Lifehack Ideas for Tiny Closet You Need to Try

Whether you live in a house, apartment, or dorm, you will always need a closet. Unfortunately, the closet is like Earth, the population keeps rising, but the land is always the same. Where your clothes keep growing but space is always the same. If you don’t have a budget to buy a new closet, you need something magic organization ways to organize your clothes. Thus, you need to find a way to keep your stuff, and fortunately, here are some life hacks you can try.

Double up your hanger

First thing first, be wise to choose what stuff you’re gonna hang. If it is just a T-shirt or composed of light material, you better fold them.

However, put your hoody, jacket, or other heavy stuff hanging. The interesting part is, you can double it with another hanger again and again. You can use chains, s-hooks, or even soda can tabs.

If you already have a high closet, double your hanger space with a hanger extension. You can make it by hanging a pipe with two ropes. Easy peasy.


If you have a tall wardrobe, leave some parts to put clothes hangers made of natural wood. Storing your clothes by hanging is a smart idea to save space in the closet. In addition, you can also use some rattan wicker baskets as additional storage ideas that can be used as well and as much as possible. Vertical wooden clothes hanger from oprahdaily.


If you have a wardrobe design with a limited size, then hangers are the best solution that you can easily apply. Hang some shirts with jeans pants using plastic hangers that have a thicker and stronger texture. As for some sweaters and other thick clothes, you can fold them and then stack them according to their functions and needs, try this easy clothes storage idea to get maximum results. More clothes hangers from oprahdaily.


A clothes hanger is one of the best choices that you can use when you have a wardrobe with a room that is not too wide. Hang this hanger lengthwise in a neat arrangement and according to its type to make it easier to find when needed in a fast time. The transparent plastic rack that is applied above the closet becomes an additional idea for storing your knitted sweaters that have a thicker texture. Combination of clothes hangers with transparent plastic shelves from oprahdaily.


The next wardrobe arrangement idea that you can try is to hang long clothes using a hanger made of similar colors and materials. This arrangement idea is intended to make your wardrobe look neater and more organized, take advantage of several drawers on the sides and bottom for smaller clothes storage ideas. The top shelf is used for arranging sweater folds made of thick material. Hanger your long clothes from oprahdaily.


For the arrangement of a sweater or jacket, you can use a hanger and then hang it in the wardrobe neatly and not too much so that it is easier to find. Also take advantage of your closet door to hang some of your bag collections neatly, don’t forget to add some storage baskets as additional containers that you can use as well as possible so you can store more of your clothes. Hanger sweater and jacket from oprahdaily.


Do you have a closet with a smaller size? No need to worry, you can use it as much as possible with the use of quite a lot of clothes hangers. This hanger can be used to hang some of your clothes or jackets in a neat and orderly manner. While the open shelves at the top and sides can be used to stack several types of neatly folded denim. Clothes hanger with the arrangement according to type from oprahdaily.

Make your clothes rack

If your closet is already full and nothing will do better than dump some stuff, maybe you can consider creating a clothes rack. Let’s say it is a temporary rack. However, you already know what storage you are looking for. You can build a rack by putting some pipes to hang your clothes and some shelves on the bottom.

The same concept can be done with your shelves. Combine a bookshelf and some containers to do this. The container inside a container will also work because you will be more aware of your belongings.


You can install a hanging gold pipe clothes rack in the ceiling area near several mini-sized wooden closets as an idea to hang some hangers for a while that doesn’t take up a lot of room area so it’s perfect for a limited room decoration idea. Use this pipe rack to hang some jackets that have a heavier and thicker fabric texture so they will be difficult to fold in your wardrobe. Hanging gold pipe clothing rack from morningchores.


Do you need additional clothing storage space? If so, then you can use a standing pipe clothing rack which is equipped with a wooden surface underneath so you can also use it to store several pairs of your shoes or high heels. This DIY pipe clothing rack does not cost a lot of expenses when making it, so it is highly recommended for those of you who want to be on a budget. DIY standing pipe clothing rack from morningchores.


If one pipe clothing rack is not enough, then you can use these two clothes hanger storage sizes with the same shape and material. You can use a small pipe clothing rack for ideas for storing some of your daughter’s mini-sized dresses. Adjust the use of the hanger to the size of the clothes to be hung so that they don’t fall off easily when hung. Two pipe clothing rack from morningchores.


Take advantage of the corner of your room as an idea to put a temporary pipe clothing rack to hang some of your clothes using an iron hanger that looks more sturdy and strong. You can apply this clothing pipe to a standing pallet box that is used to show off some green plants as a refreshing room decoration area. Combination of pipe with pallet box temporary clothing rack from morningchores.


This standing gold pipe rack can be used to hang some jackets or accessories that you have. The advantage of using this pipe clothing rack is that it is easier to find the item you are looking for in an effective time because of its open nature. You can make this shelf easily without the need for a professional, don’t forget to use stone as a sturdy shelf leg and make it more balanced so it doesn’t roll over easily. Gold pipe clothing rack with stone legs from morningchores.

Fold your items vertically

Just like the queen of decluttering Marie Kondo’s advice, folding will make your clothes happier. Yes, that’s what she said.

Her idea is, rather than folding or hanging your tops, pants, scarves, or other slim clothes in a closet, you can fold them in a dresser. Thus, fold them vertically like origami so you can easily spot them.

You don’t need to buy some dressers too. Gather some shoeboxes or containers as a divider. You can also make your folded clothes standing.


Fold your cloth pants and arrange them according to their color to make them easier to find in a more effective and efficient time. You can store several types of these pants in a wooden drawer so that they can be arranged vertically more easily. This drawer consists of several rooms so you can store more pants you have. Fold the pants according to the color from popsugar.


Store clothes in wardrobe drawers by folding them vertically. Besides it will look neater, this way of storage can also make the drawers can accommodate a lot of clothes. Start separating the types of clothes in order to make it easier for you to find them. Pull-out drawers for vertical clothes storage ideas from popsugar.


If you have a lot of t-shirts and are confused about how to store them, try storing them vertically. This method is very suitable for those of you who want to maximize the storage in a cupboard with a size that is not too large. T-shirts will be easier to find with this way of vertical folding storage. Fold vertical your T-shirt from popsugar.


Maximize your pull-out drawer with an effective, simple, and smart way to store clothes. Fold some of your clothes vertically using the Marie kondo organization method which saves maximum storage space. Use the remaining area of this drawer to store some of your accessories such as glasses and wallets. Marie kondo organization method from tasteofhome.

Now, you can say that this is super easy, barely an inconvenience. That’s how you do with your tiny closet.