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Farmhouse Dining Room Decoration Ideas

Farmhouse dining room decor ideas are generally for the most part used for those people who like an antique taste, vintage and rural vibe. Togetherness that is built when eating together can bring a warm atmosphere with a rustic feel and deep natural elements. The reason for this is that people feel more comfortable eating meals around a large table with a few chairs around rather than a smaller table with four or five people. When looking for these type of decor ideas, it’s important to pick the right furniture, color, and material so that everyone can have a good view of what they are eating.

Old-Fashioned Furniture

One of the best farmhouse dining room decor ideas is to pick up an old fashioned table and chair. These are often referred to as “big top tables” and were typically used by families of six or more. There are many farmhouse dining room decor ideas that involve old fashioned chairs made from oak, teak and mahogany. For a more modern look, you can also use wooden benches, although if you want to add a touch of authenticity to your decor, you can also buy your furniture made from metal.


The chic vintage farmhouse dining room with white metal chairs and crystal chandeliers gives it a unique look and grabs the attention of many. Place a royal chandelier above the dining table to provide dramatic lighting throughout the room. This shabby chic sign and buffet gives it a unique look and looks more stylish. White metal dining chairs from digsdigs.


This vintage farmhouse dining room is furnished with a set of iron chairs and antique wooden benches for the perfect look. Using an iron chair complete with a vintage wooden bench gives an elegant look. At the top of the dining table you can also use used bottle vases for interesting room ideas and steal the attention of many people. Vintage farmhouse dining room from digsdigs.


Cozy farmhouse dining area with whitewashed table, wooden chairs, shutters, metal planters add a touch of trendy looking old-fashioned furniture to your room. Adding a sign to this window will attract the attention of every guest or family that comes. On the countertop you can apply several ornaments such as lanterns, candlesticks, and green plants for a stunning room design. Old wooden chair and table from digsdigs.

Great Centerpiece Ideas

Another popular idea for decoration is the placement of a centerpiece in the center of the dining area. This could be a large or small plant or flower that adds color and elegance to the entire environment. Another idea that is gaining popularity is using plants as table centerpieces.


Flowers in this vintage vase attract crowds whenever they enter your farmhouse dining room. Putting it on this tabletop table is a brilliant idea for you to try. Adding a rattan basket and black and white checkered tablecloth makes the display unique and charming. Vintage vase flower centerpiece from digsdigs.


Three blooming flowers in this bottle vase become the focal point of your farmhouse dining room. Applying to these table centerpieces offers a stunning look to the room. Using a shabby wooden table equipped with a set of built chairs and benches will give you an attractive appearance for you to try. Complete the décor with some pillows for extra comfort into the room. Blooming flower in bottle vase from digsdigs.


The farmhouse dining room with green plants in pots and placed on the table will be a charming design attraction of the room. Combined with the shabby wood dining table set and linen upholstered chairs, this gives the room a cozy and inviting look. Don’t forget to add a white chandelier for a dramatic room decor idea. Potted plant for centerpiece from digsdigs.

Farmhouse Lightings

If you are interested in adding an elegant yet antique look to your farmhouse dining room, you may want to use a chandelier on top of your dining table. You can use a candelabra, old chandeliers, or pendant lamps. The combination of wood and metal materials will strengthen the farmhouse vibe. Using proper lighting fixtures will help add some additional dimension to your dining room.


This farmhouse wooden dining room with rustic chandelier gives a unique look and steals people’s attention. Placing this on the dining table will provide dramatic lighting throughout the space. These windows, antique white furnishings and framed mirrors complete the design of your dining room. Rustic chandelier from digsdigs.


This vintage chandelier placed above the dining table gives a charming room look and will provide dramatic lighting to your dining room. Using the right lighting fixtures will help add some extra dimension to your dining room. Some vintage furniture will balance the look of your farmhouse dining room. Vintage chandelier farmhouse dining room from digsdigs.


This vintage farmhouse dining room with a hanging candelabra provides a stylish décor and will add dramatic light to the entire room. Combined with whitewashed walls, dark wood shelves and a dining table will give a charming room decor. Complete the décor with a wooden box table complete with greenery for a fresh look to the entire space. Hanging candelabra from digsdigs.

Add Wall Decorations

Looking for some fun farmhouse wall decor ideas for dining room? It’s easier than you think to find some farmhouse style wall decor that really brings your dining room to life. There are many farmhouse decorative items that you can use to liven up your dining room walls. For example, you can decorate the wall with farmhouse signs, old shutters, wreaths, old plate collections, big clock, old mirrors, and many more. Not letting the walls go blank will make your farmhouse dining room more alive.


A neutral farmhouse dining room decorated with a bright gallery wall will be an interesting focal point for you to try. Using a variety of rustic-style wooden ornaments and this antique wall clock will make your room decor more attractive. This wall decor will bring your farmhouse dining room to life. Wooden wall decor from digsdigs.


A simple modern farmhouse dining room with a white fireplace complete with a farmhouse sign and pumpkins will be the perfect focal point of the room and attract crowds. This wooden table and iron chair will add a rustic style to the room. This rustic chandelier makes a room dramatic. Farmhouse sign and pumpkin wall decor from digsdigs.


Several gold-framed mirrors of various shapes and placed on the walls of this farmhouse dining room will steal the attention of many people. Pair it with a dark gray background to give the room a calm and warm look. This farmhouse dining table set gives a natural accent to this room. Gold-framed mirrors wall decor from digsdigs.

Install Jute Rugs

The advantage of the farmhouse design is its ability to create a warm feel and embrace the natural things. One way that you can do for your dining room is installing a rug made of natural materials. In this case, a jute rug will be a great idea. The natural fibers will reinforce the natural impression and give an interesting texture to your dining room.


An antique farmhouse dining room with a woven feel can add a patterned rug and place it under the dining table set. Complete the look with this antique wooden dining set, white sideboard, shutters and wooden chandelier giving it a sophisticated and charming look. This rug will give an interesting texture to your dining room. Patterned rug farmhouse dining room from digsdigs.


Complementing the farmhouse dining room decor with jute rugs and placed on this dining table set will add extra warmth to the room. This wooden floor also gives a warm room and has a natural feel to the whole room. This vintage dining table set gives a stylish look and gives an attractive space. Jute rug and wooden floor from digsdigs.


This burlap rug under this farmhouse dining table set will make the perfect room decor and will create a warm space on your feet. Combining it with wooden floors and some wooden furniture will give the room a warm and natural impression. Burlap rug from digsdigs.

Having a dining room that can give a modest and antique look at once will bring a pleasant thing to your home. Those farmhouse dining room decor, hope will inspire you.

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