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Courtyard Garden Ideas to Maximize Your Little Space

As with any other type of landscaping design, good little courtyard garden ideas can bring a whole new lease of life to a boring yard. Courtyard garden is able to create a tranquil spots, a good ventilation and light, add freshness to your home. As you will soon learn, those little spaces have far more potential than you may first believe, regardless of your style or budget. We have gathered some courtyard garden ideas. This courtyard garden idea, hopefully will help you make the most of whatever outdoor space you have.

As an Outdoor Living Room

Another one of the best courtyard garden ideas is to create a nice-looking outdoor seating area that doubles as a seating area and outdoor living rooms in your home. In this case, you would use wooden materials as the primary piece of seating, then add comfortable seating cushions and perhaps even an outdoor table.


So that you can enjoy the outdoor view freely, you can take advantage of the courtyard garden for a relaxing area by adding some comfortable furniture such as a dark black sofa made of leather with a smoother surface and not easily torn or damaged. This leather sofa is also equipped with an ottoman table and a galvanized side table that can be used as needed. Garden courtyard with leather sofa and table ottoman from livingetc.


Make a small room in your garden garden decoration function more optimally, now you can try putting some comfortable furniture with geometric patterns that will instantly bring a modern feel and style. Furniture that you can choose and use are rugs, sofas, chairs and portable fireplaces that will help warm the room when the atmosphere inside starts to feel cold. Modern courtyard garden living room from livingetc.


You can use the empty floor space in this courtyard garden area to put a vintage wooden bench as a comfortable outdoor sitting area. Don’t forget to cover this wooden bench with some throw pillows for a warmer, softer and more comfortable surface to use throughout the day. Choose and use a throw pillow with a bold patterned fabric layer so that it can be used as the focal point of a beautiful room. Vintage wooden bench with throw pillow lining from hgtv.

Tropical Vibe

Make a tropical vibe in your courtyard, invest in large pots for your palm, banana, yucca, agave, and zaitun plants. These plants are able to bring a tropical vibe to your courtyard garden while provide a fresh nuance. To complete a tropical nuance, choose the sofa cover in a tropical theme. You can add pergola to create shade in your outdoor space.


The banana tree planted in the garden decoration of this yard becomes one of the green plants that brings tropical style instantly. More banana trees are planted, the surrounding area will also be dimmer and avoid direct sun exposure. Place a sofa set in this area as a comfortable resting place and of course you can enjoy the outdoor area freely. Banana tree with a sofa set from livingetc.


Not only banana trees, but several palm trees that are applied in several different pots are also an ornamental plant idea that is suitable for a tropical garden garden decoration. Complete this outdoor decoration with an outdoor sofa that has a pattern that matches the surrounding palm trees to emphasize the tropical vibe more easily. Perform regular maintenance on green plants so that they can develop and grow perfectly. Combination of palm trees with tropical vibe patterned sofa from livingetc.


When you use outdoor furniture in decorating your garden, don’t forget to apply some palm trees around it using large ceramic pots that have color harmony. This palm tree is the best choice to instantly bring a tropical feel, besides that this plant also has low maintenance which will make it easier for you when doing daily and routine maintenance. Just choose a modern set of chairs that have maximum comfort when in use. Outdoor furniture surrounded by palm trees from gardeningetc.


Another option for green plants that can bring a tropical feel is Monstera plants which are quite large in size. When this Monstera plant is not enough to support the area around the garden, you can combine it with some ferns that are placed right behind the sofa so as not to interfere with your activities while in this room. A wicker rattan sofa covered with pillows becomes a comfortable and warm sitting area. Tropical vibe yard garden with Monstera plant from gardeningetc.

Make a Living Wall

One of the other very popular courtyard garden ideas involves creating living walls with natural light streaming into the area. Living walls are simply spaces where you place vertical plants that attract the eyes. The beauty of this space is that you can sit and enjoy the freshness, while sitting and relaxing. The most important thing is that you simply make sure that your space receives the proper amount of natural light.


Don’t let this white repainted brick wall look plain and boring, you can apply vines as a garden decoration idea that is more alive and fresh, of course. Use one part of the wall for the application of the living wall evenly so that it can be used as an unusual focal point for guests who come to your garden. Vines living wall decor from gardeningetc.


These lush and lush green plants can make your garden wall decor look more alive and colorful. You can use several different green plants so that they can grow with a more beautiful appearance, besides that you can trim this living wall plant when it is too dense or spread to your floor area so as not to interfere with your outdoor activities while in the garden area of this yard. . The layout of the dining chairs facing the wall plant area is a beautiful view idea and you must try it. Different combination of greenery for living wall from livingetc.


The combination of a wall living plant with trees and other green plants around it becomes a beautiful garden yard decoration idea and refreshes your eyes when you see it. Carry out regular maintenance for the final result to your liking, place a wooden table and iron chair in this area as a sitting area that you can use whenever you want. Combination of living wall plant with tree from livingetc.


This part of the courtyard garden wall which is filled with vines is a very easy decoration piece without having to spend a lot of money. You can use all parts of the wall evenly for maximum results, then place the outdoor dining room which is equipped with a wooden table and comfortable dining chairs that have a slim shape. Living wall plant on budget from livingetc.

Decorate with Cozy Seating

One of the best courtyard garden ideas is to create seating that you can use to relax or doubles as an outdoor kitchen. Simply put, what you need to do is to add a cooking area to the space. All you have to do is just choosing the right outdoor furniture.


Besides being able to be used as a comfortable sitting area, garden decorations can also be used for cooking areas with limited space but still have maximum comfort. You can apply a mini outdoor kitchen right behind the sofa set to maximize the use of your yard plant decorations by producing a different outdoor atmosphere. Choose and use some outdoor furniture with dark colors so that they are not easily dirty when exposed to dust. Outdoor living room kitchen combo from gardeningetc.


Dining table set that is placed in the outdoor decoration of the kitchen or more precisely in the garden area of this courtyard is a combination of the two rooms that can be useful and used continuously. The combination of black and white on some furniture makes it look more modern and seem monochromatic. After your dish is ready to be served, when you put it you are not too far away and seem very effective and efficient. Glass windows are a source of sunlight that can enter the room freely. Monochromatic kitchen in the court yard garden from livingetc.

Add Fire pit

Fire pits are another of the courtyard garden ideas that make for an enjoyable addition to your outdoor living space. While fire pits are traditionally thought of as being used for burning marshmallows or simply keep warm on cool nights. It can be a good addition to your courtyard.


The fireplace is one of the important accents that must be had in decorating the yard because it can provide warmth when the weather outside starts to feel cold. You can use a fireplace table made of concrete so that it can double function, of course this is very suitable for those of you who have garden decorations with limited space. Some throw pillows that are placed on the built-in bench are additional heating accents that can be used whenever you want. Concrete fireplace table from gardeningetc.


When you use yard garden decorations as a relaxing area by adding wicker rattan chairs and an outdoor dining table set, don’t forget to add fireplace bricks as a heating accent that can be used according to your body’s needs. You can create maximum comfort by adding a bold fan rug, some tropical plants placed in the corner of the room and above the fireplace, which can be used as mantel decorations that seem cheaper and on budget. Red brick fireplace from gardeningetc.

With those courtyard garden ideas above, you can make the most whatever outdoor space you have.

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