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Creative Garden Planter Ideas to Design a Catchy Outdoor Space

One of the most important items when decorating the garden is the planter. The planters are able to change the whole look of the garden and outdoor space. Never underestimate the planter options you pick for your garden. The right planters will help you liven up the atmosphere you like and emphasize the decor style you use. Since the choices are overwhelming out there, we’ve picked the best garden planters that can bring a more eye-catching look to your outdoor haven. Let’s check them out!

Raised Planter Boxes

Every DIYer would love the idea of crafting raised planter boxes to get additional, unique spots for growing herbs, flowers, and vegetables. What’s great is, you’ll only need simple tools and materials to create this functional planter in no time at all, without spending much money. From simple wood, fabric, to metal, all of which can add rustic, modern, or other beautiful looks you like to your outdoor space.


This DIY raised garden bed is a brilliant idea for you to try in your home garden. Choosing this type of garden bed gets a unique additional place to grow herbs, flowers, and vegetables. Placed in the corner of the terrace will give a natural impression and fresh air. DIY raised garden bed from thegardenglove.


Making planter boxes This is an awesome way to make it easy to care for your plants. This one is made of redwood for weather resistance. The size is also good, perfect for growing small vegetables and herb gardens. With a decoration like this, you will create a stylish garden and steal the attention of many people. Planter boxes from thegardenglove.


If you want it a little more interesting, add a DIY planter box that has a shelf underneath. You can double your garden space by filling the shelves with potted plants as well. In addition, using this garden bed will protect your plants from attacks and other animals. This idea is the perfect garden decoration for you to try. DIY planter box with shelf from thegardenglove.


This super simple DIY planter box can be made easily. Add a trellis and expand the types of plants you can grow. The idea of making a raised planter box to get a unique additional place to grow herbs, flowers, and vegetables. It will also protect your plants from attacks by animals and insects. Raised garden bed with trellis from thegardenglove.


Turning your suitcase into a super stylish planter will protect your plants from attacks by animals and insects. This raised planter box idea provides a unique additional place to grow herbs, flowers, and vegetables. Choosing pipe feet gives a cool industrial look. Suitcase garden bed from thegardenglove.

Upside-Down Planters

Don’t ever miss upside-down garden planters if you’re looking for a more creative way to display your greenery. As the name implies, this planter type lets you plant houseplants or herbs through the bottom hole and use the upper part for watering. Then, you can hang them from the ceiling—allowing you to build a stunning hanging garden that never fails to draw people’s attention.


If garden space is an issue, try this inverted planter idea with garden therapy. It saves a lot of space and is perfect for fruitful harvests. Choosing upside-down tomatoes will make your garden full of vegetable crops. In addition, these tomatoes are easy to care for. Upside-down tomatoes from balconygardenweb.


Find the right container and complete the tomato planter project in reverse planting. Using this type of bucket planter will make it easier for you to hang it on the ceiling of your terrace. Decorations like these allow you to build a stunning hanging garden that never fails to catch people’s attention. Upside-down bucket planter from balconygardenweb.


Growing herbs, tomatoes, or other nightshade family plants upside down by recycling this plastic bucket will complete your garden decor. With a decoration idea like this, you can hang it from the ceiling so that it will allow you to have an attractive hanging plant and steal the attention of many people. Upside-down growing herbs from balconygardenweb.


For those of you who are want to get extraordinary garden looks, you can use used old bottles for the planter ideas. Why it is called an extraordinary planter? This is because of the way it is applied. Your plant does not grow upwards but this planter allows your plant to grow downwards through the holes you have made under the bottle. For the watering, you can put a bottle filled water above the planter. Make a little hole in the bottle, so it can water it itself. Hanging it on the terrace is a good idea to get direct sunlight in the morning. Used oil bottle from balconygardenweb.


Upcycle a soda bottle to make an inverted planter for any leafy plant perfect for adding to your garden design. You can grow various kinds of plants in this planter. In addition, using this type of planter will save a lot of space in your garden. Upcycle a soda bottle from balconygardenweb.

Pumpkin Planters

If you’re after a quick and unique way to do a seasonal update to welcome autumn, pumpkin planters can do wonder. This planter type is a great option to hold succulents or flowers, creating a more cheerful and inviting ambiance in your garden. Other than that, you can also turn small-sized pumpkins like Baby Boo or Jack-Be-Little into pretty decorations or centerpieces for your outdoor area.


Express your love for fall and gardening by growing ornamental kale, cabbage, chrysanthemums, or a variety of foods in a homemade pumpkin planter. Choosing a Jack-‘o-Lantern is an alternative to decorate the front of your house. This will steal the attention of many people and will give an attractive appearance. Jack-‘o-Lantern pumpkin planter from hgtv.


Making a planter using pumpkin will give an attractive appearance to your terrace. Complete with fresh blooming flowers, it will present a stylish terrace design and steal the attention of many people. This DIY idea will complete your fall decor. Planter pumpkin from bhg.


While using real pumpkins as planters will give your patio an authentic touch, you can also use plastic pumpkins for a more durable option. Coupled with some blooms this will welcome your guests and will become the perfect focal point of the terrace. Pumpkins planter from countryliving.


The idea of using pumpkin as a medium for this plant gives a stylish home terrace design and steals the attention of many people. You can add succulent plants for a more interesting design. Placed on the table will give your terrace a more stylish look and steal the attention of many people. Pumpkin planter fall porch from countryliving.


Instead of piling plain pumpkins on your patio it will create a pretty display. You can easily turn pumpkins into plants that will last all season. Actually it is very easy to pull it so that it will present a stylish home terrace design. White pumpkin planter from countryliving.

Apart from those three excellent garden planters, you can also repurpose old items like chandeliers, teapots, bottles, or wheelbarrows to craft your stylish container. All in all, feel free to DIY your own planter and utilize or transform any unused object in your house into a catchy pot that elevates the overall aesthetics of your garden. Good luck!

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