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Creative Paper Mache Crafts for Beginners

Paper mache crafts is a DIY that many have known. However, this does not mean everybody knows where to start. If you are interested but this is still your first time, where do you begin?

No worries. With plenty of options already around, you will not have so much trouble giving your first shot. Here are five creative paper mache crafts for beginners.

Seedling pots

Rip the cardboard cereal boxes into small pieces before soaking them. You can use water in the blender to pulp them. Then, drain the pulp in the colander. Add some flour on the surface and mix before you start kneading them into the seedling pots that you want.


Pour your creative ideas with useful activities by converting used items that are no longer used to make items with new functions. For example, if you have a used cardboard or used cereal box, instead of throwing it away and creating waste, it is better for you to recycle it into a unique seed pot. No need to be confused to design the shape, simply by turning your drinking glass can be used as a mold. Recycled cereal box pots from stylemotivation.

Paper mache letters

The materials for these paper mache crafts can be varied. For something simpler, you can cut out cardboard in the shape of the letters you want. To keep the letters erect and appear in a 3D look, sticking some used paper cups between the front and the back part of the letters is a good idea.


You can also use paper mache for a letter craft. Shape the paper mache according to the several letter shapes you want, then arrange them in order to form a word. You can use this creative idea as a wall decoration in your bedroom so that it will be the center of attention of everyone who is there. Add pattern paper to the paper mache latter so that it looks more unique and not tacky. DIY paper mache letters from designertrapped.


Don’t let the walls of your living room be plain and boring, you can hang a paper mache latter which is large enough and repainted using a color that matches the surrounding furniture. This paper mache latter has a slightly dull color so that it gives a vintage and shabby chic vibe at the same time, hang it using a sturdy nail so it doesn’t fall off easily. Paper mache latter wall decoration from guidepatterns.


The next idea for crafting paper mache latter is to give a different pattern to each letter with the application of colorful paint. After the paint is dry, then you can put it anywhere according to the needs of the room that requires decoration for a more artistic appearance and of course more beautiful. This paper mache latter idea is very cheap because it is only made of cardboard that is no longer used. Patterned paper mache letters from guidepatterns.


To give your paper mache latter craft a different look, add white lighting that can be turned on at night so that it looks clearer and more real. This paper craft can also be used as lighting for a room that is not too wide, place it on the table so that the light can be fully extended throughout the room. Lighting paper mache letters from guidepatterns.

Paper Mache cacti

Need cute dining table decor or a unique desk decor at work? These paper mache cacti might do the trick. With pots, knife, homemade wheat paste, newspaper (for pulp), foam or insulation board, dowel rods, flower clipper, toothpicks, marker, acrylic paint, and paintbrushes, you can do this.


Take advantage of some paper in the office that is no longer used as a creative table decoration idea, you can make paper mache cacti that are cheap and of course very on budget. To make it look real, you can put it in a pot that has been repainted with two different colors to make it look more beautiful and clean. Use crystal stones as a planting medium that does not make your work table dirty easily. Paper mache cacti with crystal stone planting media from thecardswedrew.


After you turn the paper into a DIY cactus craft, then the next step is to paint it using a green color according to the color of cacti in general. The toothpick will be a thorn accent that you can apply to the outside of the cactus for a more realistic look. Clay pots with white stone planting media are the perfect combination that you can use together. DIY paper mache cactus crafts with clay pots from agirlandagluegun.


The appearance of paper mache cacti will look more shiny when perfected with the application of glitter on every outer surface of the DIY cactus. You can make this cactus craft with three different types of cactus and of course with the same pot pattern but different colors. When this paper cactus craft has been made, you can place it on a work table or on a windowsill as a unique and more real window sill decoration. Glitter paper mache cacti from thecountrychiccottage.


These three different types of DIY paper mache cacti will look more elegant when using clay pots that are repainted using a clean white color. Don’t forget to re-polish these three DIY paper cacti using different green paints. The materials needed for this paper mache cacti idea are very easy to find and have a selling price that is not too expensive. Three kinds of DIY paper mache cacti from designsponge.

Lollipop pencils

These paper Mache crafts are easy to make. Do your pencils look plain and boring? Tie their behinds with balls of paper pulp and paint the surface with acrylic paint. Color combos like a white background with red or green, stripy patterns will make the pencils look like lollipops, too.


To make your child more excited when doing schoolwork, then you can make a lollipop paper craft that is installed right at the end of the pencil using paper glue that is strong enough and doesn’t come off easily. To make this lollipop you can use several different colors of folding paper so that it looks more colorful and fun. Colorful pencil lollipop from firstpalette.


Pencil lollipops are one of the most creative DIY crafts to increase your child’s creativity, this pencil lollipop idea only requires a few different colors of paper for a more festive and fun pencil display. White is suitable when combined with any color, for example, combined with red, green, yellow, blue or light purple. DIY creativity pencil lollipop from craftwhack.

Mini hot air balloons

You can use old lightbulbs as balloons. Remove the insides before sticking old papers on the surface. Do not forget to use acrylic paint for more colorful decoration on the bulbs before you stick them with strings attached to tiny baskets.


Don’t throw away the rest of your folded paper, just arrange and stick it on the outer surface of the unused lightbulb to be used as a mini hot air balloon equipped with a woven basket accent at the bottom. When finished, you can hang it using ropes and hooks that are sturdy and don’t fall off easily. Try this DIY paper idea with your friends on the weekend. DIY mini hot air balloon with wicker basket accent from homesthetics.


You can pattern the rest of the folded paper to be used as an idea for the outer surface of a mini hot air balloon made from lightbulb base materials that are no longer used as lighting ideas. Glue this folded paper using paper glue evenly so that it doesn’t come off easily when used as a room decoration for a long time. Hang it in an area of the room that is often visited by your friends or family. Paper folding scraps for hot air balloon ideas from homesthetics.


So that your lightbulb does not become a waste, then you can use it as a cheap mini hot air balloon idea and suitable to be made with your friends. After the HVS paper is installed on the lightbulb, then you can repaint it with some bright colors to make it appear more colorful and fun. Don’t forget to add a paper basket that is equipped with people’s accents as a beautiful and beautiful complement. Colorful lightbulb paper mini hot air balloon from firstpalette.


Not only using colorful paper to make a mini hot air balloon craft, you can use one color paper that is decorated with DIY accents of natural light woven crafts. Then use dry tree branches as a perfect accent that is cheap and looks more natural. The doll is a cute accent that you can put together in a tree branch basket. Mini hot air balloon with tree branch basket accent from diys.

These are five examples of creative paper mache crafts for beginners. What are your other ideas?