vibe in this bedroom comes through the reclaimed wood nightstand and pull-out storage drawer that sits under the bed. This closed storage idea is the right choice to display a wider, organized, and neat room of course. Close the pull-out drawer on this nightstand after use so it doesn’t interfere with your activities while in this bedroom. Reclaimed wood nightstand with pull-out drawer from extraspace.

Give an Illusion with A Large Mirror

When you have to deal with a small space, it will force you to think as creatively as you can to make your small bedroom look larger than it is. One way that you can do this is to install a large mirror in your bedroom. The large mirror installed behind the headboard will give an illusion to all of the room and make your bedroom looks larger, brighter, and clean at the same time.


This standing mirror, which is placed right beside the tufted bed, is an important accent that is suitable for giving a broad impression to bedroom decor with limited space. Choose a mirror rectangle that is lined with a gray frame according to the nuances in this room to make it seem more elegant and modern, of course. This mini potted plant in front of the mirror becomes a fresh decoration that adds color to the room instantly. Standing mirror with gray frame from mymove.


Another option to give the illusion of a small bedroom looking wider is to use a mirror accent with a larger size, this mirror will reflect sunlight that enters through the window throughout the room evenly. Don’t forget to coat this mirror with a natural wood frame to avoid accidents caused by scratches on this mirror itself. Large mirror with natural wood frame from mymove.


Not only using a standing mirror in your bedroom decor, now you can use a round mirror that is hung with a natural rope on an empty wall. Although this mirror has a small size, this interior spreads the reflection of light throughout the room to the maximum. This mirror can also be used as a wall decoration that many people are interested in. Hanging round mirror from mymove.

Express Yourself Through Bedding

An easy yet creative way to uplift your small apartment bedroom is by treating your bedding set. Use a soft texture of the bed linen and choose your favorite pattern. You can go for a plain bed sheet or choose a pattern one. Through the bedding set, you can express yourself, your personality, and you can make your own personal sanctuary. You can do anything with your bedding. You can put one or two cushions on your bed. The selection of cushions in the contrasting patterns will finish the look of your bedroom effortlessly. But don’t overdo the scatter cushions because nobody wants the hassle of arranging the cushions every morning.

At_house tours_archive_angie teater_04c872264928c3869464abdb0ebb56ff577a6c65

If you are one of those people who like masculine colors, then you can use blankets and some other interiors that have darker colors. Black, white, brown, and green are the perfect combination that can blend in one room when used simultaneously. Tropical plants placed next to the bed become a fresh decoration that never fails when decorating a room in any style. Masculine apartment bedroom from apartmenttherapy.

At_house tours_archive_megan martinez boho beach bungalow_d594f2a4276c2a6d02b2c8efb147593e4cfb9bf0

An easy way to bring the feel of a bright bedroom is to use white bedding with a splash of blue on the blanket accent. Place the blanket over the bottom of the bed in neat and orderly folds. It’s not enough here, you can also use walls with white paint as the perfect combination that makes the room look cleaner and more spacious. The combination of blue with white on bedding from apartmenttherapy.

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The boho pattern and color applied through this pillowcase will appear more unified when combined with plain white bedding. White is always the right choice to express a room that seems softer and brighter, the gold lamp that is applied right on the headboard adds a shiny luxurious color when exposed to the reflection of sunlight that comes through the glass window. White bedding with boho pillowcases from apartmenttherapy.

Make Your Own Gallery Wall

Wall decorating is big this year. We are focusing on creating the illusion of a larger room by hanging up decorative photos or artwork on the walls. Keep it simple, and keep it modern, but be as creative as you want to. The most important thing to remember when decorating a small area is not to make it too cluttered or otherwise look uncomfortable. Make sure you leave enough space to move around comfortably and make sure that the colors of the wall are not too overwhelming. Make your own gallery as interesting as you can and ready to enhance your small bedroom.


Decorate the wall behind your tufted headboard with several frames containing paintings with different themes, the frames that are hung on one of these wall decorations become the focal point of the room because they have quite a lot of them. Frames with various types and sizes also add an artistic impression that is not excessive. Gallery wall behind the headboard from decoist.


Don’t let the wall decorations in your bedroom be plain and boring, you can use several painting frames with neutral colors and of course with adjusted distances. Surround the largest painting frame with several frames around it to give the impression of more unique and different wall decor. Neutral color frame wall painting from decoist.


Fill the walls of your bedroom with several paintings from the large to the smallest sizes. This large painting can be installed on the wall area behind the bed to make it look clearer and of course, to be an artistic focal point of the room, you can try it at a fairly high cost but the final result will be more perfect. Painting frames from large to small from decoist.

Covering Your Floor with A Rug

When everybody focuses on wall decoration, don’t neglect the floor. The little bit of touch to the floor will bring a huge impact to your small apartment bedroom. All you can do is covering your floor with a rug. You can use colorful rugs to insert characters in your room. Installing rugs is a great way to add personality to your small bedroom. This is also a chic solution to protect the floor while keeping warm the room and your foot. Being comfortable at the same time.


The abstract pattern applied to the carpet in this bedroom has a combination of several bright colors that you can complete with a bold-colored canopy bed. This carpet will be warm footwear and of course always a comfortable surface to step on, the neutral-colored furniture around it is a blend that can blend perfectly. Colorful abstract carpet from decoist.


Cover your plywood floor with a beautiful colorful striped carpet that fits perfectly when combined with a bed and some white walls. This colorful carpet gives a more cheerful and exciting impression, you can also install a map wallpaper that is large enough to add color and insight that you don’t know yet. Colorful striped carpet from decoist.


This rug with a combination of several bright colors has a unique and unusual shape. The pink chair has a softer surface so that it is comfortable to use all day, put some furniture around it according to the color of the carpet used so that it can blend in more perfectly and of course it doesn’t damage the color tone of the room in this bedroom. Unique and colorful carpet from decoist.

Having a small bedroom doesn’t mean limit you to get comfortable, inviting, and dreamy sleep space. With some creative ways, you can make it happen.

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