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Lovely Bathroom Design Ideas

The bathroom is an important part of any home. This is not only the place to clean up your body but nowadays the bathroom is used more as a relaxation area for the family members. In order to that, people still struggle with how to design their bathroom in a way that meets their needs and provides the most value for the space they have. For further more information, take a look at some lovely bathroom design ideas below.

Color Schemes

When it comes to bathroom design ideas most people like to keep things simple and utilitarian. That’s fine for them, but for those who like to inject some personality into their bathrooms, I can tell you that you’ve hit the jackpot! Themes and colors have been a top seller in bathroom designs for decades. One great color scheme that works for just about any setting is classic white. You can also choose from a variety of colors such as taupe, ivory, green, and pastel blue. Just make sure you aren’t choosing anything too bold or bright for your bathroom renovation.


This modern gray and blue bathroom with a small wooden vanity and beautiful lighting will give your bathroom décor a sophisticated look. This sconce lamp above the mirror will also give the room a bright and dramatic light. Modern gray and blue bathroom from decoist.


Chevron pattern flooring in white and gray along with a blue vanity in this stylish and eye-catching contemporary bathroom. Gray tiles on the walls will give a warm and calm feeling. This large abstract painting will give the room an interesting look. Gray wall tile from decoist.

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This bright and spacious modern bathroom in gray and blue will bring a calm and comfortable decor to the room. This oak floor and sink will add a warm touch to this bathroom. These skylights and large windows will create the illusion of a spacious and bright room. Gray and blue color scheme bathroom from decoist.


White tiles with fish scales design combined with bright green walls in this innovative bathroom will make a stylish room decoration and will steal the attention of many people. This wooden wall decor and stone furniture add an elegant and luxurious impression to this bathroom. White tiles with fish scales from decoist.

Use Walk-In Shower or Bathtub Shower Combo

One of the major bathroom design ideas is remodeling with existing fixtures and finishes. What should you do if you have a tiny bathroom? Small bathrooms are about the usage of limited space, so if your household doesn’t take frequent baths why not install a walk-in shower or a low-profile bathtub/shower combination. Also, think about recessed fixtures to allow you more elbow room in the shower. These can be bought fairly cheap and are an easy way to upgrade from a one-person shower to a family bathroom.


Combining a shower and a bathtub is a brilliant small bathroom design idea. Using gold faucets will also create an elegant room. This white and navy color scheme will create a room that is fresh and looks wider. Patterned tile floors will also add patterns to the room. Shower and a bathtub combo from decoist.


The bathtub shower combo is a brilliant idea for you to try in your small bathroom so that it will maximize the space in your bathtub area. One of the main bathroom design ideas is a renovation with existing fixtures and finishes. Small bathroom decor from decoist.


This walk-in shower bathroom design uses a transparent glass divider to create a spacious and airy room. Choosing this white subway tile will create a spacious and bright impression of your small bathroom. The metal and wood accents on this sink add an industrial touch to the room. Walk-in shower bathroom from bhg.


Using a shower combo and bathtub decor in this small bathroom will create a stylish and spacious room decor. Added with a barrier of glass will create the illusion of a spacious room and looks spacious. Paired with subway tiles, it gives a sleek and timeless look to a white bathroom. This space also introduces wood accents that will give a natural impression to the room. Shower combo and bathtub decor from bhg.

Install Wallpaper

If you really want to upgrade your bathroom design ideas, another idea is to use your walls to your advantage. You can install wallpaper to cover your wall. This is an instant way to enhance your bathroom without bothering to paint the wall. If you have a nice wallpaper on the walls that aren’t being worn or damaged, you can easily remove it and replace it with something new. Just remember to pick a color that will blend well with the rest of the room and that has good water resistance.


Bring your bathroom to life by using a bright color flower wallpaper. Applying this half wall will give a fresh and cheerful impression to your small bathroom. Added half-wall white subway tile and paired with simple decor fixtures to make the focal wallpaper really shine. Flower wallpaper from hgtv.


A classic blue wallpaper and a white background create a striking color palette. Bold, large-scale patterns and tropical houseplants bring the look to life, while brass fittings and hardware add a contemporary element. This white bathroom scheme will also give the illusion of a spacious and bright room. Blue Tropics wallpaper from hgtv.


Subtle pink and dark ivy green make for a dazzling color scheme. Add magic and beauty to your bathroom by displaying these colors in the form of floral wallpaper. These old bronze mirrors and white furniture are a great way to complete your bathroom decor. Pastel floral wallpaper from hgtv.


Adding this blue shibori wallpaper will give a stylish look to your small bathroom. This decoration brings an interesting old-fashioned Japanese look to your bathroom with dark blue-and-white wallpaper. This white sink, gold faucet, and gold frame round mirror will bring an elegant look to the room. Blue shibori wallpaper from hgtv.

Wall-Mounted Bathroom Vanity is a Good Idea

If you want bathroom design ideas that save even more space, consider installing a wall-mounted bathroom vanity unit. Some popular styles are frameless, sliding glass, bifold, sliding mirror, frosted glass, or tempered glass. Since this unit doesn’t have a floor or wall to support itself, you don’t need to worry about supporting the unit. Also, most homeowners prefer wall-mounted vanities because they are less likely to become a potential target for water damage.


This small, tropical-style bathroom is equipped with a wall-mounted vanity to maximize your bathroom walls. Choosing materials from wood and metal gives an attractive appearance and will look sturdy. Decorations like this will create a wider room. Wall-mounted vanity from digsdigs.


Wall-mounted rustic vanity looks more attractive in your small farmhouse bathroom. Decorating ideas like this will save a lot of space so they are suitable for you to add to your small bathroom. Combined with vintage glass and discount lamps on the right and left of this mirror, it will present a stylish decoration of the room and steal the attention of many people. Wall-mounted rustic vanity from homedit.


In a modern bathroom using a wall-mounted sink will create a spacious room and look spacious. Completed with a large mirror and flowers in a vase, it will present a perfect room decoration and steal many people. Modern bathroom wall-mounted sink from homedit.

Having a good bathroom design that suits your need and has more value is such a good thing. These ideas hopefully will help you to achieve your lovely bathroom design.

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