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Staircase Wall Decor Ideas to Enhance Your Staircase Area

Staircase wall decor ideas are endless when it comes to stairs, or the walls on the staircase, too. Many have already been created by you and others like it too. You can do your part for the environment by making it a less harmful place to be. Let’s take a look at some of the many wonderful staircase decor ideas that abound.

Add Freshness with Indoor Plants

If you want to add freshness to your staircase area, you can hang some indoor plants along the staircase wall. You can choose the plants that are low maintenance. This adds a dramatic look to the stairs and a focal point for any room in your home.


Don’t let your staircase wall decor look plain and boring, here you can try hanging some pots with vases and indoor plants that have different variants. You can hang this pot using a sturdy rope on the hook that has been attached to the wall firmly and firmly. Choosing a white wall is a smart idea because it will look contrast and give a more beautiful color effect. Stair wall decoration with hanging pots from homemydesign.


If on the wall of the stairs you have a built-in shelf with a fairly long size, then you can use it as an area to put some pots of vines and cacti as room decorations as well as an eye that is never boring. Plants in the area of ​​the wall of this staircase will thrive because it is enhanced by the presence of a transparent glass window that is large enough to meet the needs of sunlight on plants more efficiently without being excessive. You can try this indoor plant idea easily without spending a lot of money. Plant pots on the built-in shelf wall stairs from homemydesign.

Decorative Wall Murals

“Coral Reef”, “Jellybells”, “Sharks”, and “Limes” are among the many ideas you’ll find for using scenic photographs or images, such as photographs taken on vacation, to create unique and attractive staircase wall decorations. This is a great idea to add dramatic look to your staircase area.


Mural with forest theme is one of the stair wall decorations that gives this room a different feel. This forest mural is perfected with the accent of big and tall trees, the green color on the tree leaves gives a fresh impression and of course it looks more natural and easy to mix with other interiors around it. Not only on the walls of the stairs, you can also apply this mural on the walls under the stairs or more precisely behind the classic set of chairs. Staircase wall mural with forest theme from veranda.


Look at your current staircase wall decoration, doesn’t it look amazing? You can try a floral garden with a splash of neutral color that is perfected with a rug underneath that has a pattern of blooming roses. The floral mural pattern on this staircase wall makes it look taller and modern. You can enhance the appearance of this mural with indoor green plants placed right under the stairs, you can also form green plants with the shape of a cute four-legged animal. Floral garden mural from veranda.

Choose a Statement Wallpaper

If you haven’t figured it out already, wallpaper is a great way to protect the walling of your home as well as creating some unique stair background designs for your home. The fact of the matter is that there are now a wide variety of different types of designs in which you can choose from in regards to wallpaper, and in fact, it’s likely that you’ll be able to find a wallpaper idea that will catch your eye and suitable with your taste.


An easy way to make stair wall decorations look more modern is to use colorful wallpapers with beautiful geometric patterns. You can apply this wallpaper to all parts of the wall evenly. Don’t forget to perfect the look of this wall area with the use of modern cage lights which have dimmer lighting and seem warm. The neutral white nuance in this room makes this geometric wallpaper look bolder. Colorful geometric wallpaper from decoist.


Choose and install a patterned wallpaper with a splash of black and white that can bring a monochromatic style that never fails and goes out of style. This leaf wallpaper is very suitable when combined with a banister made of thick glass so that it is more durable and not easily broken. Perfect the wallpaper in this staircase area using spotlights that can illuminate the staircase wall area when the room starts to feel dark. Monochromatic style wallpaper for the staircase from decoist.

Decorate with Accessories

Uses a variety of different items to decorate your staircase can be an interesting and fun way. These accessories can be used to decorate walls on your stairs. Items such as mirrors, wall sconces, wall clocks, and picture frames can be used to create unique staircase wall decor ideas. You can combine them all together to get a more lively.


The combination of abstract painting with wall lamps can be used as a decorative staircase wall decoration that gives an artistic impression, abstract painting here has a splash of different colors so that it gives the impression of a more colorful and fun staircase area. You can choose a lampshade with a bold color like red so that it can be used as the focal point of a beautiful room, this wall lamp will also be very useful at night to illuminate your stairs to make it brighter. Colorful abstract painting from elledecor.


Another option for decorating the walls of your stairs is to hang several gallery walls of children’s paintings that have different themes and frame sizes. In addition to making the staircase area more artistic, you will also seem to appreciate the work of your children more. Hang this child’s painting frame at a distance that is not too far away and of course arrange it so that it looks neater and doesn’t look boring easily. Gallery wall painting children from elledecor.

Paneling Ideas for Staircase Walls

Wall panels are gaining popularity lately. The main reason behind this is that these help to make the walls look more elegant, beautiful and presentable. If you are thinking about changing the whole look of your staircase area with new accents then these are the perfect ideas. Wall panels are very much flexible in terms of designs and styles. You can find different ideas that will match your personality.


Do you want the decoration of the staircase area to seem more elegant and artistic? If so, then you can try using a molding wall that is painted in a neutral color like white. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also hang some classic canvas paintings that have animal patterns such as horses. This classic impression in the staircase area is emphasized by the use of banisters made of wooden spindles that are varnished and re-polished so that they look more shiny and clean. White wall molding with classic style painting from tidbitsandtwine.

Looks Artistic with Artwork

The staircase wall can be your place to display your artwork. You can easily curate a display of your artwork on the staircase wall. The artwork comes in many shapes and types. Whether painting, sculptural object or others your art collections, you can display it along the stairs wall. It can create a focal interest to your home.


You don’t need to hang too many wall paintings in your staircase area, you just need to hang one nature painting that seems to have a vintage and classic style with a size that is quite large. Hang this painting on an empty wall for better use. Cage classic chandeliers are a very appropriate lighting idea and must be tried now. Nature painting with a touch of vintage style from tidbitsandtwine.

The staircase wall area is part of the interior design that you should pay attention to too. When you can dress up it well, you will get an interesting look.

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