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Black and White Kitchen Design Ideas for a Timeless Look

If you are planning to remodel your kitchen then why not try some black and white kitchen design ideas? There is nothing wrong with returning to basic to your more traditional black and white theme. Not only is this easy, but it is also a timeless color combination, very versatile, and definitely won’t go out of fashion. If you plan your kitchen’s redesign for the long-term it is a very practical option. Here are some favorite black and white kitchen design ideas that might inspire you.

Wood Element to Add Warmth

Even though black and white is a timeless color there is nothing wrong if you want to add another color touch. In this case, you can add a wood color touch to add warmth to the room. The wood touch can be applied to the floor, kitchen island, or chairs. It can be a “middle man” between black and white color that looks together so as to create good harmonization.


There’s nothing wrong with adding wood accents to your kitchen floor as a natural touch that makes the room feel warmer. You can use hardwood as the main material of the floor so that it has a more sturdy surface and of course it is not easily porous when used for a long time. The black color applied to the table and countertop area becomes a modern focal point. Hardwood floors from nextluxury.


Add other colors besides black or white in your modern kitchen decor, walnut wood floor with a more glossy surface is a perfect combination that can blend well when combined in one room. Melamine wood which is used in the main material of this kitchen cabinet will appear more luxurious when it gets a reflection of light that comes from lights or sunlight that enters through your transparent glass window. Walnut wood floor from nextluxury.


The kitchen interior with a combination of black and white is enhanced by the presence of a plywood floor that coats all floor areas evenly. If you have a wider kitchen space, then there is no harm in adding a dining table set next to the kitchen island or rather near the wide glass window wall. The white ceiling makes the room look more spacious and clean. Plywood floor for black and white kitchen decoration from nextluxury.


Not only applying wood accents on your kitchen floor, now you can add wood accents to the dining table area and some kitchen poles to make it more sturdy and strong. Wood is one of the best choices to create a warm and environmentally friendly natural impression. Re-polish some of these wood accents for a shinier look. Wood accents on floors, tables, and kitchen poles from nextluxury.

Looks Elegant with Marble Countertops

When it comes to a typical black and white kitchen, it is the combination of old and new that gives it its uniqueness and appeal. Marble tops are a perfect choice for any modern kitchen because it offers a sleek and beautiful finish, but it also offers a certain classiness and warmth that can be very appealing to those who enjoy old-fashioned styles. Another big reason why marble should be your choice for your kitchen is because of its beauty. Black is one of the most popular colors to use when decorating a kitchen, so it only makes sense that you would want something that will add that bit of classic elegance to your space. Marble offers a unique look that is unusual compared to other materials. This beautiful color will add a touch of class to any kitchen, and if you pair that with a marble top, you have an incredibly classy-looking room.


Perfect your monochromatic kitchen decor with a marble countertop which is dominated by black so it doesn’t get dirty easily after being used for cooking activities. Marble material is also an option to present a modern style that never goes out of fashion. In addition to having a harder material, marble is also an easy material for daily routine maintenance. Dark color marble countertop from nextluxury.


If your kitchen cabinet is dominated by black, then to balance it you can use a white marble kitchen island as a combination of two colors in one room that can bring a monochromatic style instantly. Marble material will make your kitchen look cleaner so it is highly recommended for you. Natural lighting that comes through the glass window becomes a light source that makes the room not easily damp. White marble kitchen island from nextluxury.


Another option to bring a modern and contemporary style to today’s black and white kitchen decor is to apply marble on your countertops and backsplashes with the same color and pattern. Choose a marble material which is dominated by white to match and harmonize the color tone of the room which is soft and looks cleaner and more spacious. Marble countertop and backsplash from nextluxury.


Make your kitchen island more useful by using it as a dining table, here you can simply surround it with a high stool with legs made of iron so that it is more sturdy and strong. Don’t forget to use a marble countertop as a smoother and more comfortable surface to use when eating the dishes that have been prepared on this kitchen island. Multifunction marble kitchen island from nextluxury.

Good in Open-Plan Space

For those of you who are interested in the open space and contemporary touch, you can apply an open space kitchen design with the black and white color scheme. The black and white colors are suitable to be applied in the open space concept to lend a modern vibe. Besides that, it can create a wider look and sophistication. You can apply black color as the background of the kitchen then highlight it with a white cabinet or kitchen island.


To maintain the minimalism of your kitchen decor, then try to use kitchen furniture as needed without overdoing it. Currently, you don’t need to add chairs or stools in the kitchen area to get a wider and open floor area. Open kitchen decorating ideas make it easier for you when cleaning floors or furniture regularly. Minimalist open kitchen from nextluxury.


This black and white kitchen with an open style makes the room feel more spacious and free. You can apply the dining table right in front of the kitchen island so as to provide an empty floor area in the middle. Kitchen cabinets made of melamine wood have a more modern and shiny surface, you can try them now. Kitchen island and dining table combo from nextluxury.


Eliminate permanent room dividers in your minimalist kitchen decor to make the room look more spacious and open. This combo dining room kitchen is a perfect mix of rooms and makes you feel more comfortable when you are in this house. The floor, ceiling, and some furniture in white are the right choices for a more open feel. Kitchen dining room combo from nextluxury.


If you want an open kitchen decor, then the thing that must be considered is the use of furniture to taste without being excessive. Currently, you can use the built-in kitchen cabinets and a minimalist kitchen island which is dominated by clean white. Use some chandeliers as the main lighting that you can use at night to help your night activities become more leverage. Minimalist kitchen furniture from nextluxury.

Just Apply Black Color on One Spot

If your kitchen is small or you don’t really like a bold kitchen, it makes sense to consider applying a white kitchen theme. But, might be it too boring to look at. You can inject a little drama into your white kitchen by applying a black color on one spot. It can bring impactful to the whole kitchen look. For example, you can apply black color for the kitchen island, cooker, or another spot. By applying this idea, you can see how the black color is carried subtly even though it’s only on one object. But this is a great idea on how you make it balance between light and dark.


This wooden kitchen cabinet which is dominated by dark colors is neutralized with some white kitchen interiors that are applied through your modern floors and walls. You can choose and use a stainless steel chair as a sitting area that can be used anytime when needed. A floating cabinet is a closed storage idea that can be used as much as possible. Black kitchen cabinets from nextluxury.


Apply black and white to your kitchen interior by blocking colors to make it look clearer and can be used as a beautiful and elegant focal point. This melamine wood kitchen cabinet with a deep black color is one of the choices of modern furniture that will look shinier when exposed to sunlight or the light that comes from the chandelier that is used. The floral pattern on the backsplash gives an artistic impression that is not excessive. Glossy black melamine wood kitchen cabinet from nextluxury.


If your kitchen cabinet is dominated by black, then for the idea of ​​a kitchen island and ceiling you can use white paint as a combination of the two colors that can blend perfectly when combined in one room. You can add LED lighting to the ceiling as the main lighting that can be turned on when the atmosphere in the kitchen is getting dark. Floating black kitchen cabinet from nextluxury.

These are some ideas of black and white kitchen design ideas. Although it only consists of two colors you can also make it look beautiful, timeless, and attractive. Let’s try those ideas then rock your kitchen.