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Farmhouse Wall Decor Ideas for Creating Your Personal Farmhouse Theme

Farmhouse wall decor is a perfect way to bring your farmhouse to life. It allows you to bring the outside into your home while bringing the indoors even closer. There are several options for this decorating theme. The possibilities are endless. This article will give you some ideas for creating your own personal farmhouse theme that is perfect for your personal tastes and styles. Whether it’s a place to relax with your family, or simply a place to enjoy great food and fresh produce, this decorating theme is something everyone can enjoy.

The following list contains a variety of farmhouse wall decor ideas using different woods and finishes. Some have been created with a certain season or holiday in mind, while others provide a timeless charm. Mirrors, lights, shelves, and wooden shelves also provide functional and pretty solutions. Get ready to cop-out some amazing farmhouse wall decor ideas for any room in your home.

Old-Fashioned Wreaths

If you’re looking for farmhouse wall decor ideas that have a rustic feel, consider an old-fashioned wreath. The rich warm colors of a wreath make it a perfect addition to any modern farmhouse. It would be a wonderful addition to a cozy log cabin kitchen. If you grew up on a farm, this is a great way to bring that authentic old style back to life. You can find a wide array of wreaths online, as well as other craft stores. You might even go to a farm market and pick up a beautiful green wreath that’s made to look like a traditional wood carving.


Arrange your green plants to make a fresh wreath, you can use greenery as the main ingredient that is easy to find around your home. Hang this greenery wreath with boxwood that looks natural too. Don’t forget to decorate the top surface with burlap tape which has a size large enough. After everything is installed, you can hang it on an empty wall. Boxwood greenery wreath with burlap ribbon accent from homebnc.


Don’t let the walls of your farmhouse look plain and boring, you can hang a glossy leaf wreath with a wooden frame as a cheap wall decoration and certainly more on budget. Hang this wreath using a piece of string that has a buffalos pattern. No need to repaint this frame for a more natural and vintage look. Sign HELLO to complement your current wall decor. Glossy leaf wreath from homebnc.

Use Barn Doors

Making use of farmhouse wall decor ideas to add warmth and character to your modern home is fun. The rustic look of barn decor will instantly add charm to any wall in your farmhouse-style home. You don’t need to use actual barn animal figurines or other farmhouse wall decor items in order to create this look; you can simply use items that resemble farmhouse items.


Reuse old barn doors that are no longer used as cheap wall decorations. Complete the appearance of these barn doors with wreath greenery which is equipped with a small sign made of wood. This wall decoration looks so rustic and natural, you can combine it with some vintage interiors such as distressed benches and ladder storage. Rustic barn door wall decor from homebnc.

Signs or Plaques for Farmhouse Wall Decor

Some people prefer to use actual farmhouse accessories to create a rural or country look in their modern farmhouse-style home. One way to do this is to purchase barn decorations, which come in a variety of sizes and styles. These items can be used to complement the walls or windows in your home as well. Some people prefer to choose items such as signs or plaques that have been painted in a rustic style. Adding decorative farmhouse wall hangings or farmhouse furniture to your walls can make the difference between creating the look and feel of a rural or country retreat.


Some of these vintage signs made of wood are suitable wall decorations for a farmhouse-style room. You can hang this sign decor at random but it looks neat and perfectly organized. Don’t forget to give the distance between the signs for a more aesthetic appearance. Vintage wooden sign from homebnc.


Combine the sign with some green plants hanging around it can be used as a more perfect wall display. The sign on this wall decoration is dominated by white so that it looks more contrasting with the green color that exists in these different types of plants. A greenery wreath is also a perfect accent for cheap and very creative wall decorations. Combination of a sign with greenery and greenery wreath from homebnc.


So that the wall decoration in your living room looks more beautiful, then you can use some signs that are perfected with family photos that have a larger size. In addition to decorating the walls, you can also decorate a wooden table with several types of green plants that are applied through small galvanized pots arranged together in a sturdy and strong wire container. Combination of a sign with a family photo from homebnc.

Distressed Mirror Frame

If you are looking for a great way to add farmhouse living room wall decor to your home, consider using distressed mirror frame accent pieces. This is a great way to get the look without having to spend a lot of money. Aside from being a great way to compliment your walls, distressed mirror frames also help break up the largely white, or cream accent walls in your room. This will allow you to have a more rural approach to your interior design and to give reflection to your room at the same time.


Complete the wall decor in the living room with several mirrors installed using a distressed wood frame that has a splash of neutral color. You can hang more than one mirror to reflect the light rays evenly throughout the room. Hang the greenery wreath on the mirror to complete the look of a cheap and on a budget mirror. This frame has the same color as the sofa so it can be more perfectly aligned. Distressed wood frame mirror from homebnc.


Natural wood that is made as a mirror frame will be a multifunctional wall decoration because this mirror will brighten the room instantly. Not only installing this DIY mirror in the living room, now you can install it in the farmhouse dining room decoration which looks simple. Make green plants as a centerpiece that will accompany your lunch or dinner with a fresher view. Natural wood frame mirror from homebnc.

Old Window with Old Photograph

Another farmhouse wall decor idea is the old window. The old window is the simple way to bring a farmhouse vibe to your home. This old window is to use old photographs as decorations. Try making a collage of old photographs, or collecting pieces of art from old estate fairs. Have the children do the decorating, and when everyone is done, have them each take a picture and frame it in an old frame. Display these old photos in an old frame on the wall in the farmhouse, and you have created a lovely way of adding color and whimsy to the home.


Reuse old windows that are in the warehouse as DIY wall decorations that are on a budget. Complete the look of this old window with some memorable photos that are installed vertically according to the shape of this window. You can install more than one old window to show more family photos. Sign FAMILY is a compliment that you can try at the same time. DIY old window wall decor from homebnc.


This old window made of repurposed wood has a more vintage look when used as a farmhouse wall decoration idea. So that this old wooden window looks more attractive, then you can hang some photo frames with your family as a view as well as a beautiful memory. Use frames of the same color and size. Old wooden window with photo frame from remodelaholic.

Completing your farmhouse interior design with farmhouse wall decor is a must. Choosing the right farmhouse wall decor that can create your personal farmhouse theme will help you to define a statement for your home.

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