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Round Bathroom Mirror Design Ideas to Define the Entire Bathroom Design Scheme

Bathroom mirror ideas are widely available and come in all shapes and sizes. Mirrors tend to define the entire bathroom design scheme. They set the mood and are key features in defining the style of the bathroom. The most common size of the bathroom mirror is 8 inches wide and constructed of glass with acrylic. Some of the popular shapes of mirrors include oval, square, rectangular, or round.

In this article, we are going to talk about the round mirror shape for the bathroom. The round mirror will bring an interesting look to any bathroom whether small or large. There are some round bathroom mirror ideas that you can use according to your taste and bathroom style. Furthermore, check these ideas below.

Wood Framed Round Mirror

For those of you who want to bring a rural or rustic vibe to your bathroom, the round mirror with a wood frame is very recommended. This mirror frame comes in various kinds of different wood and color selection. So, very important for you to choose the perfect design depending on your preference and your bathroom interior design.


Match the material and color of the mirror frame with the shiplap wood walls to perfect the farmhouse-style bathroom decoration to the fullest. You can hang the round frame mirror using a rope made of leather so it doesn’t fall off easily and cause chaos because it breaks. This mirror has a size that is not too big so it saves your wall space which causes the room to feel narrower. Wood framed round mirror from hgtv.


To emphasize the natural feel of your bathroom decor, then you can use some complementary accents made of wood. You can start from using a re-polished wooden mirror frame so it looks more shiny and modern. It’s not enough to get here, you can also use a rattan wicker basket as a storage container or trash can in your bathroom. Natural wood mirror frame from hgtv.

LED-Lit Round Mirror

If your bathroom mirror ideas include contemporary-style mirrors, using an LED-lit round mirror is very suitable for your modern bathroom. This is one of the best ways to get a good reflection in your bathroom. This kind of round mirror also adds light to the room. Your bathroom will be brighter and looks sophisticated.




This mirror equipped with LED lights is one of the multifunctional furniture that can be used as bathroom decoration lighting at night so it saves electricity because you don’t need a chandelier in this sink area anymore. This LED mirror has white lighting so it looks brighter and brighter. Sinks and walls made of chart marble seem more modern and elegant. White LED Mirror from nextluxury.


Change the appearance of your small bathroom to be more attractive by installing a mirror that is coated with a bright white LED frame. Backsplash tiles add to the uniqueness that many people like. This LED mirror is able to perfectly illuminate the sink area at night, you can try it easily without spending a lot of money. Mirror bathroom with LED frame from nextluxury.

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A bathroom mirror with a round shape has always been one of the favorite choices that you can try for minimalist bathroom decor. Don’t forget to choose a round frameless mirror equipped with LED accents to make it seem more work well at night. Try pairing it with a wooden countertop that is difficult to re-polish so that it looks shinier when exposed to reflections from the LED mirror that is hung on it. LED frameless round mirror from homedit.

Brushed Metal Round Mirrors

To bring a different and aesthetic look to your bathroom, you can use a brushed metal round mirror frame. This kind of bathroom mirror can bring a modern, industrial, and vintage look at the same time. The unique touch of this mirror frame is how the brushed metal can match with the glass mirror so that can create a beautiful look. By using this kind of round bathroom mirror, your bathroom not only got a good reflection and brightness but also looks inviting and aesthetic at the same time.


The brushed metal material used as a mirror frame has a smoother and harder surface so it is not easily porous when used for a long time. You can repaint this mirror frame with a darker color to make it look contrast when hung on a white wall. Cabinet sink made of wood is one of the natural and environmentally friendly bathroom furniture. Black brushed metal mirror frame from nextluxury.


So that the modern bathroom decoration looks more luxurious, then you can use brushed metal material on the mirror frame with an elegant pattern that has color harmony with your tile walls. This mirror frame has a more glossy surface when exposed to reflected light or sunlight that enters the room freely. A small mirror with a matching material that is hung in the corner of the room becomes a perfect accent that you can use simultaneously. Patterned brushed metal mirror frame from nextluxury.


For a different look in your bathroom, then try a brushed metal frame mirror with shiny silver color. Brushed material is an option to minimize the occurrence of porous when used for a long time. Then you can install wall scones between these mirrors as additional lighting that you can use according to the needs of the room. Brushed metal mirror frame with shiny silver color from thespruce.

Frameless Round Mirror

If you want simple but elegant bathroom decor, the frameless round mirror is a good deal. Even though without a frame, this kind of round mirror looks beautiful on its way. Usually, this is a mirror-polished edge. The flat surface will allow you to get a good reflection rather than the framed round mirror. This mirror is unframed so that you can make the most out of the space in your bathroom while getting a modern and minimalist bathroom look.


This large frameless bathroom mirror is an important accent to reflect the light throughout the room so that it looks brighter and wider. Mirrors with round shapes are much in demand by people because they are easier to apply to the walls. For a better look, you can add a floating wooden shelf in the front to place a clay pot containing fresh green plants. Frameless round mirror with floating shelf from apartmenttherapy.


Match the color of your LED mirror with the sink underneath to make it look brighter at night. This LED mirror helps you check the display at night so it is very useful. In addition, this mirror is also able to reflect light throughout the room so that it seems brighter and wider, try using this mirror with a selling value that is not too expensive and certainly very attractive. Multifunction LED mirror from homedit.

Round bathroom mirror designs are becoming very popular right now. You are sure to find the perfect one for your bathroom. Whether you want a round mirror that matches your framed mirror or you want to go with a completely different look altogether, there are many design ideas for you to choose from. Whichever choice you make, you are sure to have a mirror that will enhance the look and feel of your bathroom.

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